Ooh, shiny!
by Bree on 26th May 2014, 1:41 PM

One of the things that was bugging me for the longest time is that my comic had the default small little icon thingy in the browser, rather than something customizable. It didn't take me long to figure out (once I bothered to stop slacking off) that this little thingy was called a favicon, and knowing its name, it didn't take me long to figure out how to create and then implement one. So, yay! I have just that little bit of an extra touch for customization! (You'd almost think me a half-way competent coder with all of this work I've done. ...Almost.) Not sure if the Argus icon will be the final (I also made a leaf one, and am considering among others making a feather one), but at least I have one!

Also, I've made significant progress on my overhaul of the Cast Page! Now, I still need to streamline everyone's fighting style/bio/personality, finish the formatting for the characters I haven't done yet, edit The Latens' group description, and all of that not going into the images I'll have to draw and the cross-linking I want to get going (basically, I want it so that you can essentially have a wiki article on the site in these pages: something that has links to every relevant section should you need to reference them), but still...this feels amazing!

I have a site. That's basically more of my design than it is of the default design by this point in time. Which is getting sharper and sharper and cleaner and cleaner and with luck, more professional-looking and easily-navigatable and cool-looking. Basically all done by me. This feels great!

Cleaning continues.
by Bree on 25th May 2014, 9:34 PM

Rather, experimenting, in this case. I played around with the fonts on the site. Assuming your computer/browser supports them, you should see changes to the header at the top (The Descended), along with changes to the Blog, Overview, Comic, and Extra Page top fonts. They work on my computer, and look cool on my computer (though the spacing may be a tad bit off), but if they don't, well...I kinda need others to tell me about it.

I also realize the fancier fonts may clash a bit with the more plain fonts for the sub-titles, but that's not something I want to risk playing around with changing until after I know that the fancier font does in fact enhance the look of the site.

Also, I added on comic pages a note to make it more clear that, yes, you can navigate via arrow keys. Not sure that's where I'll keep the note, but having it I think is nice.

I've also nearly-finished my initial sweep (it's going to take more than one) of the cast appearances page, so progress is being made! Not nearly as much as I wanted, but thankfully, Memorial Day weekend means that I've got more time than normal to go about things. A little touch-upping here, a little revision of the characters page there, a fair dosage of revision on the extras page, and we'll at least be in decent shape for people trying to figure things out.

As promised, follow-through!
by Bree on 24th May 2014, 5:31 PM

I actually got a fair number of new things done. I improved the blog archive a bit by adding dates to it, so that you can actually tell when I posted these things. (Odd, I thought that had been there already. Ah, well.) I also got HALF-working links to my profile from the blog. It works on the overview, and the links work on the blog itself yet it shows my profile name rather than my author name. (I don't think that's on my end, though.) And furthering the blog overhaul, I redid the side-bar with the previous blogs, to format it more effectively. (There's a break in place now and the blog links are italicized to help.) Speaking of the overview, I made it so that the first/latest buttons there had hover-over text, too, which they were previously lacking. (I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to that kind of thing.)

And on that note, if you look at the bottom of any page, you'll see RSS/Comic Profile/ComicFury/Top buttons. Those aren't new. The hover-text over them, however, is! That was bugging me for the longest time. Similarly for the things listed below that. (Not that they see much use. I don't really advertise my comic right now, since, well, there's nothing TO advertise...yet.) Admittedly, all of these are mere cosmetic changes. But I did make a few modifications to the section about me in the characters page. It now reflects things more accurately.

Right now, my main area of focus is on making things more easily-navigatable...and also more rewarding for having navigated the trecherous seas of words and images. :P To that end, I've begun efforts at revamping the characters page (I mighta mentioned the changes, I might not have, but you can already see some if you compare Argus's profile to, say, Sanik's), and am working on redoing their appearances page. Back to work for me!


Edit: I made a small realization that italics in the blog wouldn't work. So with some black magic mad hacker skillz (aka I googled how to do it), I reduced the font size of the "by *author*", by reducing the font from the default 3 down to 2. (It works on my computer, at least!) And added a period after it, to bring the blogs to a full stop, too!

*cracks wrists*
by Bree on 24th May 2014, 2:16 PM

Again. Again, again. Very bad habit to get into.


The spring cleaning continues.

You know you're in for a long haul when organizing your to-do list takes an hour. But I got that done, and it actually seems fairly organized! So there's that: my objectives are sorted clearly, itself an achievement. On that note, I'd like to also say that there was a behind-the-scenes amount of work done: I organized my Pictures library on my laptop, where all my work is stored. Meaning (at least, theoretically) it'll be much easier for me to have near-instant access to whatever file I so desire to use.

As for what I've done today, well...aside from organizing the to-do list, not much. The day's fairly young for me, after all. However, those of you who are following along might notice some aesthetic changes. I've noticed the Archive button's text is hard to read (even though it should be fairly easy to figure out that it's an archive, I want people to have it spelled out easily), so I tried to make it slightly easier to read. It looks mildly better, I suppose, but it's not exactly great. Ah, well. It'll do.

I also switched the order of the First/Latest comic buttons on top. Speaking of which, the text which did read "Comics" now reads "Latest", since I feel that it's more accurate and more clear a term. (It's what the hover-text said anyway. Which I clarified just as a precaution.) And in the Characters page, I made a minor update to Argus's profile.

Soooooooooooooooooooooo, not much, really. But the day is young, so there's plenty more to do. I'll keep you updated, but I really think that things are going to be looking much better in the near-future. I just need to put in that little bit of time each day. Expect a follow-through blog not necessarily today or tomorrow, but in the near-future that contains the rest of what I manage to do.

Spring cleaning!
by Bree on 17th May 2014, 3:48 AM

Yep, just as you can clean your house, you can clean your webcomic up. I've begun doing some housekeeping, essentially clearing out some of the trash and doing what I can to organize it a bit more efficiently and effectively. Stay tuned to see what comes of this!

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