*insert solid chain of curse words*
by ranger_brianna_new on 4th Jun 2013, 11:09 PM

I've been feeling absolutely exhausted as of late. Dangerously tired, in fact. It's obviously been influencing me to go to bed sooner, which results in less work being done,'s begun to spread, and in fact when I say "dangerously tired", I mean actually hazardous to me I-could-fall-asleep-while-driving tired. My mental awareness during the day has been plummeting just as much (if not more) than my awareness during the night. It needs to stop, which means I need to do whatever I can to get more sleep and hope (pray, really) that I recover from it.


What does this mean?

H-i-a-t-u-s. The dreaded six-letter word. Producing my comic might be causing me actual serious physical harm, so I need to stop doing it. I got advice saying that I need to reduce my workload until I've recovered. And I don't like it, but...they're right.

I can pick the comic up later after I have gotten better.

I can't pick the comic back up if I end up physically disabled (or worse, dead) if my neglecting getting better leaves me seriously damaged.


I don't like it. I don't like it at all. I feel like a failure. Every fiber in my body is telling me this is the wrong choice, that I shouldn't be giving up like this.

But I need it. I don't want it. I don't want to stop, I want to keep updating, to get to the level of talent I dream of getting at. If I don't keep practicing, I'm not only not going to get better, but I'll just end up getting worse. But even so much as practicing my art is spending time that needs to be conserved for silly things such as sleep.

I always joke that sleep is for the weak.

Well, I guess I'm just about the weakest guy ever. :/

No update this week. D:
by ranger_brianna_new on 2nd Jun 2013, 7:32 PM

Sorry, but I don't have anything at all done. (I could make excuses all day long, but needless to say...busy week, on top of my body playing catchup. :P) Not so much as a sketch, and in my current process, I sketch the page, scan it, and digitize it. I could throw filler up, but the simple fact is, I'm going to miss this update entirely. I've got nothing to show. My apologies.


I'll try to make it up to ya, though. There are a ton of good threads I've been meaning to gather advice from. Everything from color theory (something which if you read the author's notes on a couple of my pages--the Nathan reward sketch included--you'd see to be one of the things I'm worried about) to making realistic wrinkles in clothing to formatting pages to dynamic posing for action scenes (this is a biggie!) to varying facial structure in my characters (a HUGE concern of mine!) to pacing.

I'm not going to turn it into an obsession, but I'll spend a few hours taking good notes. With luck, you'll see an improvement in the next page, though this is probably a gradual change to slowly be implemented with time. Still, this is my pledge to make up for the missed update by bumping my artistic skills up another notch.

Twenty Subscribers!
by ranger_brianna_new on 27th May 2013, 10:01 PM

Released here is my reward sketch, and it just occurred to me how I could improve on the reward sketch:

By naming all of my subscribers.

Time to embarrass you all! :P


pantstall was my first subscriber, and a massive thanks to him.

Sakurina12 was the first to support me upon my return to ComicFury, and I have to thank her as well.

ThatPaintLover, you're an awesome guy, and I wish I could support ya more, since you were one of my earliest supporters and commenters.

As was NastradumasGotYou, so thank you. 

spiralmc marks the first person (I believe, anyway) to have subscribed to me without me having first supported them (I know I supported pantstall, ThatPaintLover, and NastradumasGotYou, at least), so I guess in a way holds the honor of being my first original fan.

Centcomm, your work is awesome. I deeply respect your talent and experience, and your encouragement has helped me get this far.

darthfurby and Simply_MoE_MoE, I'm sorry that I don't have words for you. You deserve them, but I have none to give.

Kors, you are an awesome, awesome writer, and clearly are developing a talent as an artist. Keep up the good work, man.

zachdewd, you're cool, bro. That's about all that need be said. ;)

TheOneBlueGecko, you are an awesome teacher. Wise, knowledgeable, deeply calm and soothing, and always supportive.

RG2Cents...what do I say to you? I really enjoy your comic, and it's nice to read. I enjoy your commenting, so...I guess all I've got to say is "Thanks".

Boo810, I wish I saw more of ya.

TrAgEdYMangaKA, your style (while incredibly terrifying) is really, really awesome. For the genre of your comic, you've really nailed it with your black and white art. Thanks for supporting me, and I wish I could comment on your comic more. Am enjoying reading it, though!

mheanne27, you are easily among the best manga artists out there. I don't know what happened to ya, but I miss ya.

Malosis, seeing your growth as an artist over your time here has actually been one of my greatest motivators to work on my own comic, because I know that I'm in that same boat, that I need to keep working and keep improving, just like you have. Seeing how well you do it, despite the hardships in life, makes me realize just how much I can accomplish. Thank you for continuing your work.

kwbarrett, you're a real pro. Seriously, you have the writing, designing, and art of a professional in your comic, and it's awesome to see you having supported me.

randomvtwo, nerdface, and MooingMoe, I must once again apologize to you three. I should have bundle-loads to say to each of my subscribers, but for all of you, I'm drawing a blank. My sincere apologies. You're all awesome, and deserve better than this.

Last but not least...xianyu118 missed the 20-subscriber mark, but he's number twenty-one, so there's that! I thoroughly enjoy seeing the characters and worlds you build, and think that you're getting better at your drawings, so keep it up. :)

So I got the flu...
by ranger_brianna_new on 24th May 2013, 8:04 AM

(Actually, I couldn't confirm it was the flu. The flu test came out negative, but I do have flu symptoms. But anyway...)


A fever of 102 (I'm better now) has pretty much left me bed-ridden. This means I'll either get a lot more or a lot less work done than normal. I'd put my money on a lot less. :P

I probably won't be releasing a new comic page this week, but I'll try and finish my reward sketch for reaching 20 subscribers. (You guys are awesome.)

by ranger_brianna_new on 17th May 2013, 7:58 AM

I have twenty subscribers. That's a yay.

...I'm nowhere close to finishing the image I wanted to post celebrating having twenty subscribers.

That's the 'crud'. :P


Anyway, you guys are all awesome. Just wanted to say that. I've been receiving a lot of encouragement to keep going, so I'm going to continue updating. With luck, I'll have the subscriber image finished by Wednesday, though my page release on Monday has priority. Right now, I think I can actually maintain my promised schedule of updating every Monday at 6. :)

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