by Bree on 17th May 2013, 7:58 AM

I have twenty subscribers. That's a yay.

...I'm nowhere close to finishing the image I wanted to post celebrating having twenty subscribers.

That's the 'crud'. :P


Anyway, you guys are all awesome. Just wanted to say that. I've been receiving a lot of encouragement to keep going, so I'm going to continue updating. With luck, I'll have the subscriber image finished by Wednesday, though my page release on Monday has priority. Right now, I think I can actually maintain my promised schedule of updating every Monday at 6. :)

by Bree on 5th Apr 2013, 1:55 PM

Sadly not here to make excuses for my continued lack of updating. Got none there. (Rather, I have a ton. :P And you don't want to hear me rambling about all of 'em.)

On that front, I can tell you I'm kinda close to finishing the next page, but that it still has a ways to go and that it'll be finished after I recover from the depression of my nearly-fifteen-years-old dog dieing. (Am still a bit in mourning.)

I'm more here to tell you that I had no idea that I was at 19 subscribers. That's more than I've ever had for any of my webcomics, which is cause to make me smile. I promised myself I'd make a special page for ya if I hit 10,000 unique visitors (am at 8,000 currently) or 20 subscribers, and the second landmark (which I thought to be the less likely of the two :P) is approaching far more rapidly than I anticipated, so I might be late in actually releasing that Thank You image.


Sadly, it's not going to be as awesome as JRChace doing a character from each subscriber's webcomic. It'll be a more mundane drawing of a character you haven't seen drawn in my current style yet. Soyeah, one more!

New fanart!
by Bree on 6th Mar 2013, 11:58 PM

I am ecstatic. Today, I received this:

Kinas of The Descended fanart by Kristy

Kinas, as drawn by Kristy, the creator of Wake the Sleepers. There's more to it than the amazing art, though. This image is incredible, capturing the essence of Kinas perfectly. I dream of drawing him this good, but it's not yet something I can make a reality. The art's beautiful. There are no words for it beyond that; it's just. plain. good. Scratch that, it's great. Heck, even that word fails to adequately encapsulate exactly how dang good the drawing is.


...But despite all of this, that's not the reason I'm happy. It makes me happy, yes, but it's overwhelmed by the far larger sensation within me. That sensation?

That I...just an amateur artist who can't even keep my own webcomic running noticed, got the attention of, and got fanart from...Kristy. Who is seriously my comic-making idol. Everything I can do comic-wise, Kristy can do better. She's gone through the time and effort to worldbuild a fantasy setting which is rich. It feels deep and realistic, and is so good to see so much as glimpses of. She has a knack for storytelling, as her way of going about the script for her comic is brilliant, drawing the reader in and always leaving them wanting to come back, thirsting for more. But most of all...she's one of the best dang artists on ComicFury, and her art has only continued to improve.

I look up to her, I seriously respect her, and quite frankly I wish to some day have so much as a tenth of her success.

And she gave me fanart.


That...that's not something to take lightly. That's something which warms my heart, inspires me to do more, and in general, makes me want to continue going on, because it's seriously a dream come true. To be recognized by someone I practically worship and know they've taken their time to draw something of yours. It's truly a time to be happy. :'D


Side-note, it also marks the half-way point character fanart wise. I have fanart of all The Outcasts, and now have fanart for half The Latens. That's half of my current cast. (Speaking of which, I got inspiration to work on fleshing out the additions to my cast, but that'll have to wait; I've also been inspired to work on my actual comic.) Yay for having fans! I keep on going because of their support. ;)

by Bree on 3rd Mar 2013, 12:27 AM

So as it turns out, I've gone a full month longer than intended without updating, and I don't think I can manage to update on time this week, either. Oops. :P


But while I may have been down, I certainly am not out of practice. I added some fanart and fixed some broken links on that page, and have been tweaking the site a little. You can use arrow keys to navigate between pages, now; I'm also working on a few other changes.

Also, I'm continuing to draw, albeit not as much as I need to be.


Here's to hoping I get my act together this month. :P

It's February.
by Bree on 3rd Feb 2013, 10:48 PM

And that means I should have finished with my hiatus!

And I'll tell you this much: I certainly have been busy. I have two sub-pages for the About Page. The first of them, races, I have probably blogged about before, but I recently expanded it to include five new races: devils, centaurs, minotaurs, ravens, and gorgons, in addition to the demons and celestials I added silently.

But I've also added a new page, Attack Types, which goes into depth about melee/range/magic attacks, and how there's more to 'em.

Far more importantly, I stopped slacking off, did some googling suggested by MatthewJA, and have put in an image for my comic's background, along with a slightly-transparent mid-ground. (Hopefully, anyway. It might be buggy. It works on my end, and looks almost exactly identical to as it was, only with a very slight transparency--while the stuff above it, like the text, remains at full opacity. If this is different than what you're seeing, I need to know. :P)

The image I have is basically just an image for the sake of having an image at the moment, being the same tree I did for the Arc 0 cover. I ultimately want to replace it with something similar, but slightly less...wintery. To have the same green glow, but with it being over a fully-bloomed tree, rather than a leaf-less one. Probably also make it taller. It's only 800 pixels tall, but those 800 are from the bottom of the screen--which doesn't even make it to the comic in any of my comics, not even the ones with no user comments. (I could always make it so that it's fixed, but I didn't quite like the way that looked, and it also seems to increase lag for me.)

Also, I realized that most comics put their banner/header/subtitle above their navigation links, so I did so. (And on my own! Yay, I'm not completely incompetent! :P)


This good news, of course, leads to the bad; I'll be missing what I wanted to be my first update, thanks to me botching my attempt at the comic and deciding I needed to re-do it. Which takes time I can't afford. So sorry 'bout that.

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