by Bree on 3rd Mar 2013, 12:27 AM

So as it turns out, I've gone a full month longer than intended without updating, and I don't think I can manage to update on time this week, either. Oops. :P


But while I may have been down, I certainly am not out of practice. I added some fanart and fixed some broken links on that page, and have been tweaking the site a little. You can use arrow keys to navigate between pages, now; I'm also working on a few other changes.

Also, I'm continuing to draw, albeit not as much as I need to be.


Here's to hoping I get my act together this month. :P

It's February.
by Bree on 3rd Feb 2013, 10:48 PM

And that means I should have finished with my hiatus!

And I'll tell you this much: I certainly have been busy. I have two sub-pages for the About Page. The first of them, races, I have probably blogged about before, but I recently expanded it to include five new races: devils, centaurs, minotaurs, ravens, and gorgons, in addition to the demons and celestials I added silently.

But I've also added a new page, Attack Types, which goes into depth about melee/range/magic attacks, and how there's more to 'em.

Far more importantly, I stopped slacking off, did some googling suggested by MatthewJA, and have put in an image for my comic's background, along with a slightly-transparent mid-ground. (Hopefully, anyway. It might be buggy. It works on my end, and looks almost exactly identical to as it was, only with a very slight transparency--while the stuff above it, like the text, remains at full opacity. If this is different than what you're seeing, I need to know. :P)

The image I have is basically just an image for the sake of having an image at the moment, being the same tree I did for the Arc 0 cover. I ultimately want to replace it with something similar, but slightly less...wintery. To have the same green glow, but with it being over a fully-bloomed tree, rather than a leaf-less one. Probably also make it taller. It's only 800 pixels tall, but those 800 are from the bottom of the screen--which doesn't even make it to the comic in any of my comics, not even the ones with no user comments. (I could always make it so that it's fixed, but I didn't quite like the way that looked, and it also seems to increase lag for me.)

Also, I realized that most comics put their banner/header/subtitle above their navigation links, so I did so. (And on my own! Yay, I'm not completely incompetent! :P)


This good news, of course, leads to the bad; I'll be missing what I wanted to be my first update, thanks to me botching my attempt at the comic and deciding I needed to re-do it. Which takes time I can't afford. So sorry 'bout that.

Arc 0 Cover Redesigned!
by Bree on 21st Jan 2013, 8:10 PM

I finished it!

Two weeks' worth of effort, and I've redesigned the first page a person viewing my webcomic will see when checking it out!

Look at it here!

The Descended Arc 0 New Cover

Compared to:

The Descended Arc 0 Orig Cover

There's no comparison between them. The new one is just simply better.

In hindsight, I made a few mistakes on the new cover. It should either be six pixels wider in all directions, or I should have trimmed the colored pixels that go past the border. Plus, the background didn't have to be pink. I made a mental note that I had a green tree and a blue arc, so there should be some red. There already was, in the wings. A better choice for the color would have been a very, very slight yellow.


But hey...still miles better than what it was, no?

New Year, New Changes!
by Bree on 3rd Jan 2013, 3:05 PM

Years ago, I made a new years resolution to never make another new years resolution. That worked quite well for me.

...But this year, I decided to break that resolution, and devote myself once more to The Descended.

Along with this resolution came a new conviction that I could actually make a good webcomic, and I immediately got to making changes.


-I have a new extra page, Races, which contains a list of races in Soano along with their general characteristics.

-The Characters page has received a slight tweak (again) to invite readers in some more. I've also got a plan in motion to add more art to it (and the About page, and the Extras page) in order to better draw people in.

-I am thinking of also starting a little side-project for the fun of it: since the current plan for The Descended is to have each page be sketched, scanned, and then digitalized, I'm considering doing voting incentives as an extra which will feature the original art. Mind you, I don't really expect people to actually vote, but having it update every week will give me better practice on my art and build good habits, since otherwise, I probably wouldn't make the sketches public at all, despite how much of a good idea it is to do so.

-Most of all, I'm currently in the stages of customizing my site layout some more! I want to have more than just a plain black background, so I'm soon going to start making a new one, once I know how. (I, uh, currently have no clue. :P)

-But wait, there's more! I'm working on a new format for my comics, that'll make each comic page be shorter and more reader-friendly. This is an extension of the above side-project, as I'd sketch things out, scan it, and digitalize it. Starting with my Arc 0 cover page; that page desperately needs something to liven it up, and make things more user-friendly.

-Speaking of user-friendly, my archive isn't. It has too much filler, so I'll soon be moving the filler elsewhere. (Once I figure out how to do so safely.)

-And if that wasn't enough, I've finally gone an done it: I replaced my three-year-old comic avatar with a new one which shows off my art a lot better, while still capturing much of what I want it to. Compare:

The Descended old avvyThe Descended new avvy

Before and After (respectively). Which would YOU be more enticed to read? I'm hoping it's the one with the better non-sprite artwork, since that's what I've got now, replacing the old avvy I had before. The avatar, to me, seems more appeasing, while still having much of the same charm. Do you like? I certainly hope so!

2013 will be a wondrous year.

Wish me luck!
by Bree on 23rd Dec 2012, 12:18 AM

I'm leaving for a week-long vacation tomorrow, on Sunday. So I won't be doing anything on ComicFury--however, I will be working on my comic.


See ya a week from now!


And wish me a good trip. (I need the wishes--I have a cold, have lacked an apetite all day, have been weak and not very energetic all day, and I'm hoping it's from being underneath three layers of blankets, but my neck and forehead are hot to the touch. And I'm traveling tomorrow, regardless of how sick I feel. :/)

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