Argus has black hair (with dark gray trim), symbolizing his dark path. His left eye is entirely covered by his spiked hair, yet his right eye is still (normal) blue, symbolizing his past in the realm of good. He has red horns growing from his head, but has white (well, gray outline; they’re supposed to be white) feathered wings. He wears a (black) robe (with dark gray trimmings), preferring his Mage side to his Warrior and Rogue elements.


Aria has Brown shoulder-length hair, sapphire (normal) blue eyes. Somewhat transparent (not able to be shown without backgrounds). Wears brown leather armor, orange trimming. Large head and small feet; hovers in the air—ghost abilities. :) (Also carries the Amulet of Solidification around her neck). Uses dual daggers.


Davos has Black shoulder-length hair (but spiked), red eyes, plate armor colored black with (light) gray trimmings; dark gray plate and crimson shoulder-pads. His preferred weapon is A two-hand darkness staff, with double-sided blades at the edge of both sides of the handle.


Sasha has Green skin, pointed ears, brown leather armor with an orange trimming, golden earrings in her ears, yellow eyes. She carries A sword (neither short nor long; just a sword) as her preferred weapon.




Sanik has (Dark) Gray spiked hair (with light gray taints), (light) gray eyes. Rusted gold armor (now a dark yellow) with gray trimmings (dark gray feet and shoulder pads, light gray for the armor, black for the plate). He carries a Light Dagger as a weapon, as well as his Wind Ring.


Sarge wears a crimson Spartan-style helmet, along with a red armor matching Sanik’s in design, with the same color of crimson in his helmet for trimming. However, unlike Sanik’s armor, Sarge’s shoulder-pads are black (and feet are brown), where as if they were to fit with the same pattern as Sanik’s armor, they’d be brown/red.

His hair is a short (very short) brown when it does show. Strands of crimson will still be visible, though, whenever someone looks at his head close enough. His eyes are red.

His sword is a very long, thin blue blade for the inner layer, along with a thick red flame pattern as an outer layer, for dual-strength. The blade constantly has flames dancing around it.


Tyra has long, brown hair along with (normal) green eyes. She wears a dark green robe, along with a (lighter than normal) green headband. She uses a (brown) bow with arrows tipped in various poisons (only about half are lethal), along with a spear.


M has (Light) Blue eyes. (Lighter-Than-Normal) Blue, shoulder-length hair tied behind a (dark, but not super-dark blue) headband. Wears Dark Blue Robes, with a (lighter-than-normal) blue trimming. The Staff is (Normal) Blue, with the ring being lighter-than-normal blue. The inside of the ring is a light blue. Half of the circle gems in the ring are blue, the other half light-blue. The square gems are gold. The large circular gems at the top and bottom are gold as well, as are the little circles (rings on the ring). It's a  long staff, with a sharp end. Below the end is a ring, in which are engraved gems. Just above the top and bottom of the ring are larger golden gems. There are also rings hanging from the staff.




Kinas has Black-haired (dark gray trim), inverted-eye-colored version of Sanik. His armor is black, with a bright yellow trimming, light gray and a white plate. –Nearly identical to Sanik’s, only (mostly) inverted. His weapon is also a Light Dagger, and also a Darkness Ring, matching his brother's.


Sinaer has Black shoulder-length hair with yellow streaks in it (Note: Oops, my bad; forgot to put these in!), one eye (dark) purple, the other yellow. Has a (light) purple headband. Wears a yellow robe (dark purple feet), although she’ll settle for leather armor as well. Her 'weapon' is a(n orange) Light Staff.


Nathan Betrax has  Light blue spiked hair, with strands of (normal) blue and (normal) red running through it. Matching light-blue eyes. His Katanas are long, and he almost always has them drawn. (Normal) Blue shoulder pads (and feet), light blue armor with a darker-than-normal blue trim; he does not have the plate, so he’s either wearing partial plate armor with leather, or plate armor minus the plate. Hands when wielding his weapons are lighter-than-normal blue. His weapons are Dual Katanas. One of them is an Ice Katana which grants him some abilities of an Ice Mage; it automatically levels up when he does, increasing as his power does. The other is a matching Fire Katana.

Enlecar (AKA Enlec for short) has Brown shoulder-length hair, with heavy strands of light blue and yellow. One eye is light blue, the other is yellow. Wears leather armor, colored yellow with a red trimming. His weapons are a (Light Blue) Shortsword, and a Dagger.

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