by Bree on 21st Nov 2012, 4:28 PM

So last night, I realized that I had passed a milestone:

5,000 visitors to the site.


That might not sound too impressive, and really, it's not (especially given that number is from nearly three years total), but it's still significant to me, and it made me quite happy.


In other news, I am doing some additions to the Characters page. I just got done adding Orientation, Age, Height, Weight, and Homeland to the pages.

A small note, Adventurers typically tend to be taller than commoners and yet weigh slightly less.

Typical male adventurers are generally 6'-6'2", but it's not uncommon for them to go up to 6'5", and it's rare for them to be shorter than 5'10".

Typical female adventurers are not much shorter, generally in the 5'10-6" range. It's not too uncommon for them to push up to 6'2", and it's fairly rare for them to go below 5'8".

Weights for male adventurers are typically in the 180-200 lbs range, going up to 220 for bulkier guys and down to 170 for faster guys.

Weights for female adventurers are around 5-15 ponds less than that, so they're typically 165-195, not going much above 205 typically.


Why do things work like that? Magic. (It solves everything. :P) An adventurer's stats tend to have an influence on things as well. Strength and endurance make a person heavier and contribute to making them taller. Nimbleness, Dexterity, and Charisma all contribute to height as well, while serving to counteract weight, as all of them make someone weigh less.


These are just the beginning of the changes to the page, though. Ultimately, I want to have the best character page possible, while also having character images which capture everything you need to know about them via a single image. To that end, I did research by looking at character pages from my subscriptions list, and actually got a lot of good ideas from there. It helped contribute to the changes above, and will be contributing to the images I plan to make. Still finalizing that, but wish me luck!

Revisions are done!
by Bree on 17th Nov 2012, 7:07 PM

The top of the site now has shiny new buttons thanks to the simply amazing amount of help I've had from MatthewJA. I hope you like them (and the overall look of the site), since it took Matt probably close to three dozen PMs to get it working. :P

If you don't like it, and/or are having troubles with it, and/or you have a suggestion to make it better, feel free to say so; I'll do what I can for ya.


But since it's working for me, it looks awesome to me, and I was the one who made it (well, with Matt guiding me through step-by-step and offering advice, at least :P), well, without anyone saying it needs to be different, I'm going to take the philosophy "If it aint broke, don't fix it" and keep it as it currently is. :P


Also, I'm finally in the process of creating good character bios. I've started by creating portraits for characters. I'm in the finishing stages of creating Aria, and have already finished Argus.

The Descended Argus Portrait

It's not perfect, but it captures who I see as being Argus more than the previous image did, and honestly, it just freakin' looks cool to me. :P

This is also the first step in slightly cleaning up my Characters page. Though it's overall one of my best-constructed pages, it's far from perfect. In particular, the Index is a little bit intimidating, so I'm planning on soon changing it to be more like the About page's index. (Which has the opposite problem; its index is good, but the page itself is one of my least-organized. :P)

So a pretty productive day.

Also, I've finished another part of the Kinas Chronicle. The part I just finished was part six. Parts 3-5 will be releasing over the course of the week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:00 PM.


With all the time which I've been spending on these side-projects, I mighta actually had enough time for an actual comic rather than filler info comics. :P

But, eh, probably not. These side-projects take a few minutes to a few hours to be finished. My comic takes a few hours to a few days to create. :P

Still, though, it  leaves me hopeful. Stay tuned to see what I come up with.

Ranger's Rant of the day:
by Bree on 7th Nov 2012, 1:08 AM

So Firefox crashed, but that's not my rant.

Firefox crashed while I was writing my vent, about TVTropes.

Specifically, how I've been banned from editing. Now if it were for other pages, I'll need to know why.

But for my own, well...that's why I was ranting:

THE PEOPLE EDITING MY PAGE DID NOT DO THEIR RESEARCH. I strongly suspect none of them had even read my webcomic.


I was ticked off. SERIOUSLY ticked off. I had to restrain myself from dropping f-bombs in this rant, but let me summarize things. When I'm in a more calm mood, I'll go over the details of all of them.


-Emphasis. Lots of it has been deleted. The thing is, the emphasis I placed in the article mostly came from emphasis in the actual comic itself. I've got the documents to prove it; I can put up the exact quotes to show it.

-But far more blatantly...deleting all YMMV items, deleting character alignments, deleting things such as the Uncanny Valley, deleting ChaoticEvil and LawfulGood from the page and such. The thing is, THOSE ARE FUNDAMENTAL PARTS OF THE SETTING. Anyone who's read the comic, heck, anyone who's even visited the site at all will know that my comic features canonical character alignments.

When I've calmed down, I'll recompile the whole list. Everything from Ironeyes's removal of MidnightBlueEyes (sure it's not a trope now, but it was when I added it--how do I know? Because I visited that page and read it in painstaking detail to make sure it applied. And it did) to FamilyThemeNaming. (Firefox crashed as I was checking that line out, since I wasn't sure about it.) And then beyond.

Now mind you, my list of complaints doesn't mean I hold any ill will, nor do I think that all the changes suck.

Some of them I like, and most of them I understand. So as much as I'd love to shout, "STOP VANDALIZING MY TVTROPES PAGE!!!", I can't, since their intention (while misguided) was to clean it up.

They failed, miserably, because they Did Not Do Their Research quite obviously, but their minds were in the right place, so I can't blame 'em.

It's just that, well...they lobotomized my page, without being at all familiar with the setting.

Heck, I explicitly said IN MY TVTROPES DISCUSSION PAGE, that Character Alignments were a canonical part of the setting, so there's no milage to be varied; it's set in stone. So it really irks me, that I'm going to have to go through the trouble of getting unsuspended, so that I can rebuild my page.

And, well, one of the things said was not to abuse the invoked tag. The thing is, when in the actual comic, I INVOKE THE TROPE, what other tag am I supposed to use? I'm invoking the trope. Specifically invoking, say, ChaoticEvil as an alignment. Specifically attempting to invoke, say, Uncanny Valley. Those are things that I put in the comic itself, and explicitly state having the intention of it being in the comic itself. So it's not YMMV items. It's in the comic itself, as explicit as can be.


So, I'm going to compile when I've calmed down the list of things which they're doing wrong on my page and I was doing right. I'm going to explain exactly why, if that was the reason for the suspension, it should not have happened. 'Course, if the suspension were for other pages, well, then, that's something I'd have to be shown what I did. I mostly just have been adding to ComicFury pages, in much the same format as they were already in, keeping things consistent. I state clearly each time my reason for editing (maybe a little overly verbose in doing so), and make the examples as relevant and as detailed as I can.

So again, I kinda doubt that it's for any page other than my own. And on my own, I'll admit there are some mistakes, but far less than people have assumed. Of all ComicFurians, I'm the one who knows TVTropes the best, but I don't keep track of things constantly. Things get renamed, tropes get dropped and merged, and I can't realistically be expected to keep up with that. And I never add a trope without doing my research. Research which at the time supported everything in there as being valid for the example.


Could I make a mistake? Sure, I can misinterpret things; I'm only human. Could tropes change under my feet? I'm positive they have already a lot. Can policies for pages change? Clearly they can, since what was acceptable and standard  at one point is no longer so. (For instance, when I made my TVTropes page, I made sure to model its format after several respected TVTropes pages, such as Hellsing.) All that means is that my methods are antiquidated, not wrong. Could I describe things in more detail sometimes? Yes, I sometimes neglect that. Do I describe things in too much detail sometimes? Yes, I do.

But it also runs both ways. Can others make mistakes? Yes. They have, in not being familiar with my work. Are they willing to accept that I added tropes before they changed? Not often, as they'll delete without replacing more frequently than not. Are they willing to accept that my page was created and formatted a long time ago? Well, apparently not, but I'll find out soon enough if they realized this. Do they cut out details which are important? Yes, yes they do. Are their methods of welding things together perfect? No, they are not, as their efforts often mangle the meaning and twist it into something it's not.


I'll get it all sorted out soon enough.

But I'm just...gah, thank goodness I'm a trained mafia player. If it weren't for my experience in trying to keep rational thoughts and reasoning despite being passionate about something, well, then the above would be a little more hostile. :P

This leaves a sour taste in my mouth, so I'm considering not updating while I sort out this mess.

What the hekc's wrong with the site?!?
by Bree on 4th Nov 2012, 2:01 PM

To those few who will actually see this when it's a problem, I owe an answer to the above question.

Right now, I'm working on slightly customizing my site to be a little more unique, with a LOT of help from the coding wizard MatthewJA. (I'm almost completely incompetent when it comes to coding. I'm not always a complete idiot and can sometimes figure things out by myself, but for the most part, I require his step-by-baby-step guidance. :P)


Now because my comic's not very popular at this moment, not many people are likely to see how things are currently a bit off, but a few could. Let's just say right now that we're working out the very slight bugs in the system. :P

Hopefully, by the time most people will see this, it'll have already been fixed.

With luck, it'll make my site look awesome, though.

I might as well announce it now--I have a new piece of fanart. It was actually created some time ago, by JRChace as a reward for subscribing to his webcomic Alignment. (It's an awesome comic, full of absolutely hilarious humor and a nice art style which you can see is consistently getting better, along with a great D&D-esque setting. You should go check it out, especially if you like my comic.) However, because he created it as part of a group shot, he waited until he had finished said group shot to give the individual photo. Here's the final group shot:

Alignment group shot featuring Davos of The Descended

At slightly reduced size. (Full size here.)

And here's Davos by himself, in all his wonderful glory:

Davos of The Descended as drawn by JRChace

He really nailed it. To be honest, he drew Davos better than I draw Davos, so that should give you an idea of what to expect in his comic. It's just as awesome as it seems--nay, it's even more awesome than it seems, so I'd highly recommend checking it out. :)

Ranger's Ramble of the Day #3
by Bree on 27th Oct 2012, 8:29 PM

In real life, I'm pretty much just an average guy. When it comes to helping others, I'm the "generally nice guy" kind of person, who'll help out when he can. However, this basically-nice attitude means that whenever it's inconvenient for me to help others, I very rarely do--and I feel horrible for it. It's absolutely gut-wrenching, in fact, when I ignore others in need of help in favor of my own selfish desires.

But more on that later. I'd also like to point out how I love to help others out, yet hate it when I myself need help. That's 'cause, in my mind, I should be the one helping them, so the thought of them helping me only makes me feel worse, as if I owe them everything, yet can offer virtually nothing.


This has pretty much formed the basis for my online persona, only amplified significantly. When it comes to helping others, I'll do everything in my power to do so and go out of my way to help, even to my own detriment. Like in real life, I have a limit, but it's much higher--I can't offer artists-in-need money (since I have none to give :P), and often-times lack the time to give them some other form of serious support, but other than that, I'll do literally everything I can to help anyone I know.

And this is especially true for my friends. I'll admit, part of it's a selfish desire, that because I've been in such pain, I don't want to see them in pain, either. And I'll further admit that the reason I'm so willing to help is more personal than unselfish, because the main reason I want to help is because I feel that they've helped me out so much that I should do literally everything I can to help. Because, it's as in real-life: I don't require help that often, but when I do, I've got an awesome community full of friends to support me in ways they don't even realize they are.

ComicFury is like a family to me, and honestly, I feel quite protective of said family, and all members in it. I do whatever I can to help out, whenever I can, and in general, try to provide a shoulder to lean on when it's necessary to do so.


I've been there. I've been through my own personal hell. And it was ComicFury which helped get me out, the support of my second family, the support of my good friends who I care deeply about that helped me get out. So I feel as if I should return the favor in any way that I can. They've always helped me, so I'd have to be a real jerk to not do everything I can to help them back.


So the basic point of this blog is...well...if you ever need someone to help you...I'll be there. I may not be able to do much...but I'll do everything I can. I may not have experienced your exact situation, but the chances are quite good that I've experienced something similar enough that I can connect. And even if I couldn't, I'll still do whatever I can to help you out, 'cause that's just the kind of guy that I am. :P

I feel as if there's a lot more to say about this, but...the words aren't coming to me. I'll just leave it there for any to see. Shoot me a PM, send an email (it's my username,, leave a comment, whatever. I'm always here to help, because more than anyone else, I know what it feels like to be alone and without anyone to help, and so I never want to see someone else feel that way again.

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