As promised, follow-through!
by Bree on 24th May 2014, 5:31 PM

I actually got a fair number of new things done. I improved the blog archive a bit by adding dates to it, so that you can actually tell when I posted these things. (Odd, I thought that had been there already. Ah, well.) I also got HALF-working links to my profile from the blog. It works on the overview, and the links work on the blog itself yet it shows my profile name rather than my author name. (I don't think that's on my end, though.) And furthering the blog overhaul, I redid the side-bar with the previous blogs, to format it more effectively. (There's a break in place now and the blog links are italicized to help.) Speaking of the overview, I made it so that the first/latest buttons there had hover-over text, too, which they were previously lacking. (I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to that kind of thing.)

And on that note, if you look at the bottom of any page, you'll see RSS/Comic Profile/ComicFury/Top buttons. Those aren't new. The hover-text over them, however, is! That was bugging me for the longest time. Similarly for the things listed below that. (Not that they see much use. I don't really advertise my comic right now, since, well, there's nothing TO advertise...yet.) Admittedly, all of these are mere cosmetic changes. But I did make a few modifications to the section about me in the characters page. It now reflects things more accurately.

Right now, my main area of focus is on making things more easily-navigatable...and also more rewarding for having navigated the trecherous seas of words and images. :P To that end, I've begun efforts at revamping the characters page (I mighta mentioned the changes, I might not have, but you can already see some if you compare Argus's profile to, say, Sanik's), and am working on redoing their appearances page. Back to work for me!


Edit: I made a small realization that italics in the blog wouldn't work. So with some black magic mad hacker skillz (aka I googled how to do it), I reduced the font size of the "by *author*", by reducing the font from the default 3 down to 2. (It works on my computer, at least!) And added a period after it, to bring the blogs to a full stop, too!

*cracks wrists*
by Bree on 24th May 2014, 2:16 PM

Again. Again, again. Very bad habit to get into.


The spring cleaning continues.

You know you're in for a long haul when organizing your to-do list takes an hour. But I got that done, and it actually seems fairly organized! So there's that: my objectives are sorted clearly, itself an achievement. On that note, I'd like to also say that there was a behind-the-scenes amount of work done: I organized my Pictures library on my laptop, where all my work is stored. Meaning (at least, theoretically) it'll be much easier for me to have near-instant access to whatever file I so desire to use.

As for what I've done today, well...aside from organizing the to-do list, not much. The day's fairly young for me, after all. However, those of you who are following along might notice some aesthetic changes. I've noticed the Archive button's text is hard to read (even though it should be fairly easy to figure out that it's an archive, I want people to have it spelled out easily), so I tried to make it slightly easier to read. It looks mildly better, I suppose, but it's not exactly great. Ah, well. It'll do.

I also switched the order of the First/Latest comic buttons on top. Speaking of which, the text which did read "Comics" now reads "Latest", since I feel that it's more accurate and more clear a term. (It's what the hover-text said anyway. Which I clarified just as a precaution.) And in the Characters page, I made a minor update to Argus's profile.

Soooooooooooooooooooooo, not much, really. But the day is young, so there's plenty more to do. I'll keep you updated, but I really think that things are going to be looking much better in the near-future. I just need to put in that little bit of time each day. Expect a follow-through blog not necessarily today or tomorrow, but in the near-future that contains the rest of what I manage to do.

Spring cleaning!
by Bree on 17th May 2014, 3:48 AM

Yep, just as you can clean your house, you can clean your webcomic up. I've begun doing some housekeeping, essentially clearing out some of the trash and doing what I can to organize it a bit more efficiently and effectively. Stay tuned to see what comes of this!

Rumors of my comic's discontinuation are greatly exaggerated.
by Bree on 31st Mar 2014, 1:29 AM

Contrary to all appearances suggesting that my comic is dead, I assure you it is very much alive. I was busy sorting out some mental health issues (along with resulting real-life fallout from said issues), thus, why my comic's been delayed. Time well-spent, though, because it allows me to focus on the future more effectively. Speaking of time well-spent, a lot of my practice has been on anatomy, and I think that when you see new pages, you'll be seeing that change in style as my art evolved exponentially in these last few months. I've found a process which is really, really cool, and fairly easy to implement. It'll be a long time before you actually see it, but when you do, you'll be impressed. Anatomy and design, both greatly improved.


Admittedly, could still use a fair bit of practice on perspective (though I no longer fear backgrounds nor lighting, in spite of being minimalistic in both), and also need a LOT of practice figuring out panel layouts (somewhat related to scripting, in its WIP nature), but the actual ART part of my comics (yeah, yeah, I know, panel layout is part of the art, but I think you know what I mean) is vastly improved, at the least. You might notice a change in my title, too; that's mainly because I've become more honest about who I am.



Anyway, because I didn't want this to just be another blog, have a random piece of insight into the World of Soano that I typed up today.

On Poison:

Poison has three separate attributes for how it is handled within a person: Potency, Dosage, and Type.

Potency is how deadly the poison is--in gaming terms, how much damage it does. It also deals with how difficult it is to treat. A poison of 3 gorgons is exponentially more difficult to treat than a poison of .3 gorgons. If you look on the races page, you'll see the entry on Medeans, and why gorgons are basically the measuring stick for poisons. I decided to expand (and because I didn't have access to my notes, slightly rewrite) the role of poison, starting with potency. The gorgonian scale basically means that any poison below 1 is easily treated by the standard antidote (or equivalent spells), 1 is gorgonian, and above 1 is much stronger poisons. Some treatments remain universal: stronger antivenoms can nullify stronger venoms of several types. Sleeping at an inn will cure all but the strongest of the strong poisons. And similar things. However, certain types of poison are so potent that they can only be cured by specific counters to that poison. However, that raises the question--if a more potent poison is more deadly, why aren't all poisons that strong? The answer is that potency has a drawback: the more potent, the more specialized a poison needs to be in order to have said potency against its target. Thus, at the maximum potency of 100 gorgons, a poison only works on a specific species. Anything above 25 begins to get highly specialized, and even 25 only works on humanoid species. The highest 'universal' poison is a 10. Additionally, poisons don't perfectly scale. .5 gorgons is not half as strong as 1 gorgon, just as 25 gorgons is not 25 times stronger than 1 gorgon. Meaning that extra potency doesn't add much after a certain point.

Dosage is how much of the poison is delivered/courses through the veins of the target. (In gaming terms, how quickly the poison does its damage.) Every poison (regardless of type or potency) has a maximum dosage, because there is only so many targets a specific poison will have to destroy, and past that point, the extra poison isn't doing anything but getting in the way. Thus, why often giving multiple poison attacks (even using the same poison) works, but doesn't stay effective forever--because poisons are rarely given at their maximum dosage on the first strike, yet by around three or so, have reached that maximum level. Note, however, that different types of poison do in fact stack; two different poisons will (essentially) deal twice the damage at the same lower dosage/potency.

However, as a disclaimer: surprisingly often, you'll find that the counter to one type of a different type of poison. Sometimes, they cancel each other out. Other times, one poison simply wins out over the other. In either case, it makes a lot of sense that certain things interacting with one another will end up negating one another. This is why creatures of poison are often mistakenly believed to be immune to all poisons: because their own poison just so happens to be effectively countering the would-be poisoner.

On that note, creatures are of course immune to their own poison as a general rule of thumb, but vulnerable to other types of poison--thus, why poison creatures can be poisoned and have said poison deal damage rather than, say, healing the target. Speaking of poison effects, poisons of certain types at certain dosages and potencies can inflict secondary status ailments, akin to their fire cousins of Burn and Bleed. It of course depends on the type. Negating MP, sapping max HP, decreasing mobility, draining strength, the list goes on.


Overall, poisons are obviously in fact not universal. However, the rules of poisons are predictable, meaning that when learned makes their handling to be fairly universal, simply by following the appropriate procedures for that situation. So, poisons are complex and diverse, but fairly simple to understand and use.

This comic has not been lost to the abyss.
by Bree on 8th Dec 2013, 3:02 PM

I know! Most people who actually care about this comic are long-gone, so this blog is likely to fall on deaf ears. But there's one person who DOES still care:



And that's all I really need in order to continue. Still, though. I figure starting my comic up every, oh, you know, half a year or so, is a good way to continuously lose readers and never gain them back. :P Ideally, I want to have people come back to my comic and stick around for it. And to do that, I need to actually UPDATE the darn thing. With my current methodology, this is a bit...impracticle. My life simply won't permit it of me. So what do I do? Give up? Wait?

...How about changing my methodology instead?

So that's exactly what I'm going to do. Instead of sketching, scanning, and digitizing each individual page, I'm going to be sketching a whole lot of pages. This approach may result in me having an occasional hiatus to sketch more pages, but I think it's incredibly promising. For any who actually ARE still reading, I ask that you stay tuned. I'm expecting results come 2014, so stick around with me just a bit longer!

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