Hey, it's been a while.
by Bree on 10th Oct 2010, 4:25 AM

For the most part, I've been dealing with other webcomics of mine. Why? Well, for multiple reasons. For starters...this is a really hard comic to manage. Quite simply put, I'm creating a whole world, for a simple webcomic. I've never done that before. Yes, all my webcomics have a setting--but none are like The Descended, because I have to make up a lot of stuff, and make a lot of rules. This is pretty much only half-done. I got something like two or three of the elements mapped out, for the MAGE class. I don't have any other class thought out, at all. Then comes the leveling up system. Basically, I know what I want: exponential growth from levels. Level 1 characters having 10 HP, going to 100 at level 10, but level 100 wouldn't have a meager 1,000--that'd be too low. It'd instead be something like 10,000. I think, anyway. There is a max, a cap to health, and that would be at level 999 (Any 900+ character ascends and becomes a god, so that means the max is only reachable by a deity). And that's just a single example. How about spells? I have an idea of how they work, but it's not concrete. Skills? Same idea. Skill points? I know the standards, but I'm not even sure I set down which to use! I mention a few games as inspiration, like Ratchet and Clank--yet I don't even remember how Ratchet and Clank was supposed to influence the setting. It had to do with a skill tree, I believe, but quite simply put, I started writing this webcomic before I had enough layed out in detail.

Then comes the characters. I know Argus, and have him down very well. How about Davos? I fluctuated several times, but I *believe* I have the answer down. I'm not positive it'll work, though. (Mentally and Physically, he's an adult, emotionally, still a child. That's the compromise I achieved between him being like a child and being super-mature. And explains why his abilities fluctuate somewhat. I believe, anyway. Like I said, I don't remember it that well!) How about Aria? I have her down fluctuating in personality a lot. Sasha? Don't even get me started. And in planned strips, guess what? Argus gets a lot of talking, but who else does? Normally, it seems to default to Aria, and if not her, Sasha. I need to lay down their personalities more concretely, so that I can figure out dialog better in future comics.

The Elementals and Latens are also tricky--I have a good idea for pretty much the entire groups what they are. One slight trouble area is Nathan Betrax, because I had to adapt a Ninja/Berserker into a world where neither Ninjas nor Berserkers are a class. And then there was his personality. He was supposed to be rather serious, and then, he ended up being one to hang a Lampshade in #4, right here:

And suddenly, he became comic relief. Despite my earlier plans to have him a dead-serious rival to Sarge. Oops. I think I'm figuring out ways to compromise, albeit slowly. It'll take a long time to figure out fully, though. We'll see how that works out.

And, of course, there's the extra pages. Characters--what I've got is the index. I need to fill it out. I've got profile info for most of them, but for some, it's a little out of date. I can put it up, though. The About page is similar, but worse, in that while I have some of the info available, most of it has become lost or obsolete, and I'll have to type it all out. It basically describes how everything works in the world of Soano, to basically define how the world works. However, again, it'd be only about 20-40% complete if I did it now. Then comes the inspiration page, which should really be two pages: Character Inspiration (does not belong on the Character Page, because it's looooooooong...), and World Inspiration. Character Inspiration, I have to weave together something like five or six sources, organize them, and then, post them in an orderly fassion. The Outcasts aren't that bad; they all come from a single source. The Elementals and Latens are, though--they originally came from three different sources, blended into one. And that one has evolved multiple times. And the end result is a big, huge mess in need of sorting out. And the world? Well, that inspiration page relies on me having the About page done. It'd cover how some things have been influenced. (For example, Soano characters instantly have gray hair when they turn 60. This is a subtle Fable1 reference.)


There is some good news, though--I have an edited version of all six comics. They're higher in quality (fixing some of the mistakes I mention), and now that I've discovered the PNG format, there will no longer be a loss in quality for the uploads. Yay! (I, uh...just need to get around to actually doing it. Haven't done so, yet.)

As to why I haven't made a new comic? Remember when I said it'd be a while until I got writer's block? Well, umm...I did. :P Got blocked, bad. I know the entire arc we're about to begin, but am having trouble transitioning into it. Ah, well. Not like I can do much about it.

Anyway, that's my blog entry for today, to show you a little about The Descended. Hope it satisfies my non-existent fans. :P

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