The Descended Cast

An old Character Sheet which is now slightly outdated, but still quite valid in several areas.





Group 3: —The Outcasts.


Jason Argo Maustrat ~ Master Joat. He prefers to go by “Argus”, but also loves to be called “Master”—hey, who wouldn’t want to be called that, after all? In his case, he does have a good reason, though, in that being a Master Joat, it’s in his class description. There’s more to it than that, though. (See below.)


Argus was originally a good guy, in Highest Level range. He was about to ascend, but his friend and fellow companion (also at the same range) got the spot first. Unfortunately, that left good with ten more gods than evil. If he were to have also joined, balance would be disrupted.


As he was already part-ascended, it would’ve been hard to strike him down, so while the gods prepared to do so, he instead shocked them by choosing to be Nerfed. Now, he has kept the angelic wings which he had when he was good, but started anew on the path of evil, growing devil’s horns. Balance still favors good, and he now has a way to keep track of it in case it changes, ensuring that the next time he gets that high, he will definitely ascend.

However…well, despite wanting revenge against his friend for taking his spot, and desiring ultimate power (again; he was getting close before, but lost it), despite officially being evil and having that be his alignment, despite trying to do as many evil deeds as possible…he’s still good at heart.

Meaning, he’ll occasionally have slips, where he genuinely shows compassion. On some occasions, he’ll blindly do an act of good, and not realize he wasn’t doing evil until after the act is over, causing him to curse rather loudly at his impulsively goodhearted nature.

He maintains every ability he had when he was nearly ascended, being Nerfed and all that, but his higher-level abilities are physically demanding, his über-skills very draining.

Hence, he carries lots of health and mana potions, ‘cause those spells are his favorites.


His Quote: “Hey, it’s not my fault I was nerfed just when I became omnipotent!”


Alignment: technically Chaotic Evil. His original alignment was Lawful Good, so he probably falls either in True Neutral, or Lawful Neutral.


Rival: After defeating their final opponent, his good friend Hank H. Mercure took what he saw to be his place in the god realm. He, naturally, considers Hank to be his mortal enemy, now.


Weapons: A various degree of them. His longsword is described as being ‘a rare drop even for a level 850’, giving him several SERIOUS buffs and having absurdly powerful stats—when he was Nerfed, he knew he’d never be able to keep a weapon with that level of power; it can’t even be equipped until level 800. So, instead, he decided to have it nerfed to an acceptable level of power, automatically leveling up when he does to have a slight increase of power. (The power increase would stop at level 800, though—that’s its max.) It is described as a godly weapon, made from unique materials.

He uses three or four daggers (also a Rogue-related item), most of which he’s very willing to throw—he says they’re mass-produced steel, meaning that there’s nothing special to them.

He also carries a six-shot revolver, using it instead of a bow for his Rogue part of him.

However, what he really prefers is his magic abilities. He was a Mage originally, before he got to the High-Level range where he began to multi-class. By Highest-Level range, he had become fully adapted to the life of a Master Joat, but still, his Mage roots are his favorites. Specifically, he was an Energy Mage, who later became a Storm Mage.

Hence, his lightning spells are his favorite, along with Drain. He does use Fire Spells often as well; it’s implied that Fire was the first of the other six elements he mastered when becoming a Master instead of a Storm.

He also has a various degree of items. Something like twenty or thirty items all of which are from his high-level range quests. These mostly serve as Deus Ex Machinas, although there are two notable ones:

-The Ring of Half Leveling: A cursed Item; it halves the level of the person wearing it. Argus wants to wear it when he reaches level twenty—he’ll keep it on until he reaches level 500. Because, if he reaches level 500 with the Ring on, once he removes it, he’ll become level 999, instantly God-Leveled.

-The Amulet of Solidification: A useful item; it allows the wielder to control how solid they are. Corporate beings can use it to become iron hard, or lessen their mass enough to be able to (briefly) pass through walls. Ghosts can use it to solidify their form however they wish to. He passes it to Aria in order to get her to join him.


Appearance: Argus has black hair (with dark gray trim), symbolizing his dark path. His left eye is entirely covered by his spiked hair, yet his right eye is still (normal) blue, symbolizing his past in the realm of good. He has red horns growing from his head, but has white (well, gray outline; they’re supposed to be white) feathered wings. He wears a (black) robe (with dark gray trimmings), preferring his Mage side to his Warrior and Rogue elements.


He has two spirits which guide him along his pathway that frequently appear when he is faced with the moral dilemmas an adventurer will often face. One is of evil (called an “Imp” or “evil guy” by its rival), telling him what to do, and the other is of good (called the “good guy”, or “angel”, or just “spirit”), who tries to steer him back towards the light simply by using logic and manipulation. The evil spirit, naturally, gets bested most of the time by the good spirit, because most of the time, Argus is in a situation where evil wouldn’t be logical when they come forward. (He, after all, only sees them when he’s faced with a moral dilemma; often, only one choice makes sense. By default, Argus will do the evil, so the evil spirit rarely needs to show. Still, the evil spirits is frustrated because when he is needed, he almost never is the victor.) The evil spirit has black bat wings, red horns, and a red tail; the good spirit has the angel white wings, along with a yellow halo above its head.


Level: 10, although by the spells he casts, you’d never know it…


Aria L. Fulor ~ Ghost Unknown/Unspecified Rogue. She is a ghost, who died in a village defending it from evil. She died in such a way as to prevent her spirit from leaving to the underworld. She’s considered reincarnation as an option out of her currently miserable existence, but has decided that losing most of her memories and a good deal of her experience just to have her soul in a body again isn’t worth it. She died fairly early in her career as an adventurer; she describes it as such:

“Rogues are inheritantly manipulative. They cheat, they steal, they rob, they lie, they backstab, they run, and in general, they do whatever they need to in order to live. Lawful Good characters are honorable, bound to uphold the law, and do what’s right. The two do not mix well.”


Argus offered her an amulet of solidification, which she was shocked to see; she declared it an incredibly rare find; Argus shrugs it off, saying it’s a common junk item at his level, but he kept one just in case. She accepted and joined by his side.

It’s not as good as having an actual body, but it’s close enough for her. For now. Argus has a claim that if she reaches a high enough level, she can regain a solid form without aid from an amulet; this is her goal.


Alignment: Lawful Good.


Rival: None.


Weapons: Her Amulet of Solidification and her status as a ghost make it impossible to actually kill her for most enemies; she’s already dead, and yet, it makes her immune to undead attacks, because she’s not classified as undead as long as she has the amulet. It’s a nice little loophole. In other words, she’s invulnerable as long as she has the amulet. She uses two daggers in battle. She has full access to abilities a ghost would use, mainly, magical non-elemental attacks.


Appearance: Brown shoulder-length hair, sapphire (normal) blue eyes. Somewhat transparent (not able to be shown without backgrounds). Wears brown leather armor, orange trimming. Large head and small feet; hovers in the air—ghost abilities. J


Level: 12.


Davos T. Vedmir ~ Vampire Storm Paladin. An old (Retcon: Very Young, infant, in fact) “pureblooded” vampire, the son of two vamps. (Vampires have a very delicate system with literally hundreds of combinations for names. Purebloods, Half-bloods, Damphirs, etc.) He’s young for his kind, only being twenty, but due to his lineage (implied to be two High-Level Vamps), he is more powerful than people five times his level in some areas. He, being a pureblood, is immune to the effects of the sun, and so, can live in daylight. He has full access to all vampiric abilities, but prefers relying on human methods rather than vampirism as often as possible. (Makes it too easy for Vamp Slayers to kill him if he uses only vampiric abilities, especially considering the fact that he hasn’t even mastered his vampire side.)


He is not very strong in the arts of magic; his skills—as mentioned—in the area are almost entirely from his bloodline. His true skill is in the use of his two-handed staff, with the blades on both ends for decapitation. He prefers not to drink blood except from donors, with his alignment stuck on the “good” side of the scale, and so, when he has none, (or only has evil donors; evil blood tastes bad to a “good” vampire) he will get progressively weaker, especially in the daylight.


In other words, at times, his skill will be on par with a level sixty character, while at others, a level one character can beat him. Most of the time, however, he is around double his level range, ~ Level 25.


He joined Argus after Argus witnessed him dueling a Level 15 Warrior in a melee fight—and winning, big time; he won without a scratch, without vampiric speed or strength, no superhuman senses, not even magic (until the finishing move, that is), in a fair human-to-human-level fight. Argus was impressed. He joined Argus simply because Argus seemed to know a good deal about his vampire side, which Davos hasn’t mastered at his age—his parents, royal as they were, still weren’t immune to death; his father died before he was born, his mother when he was young. He’s certainly skilled in the vampiric arts, but far from a master.


His Quote? “Look, hey, it’s not like I enjoy being a ‘good vampire’—people hate them more than they hate evil vampires, simply because they are wimpy in comparison to the far stronger evil vamps. They expect us to go hunting animals, and it’s a miracle that the sunlight does harm most of my kind, and not some of those other effects I have nightmares about. I was just born as this alignment, and unlike humans, it can’t change, no matter how much I hate it. Really, who wants to rely on donors? I want to go out and suck blood like a true vampire would, but my blasted alignment stops me!”


Alignment: Neutral Good.


Rival: None.


Weapons: A two-hand darkness staff, with double-sided blades at the edge of both sides of the handle. It can launch ‘Tentacle1’, a black tentacle to ensnare an opponent and slowly drain their energy while using that same energy to wrap its coils around them tighter, squeezing them. (Very nasty way to die.)

He also possesses the ability, Drain5.

Drain 1-3 are Energy-based. 1 drains HP at the cost of MP. 2 drains HP without the MP cost (but is a far higher level; Argus—at his low level—can use it twice). 3 drains both HP and MP (but it is a far higher spell; it is not available until the hundreds; Argus can use it once a day).

There’s also a Wind Drain, which drains experience at the cost of both HP and MP, and that’s called Drain4.

Drain5 is a Vamp-only ability which requires the user to be a Storm Mage, in that it’ll drain HP, MP, and EXP, at absolutely no cost to the user—it is, however, only available once a day to them. (Until the hundreds, at least.)

Davos also uses a few basic Energy spells, such as Bolt and Spark.

He’ll also on occasion use his various vampire abilities.


Appearance: Black shoulder-length hair (but spiked), red eyes, plate armor colored black with (light) gray trimmings; dark gray plate and crimson shoulder-pads.


Level:  12 when Argus first saw him; leveled up when he used Drain5 in that encounter while Argus was watching him; has been at level 13 since then.


Sasha G. Oblong ~ Goblin Light Paladin. She decided to become an adventurer after she witnessed her best friend die at the hands of a Dark Warrior, an extremely powerful individual who slaughtered all in his path. So, she decided to save as many lives as possible, via the Light element, and chose the Paladin build because it optimizes her clan’s specialty—melee attacks—and combines it with her passion for healing.


She meets Argus’s group in a village nearby, where she is the local healer, as well as a guardian of the town.  –The position was not easy to obtain, with her Goblin appearance, and all that. When the town is attacked, she helps evacuate the population, staying behind to help fend off the demon invasion, along with Argus’s group.

Thankful for their help, and knowing the village is safely evacuated to a location where her services are no longer required, she joins Argus’s group.


Her Quote? “Look, no matter what, my kind is clichéd. Always chaotic evil? Been there, done that. Not chaotic evil, but perceived as always that way? Yea, I’ve seen it before. Tragic past where a friend died at the hand of a Warrior? It’s certainly not new. But, hey, if you can’t stop yourself from being clichéd, you might as well do what you want.”


Alignment: Chaotic Good.


Rival: The “Dark Warrior”.


Weapons: A sword (neither short nor long; just a sword), Light Magic (mostly for healing, but can be used offensively), Goblin Fighting skills.


Appearance: Green skin, pointed ears, brown leather armor with an orange trimming, golden earrings in her ears, yellow eyes.


Level: 6 when first encountered, but the encounter gives her enough experience to level up to 7.



Group 1—the Elementals


A group of four elemental fighters, each with their own strengths. They all used to have very powerful items, and were all level 99. Sanik was a Rogue with a Wind Bow (essentially allowing him to cheat the system and be a Woodsman without the restrictions of multiclassing), Sarge was a Fire Paladin who used a Fire Sword (but when he lost it, he briefly changed his class to Fire Woodsman—however, when he was set back to level 1, he managed to retrieve a new, better Fire Sword), *Earth* Was an Earth Joat (who used healing magic for the most part instead of standard Earth Magic), and *Water* was a Water Mage.


When they were reset, Sanik became a Wind Paladin, Sarge became a Fire Warrior (although he uses a Fire sword, cheating the system, making him essentially a Fire Paladin), *Earth* became an Earth Rogue, and *Water* restarted as a Water Mage.


They lost their levels facing an “Agent of Chaos”, working with their rivals, The Latens, who suffered an identical setback. Besides their ‘rivals’, the Latens, the Agent of Chaos remains their primary foe.


Sanik A(rcher). Ro(w)nado ~ Wind Paladin. He doesn’t use buffs as much as most wind users do, although he does use their special traits. (Mainly, hovering. Hovering is a neat little ability which is technically counted as a buff; it makes the user hover above the ground—alternatively, it can be used to glide to safety.) He uses a magical ring to cast non-standard Wind Spells, specifically, attacks. (The only Wind Attack is Wind1, Tornado2, Cyclone3. They do have the ‘drain’ ability also associated with energy, though.)


He was a Rogue with a very powerful Wind Bow which automatically became stronger when he leveled up. This essentially made him a Wind Woodsman without the drawbacks of multiclassing, but unfortunately, when he fought the Agent of Chaos, he lost his bow and was set to level one. The battle almost cost him, along with the seven others, their lives. It did kill off three of their party members, though, and without them, the members felt like the ones who died were the lucky ones: they would have to start all over again. Without his bow, he decided to regain his wind talents as a Mage, with a minor side-class in Warrior to make him (technically) a Paladin.


Alignment: Lawful Good.


Rival: Kinas Z. Ronado, his brother.

Weapons: Wind Ring, Light Dagger, Wind Magic.

Appearance: (Dark) Gray spiked hair (with light gray taints), (light) gray eyes. Rusted gold armor (now a dark yellow) with gray trimmings (dark gray feet and shoulder pads, light gray for the armor, black for the plate).

Level: 15


Sarge Spark Shovexo ~ Fire Warrior. However, with his Fire Sword, he is essentially a Fire Paladin without the drawbacks associated with multiple classes. He was a Fire Paladin originally, using a sword, too. However, that Fire Sword was very weak in comparison to his current sword. He lost his original Fire Sword and removed his levels in Warrior to become a Woodsman, using a Fire Bow with about the same power as his old Fire weapon.


When he was defeated with the others against the Agent of Chaos, he sacrificed his bow, rogue powers, and his Fire Powers, in order to become a Warrior. He soon found a Fire Sword better than his original, and it essentially made him who he is today.


Alignment: Chaotic Good.


Rival: Nathan (no middle name) Betrax. The two are mainly rivals because of their clash in style. Where Sarge likes the direct route, Nathan likes to take the back roads, to use strategy, which Sarge considers a ‘disgrace to Warriors everywhere’. Nathan will cheat, and use any tactic in order to win; Sarge will, admittedly, do some rather dishonorable acts himself, but not nearly to the same extent and only when he’s at a disadvantage. Nathan has uncontrollable bursts of rage as well, and Sarge considers that giving Warriors a bad image; when Nathan goes berserk, he loses his mind and really does know nothing but how to fight, and that’s the stereotypical image the world has of a warrior, hence, why Sarge dislikes Nathan. The two also having clashing elements certainly does not help, either. Nathan uses two katanas (themselves two-handed weapons), where Sarge uses a fire sword and a shield. The two still don’t flat-out hate each other, but they do have distaste for the other. They acknowledge that—despite their differences—they are on the same side, after all, and while they’ll compete often, they’re never going to kill the other. Of course, that doesn’t stop them from fighting each other…


Weapons: Fire Sword (auto-upgrades every time he levels up), Fire Shield.


Appearance: Sarge wears a crimson Spartan-style helmet, along with a red armor matching Sanik’s in design, with the same color of crimson in his helmet for trimming. However, unlike Sanik’s armor, Sarge’s shoulder-pads are black (and feet are brown), where as if they were to fit with the same pattern as Sanik’s armor, they’d be brown/red.


His hair is a short (very short) brown when it does show. Strands of crimson will still be visible, though, whenever someone looks at his head close enough. His eyes are red.


His sword is a very long, thin blue blade for the inner layer, along with a thick red flame pattern as an outer layer, for dual-strength. The blade constantly has flames dancing around it.


Level: 15


*Earth User—Name Here!* ~ Earth Rogue. She was an Earth Joat, using pretty much every form of weapon at her disposal. She used an offensive element, yet preferred defensive spells. When she was eventually knocked down to Level One, she decided to discard her ax, discard her sword, discard her staff, and become a Rogue and Rogue alone.


She does, however, still maintain her place as the team’s healer due to an amulet of healing which she possesses. (Retcon: Now has earth powers as well.)


Alignment: Chaotic Good/Neutral (goes back and fourth)


Rival: The Light Mage, who used to be a Dark Rogue. As mentioned below, they still think themselves as good friends with the other, but call the other their ‘rival’ simply because that’s what everyone else is doing, and they figure they might as well play along.


Weapons: She uses a (brown) bow with arrows tipped in various poisons (only about half are lethal), along with a spear.


Appearance: She has long, brown hair along with (normal) green eyes. She wears a dark green robe, along with a (lighter than normal) green headband.


Level: 15


*Water User—Name Here!* ~ Water Mage. Gender undecided. Pretty much remained the same pre- and post-Chaos Agent fight. Holds a spot as the group’s backup healer.


Alignment: Lawful Good/Neutral (goes back and fourth)


Rival: The Energy Rogue, who used to be an Energy Mage. (Retcon: Warrior, not Mage)


Weapons: A long staff, with a sharp end. Below the end is a ring, in which are engraved gems. Just above the top and bottom of the ring are larger golden gems. There are also rings hanging from the staff. Water Magic.


Appearance: (Light) Blue eyes. (Lighter-Than-Normal) Blue, shoulder-length hair tied behind a (dark, but not super-dark blue) headband. Wears Dark Blue Robes, with a (lighter-than-normal) blue trimming. The Staff is (Normal) Blue, with the ring being lighter-than-normal blue. The inside of the ring is a light blue. Half of the circle gems in the ring are blue, the other half light-blue. The square gems are gold. The large circular gems at the top and bottom are gold as well, as are the little circles (rings on the ring).


Level: 15


Group 2—the Latens.


The friendly rivals and occasional traveling companions of the Elementals. They are all close to each other, for the most part. Besides their ‘rivals’, the Elementals, the group also is a rival with the Agent of Chaos. They all have suffered the same fate as The Elementals, and so, all are fairly angry at either each other, or themselves. Some of them changed alignments to be darker, wanting things typically associated with evil, like revenge. They’re still technically “good guys”, though, in the fact that they’re fighting a greater evil, for the most part.


Kinas Z. Ronado ~ Dark Death-Paladin. Has pretty much the same story as his brother, though—interestingly enough—he used to be a Light Martial Artist. He used a giant round shield, along with a very big longsword, with a bow backup. This was all golden. However, when the Chaos Elemental slew three friends, he lost all faith in light and turned to the darkness, becoming his current class and officially becoming a rival to Sanik.

Alignment: Chaotic/Lawful Evil (He goes back and fourth between the two after the Agent of Chaos)

Rival: Sanik. As mentioned below, they still think themselves as going after the same goal as the other, so they’re still allies and would never fight each other, at least, not to the death. They will, however, compete over the other to become the victor.

Weapons: Same as Sanik, a light dagger and his Elemental (Darkness) powers. He, too, has a ring granting him attacks not standard for the darkness element.

Appearance: Black-haired (dark gray trim), inverted-eye-colored version of Sanik. His armor is black, with a bright yellow trimming, light gray and a white plate. –Nearly identical to Sanik’s, only (mostly) inverted.

Level: 15


Nathan Betrax ~ Ice Warrior. Originally the guardian of his then-small port town, Nathan decided when his town began to grow larger that he wasn’t really needed anymore. He joined the Elementals (at the time united as one group) as an Ice Paladin. When he was sent back to level one, he decided to become a pure Warrior, yet with his Ice Katana, he slightly avoids the system (although he also has a Fire Katana, which weakens his Ice Powers). He became a dual-wielder, putting a great amount of stats into unusual things.

Mainly, he began to have many stats into things normally associated with the Rogue class, like Dexterity and Nimbleness. He decided that while he was a Warrior technically, he would be just about as far away from a Warrior he could be.

He became super-stealthy. Yet even with all of this, he is not immune from weaknesses, mainly, that he can at times have uncontrollable rage which—temporarily—diverts all of his stats into Strength and Endurance. (It’s a genetic ability, not a class ability, nor an ability granted to him. His stealthy maneuvers are Ice-like. His rage, on the other hand, is something often associated with the Fire element. Naturally, it does not amuse him.)

NOTE: Designated Lampshade Hanger; plays with Lampshade hanging a lot.

Alignment: Lawful Evil, after the frustrating defeat via the Agent of Chaos.

Rival: Sarge.

Weapons: Dual Katanas. One of them is an Ice Katana which grants him some abilities of an Ice Mage; it automatically levels up when he does, increasing as his power does. The other is a matching Fire Katana, which nullifies half of the Ice Katana’s strengths, but Nathan doesn’t care; it’s a good balancer.

Appearance: Light blue spiked hair, with strands of (normal) blue and (normal) red running through it. Matching light-blue eyes. His Katanas are long, and he almost always has them drawn. (Normal) Blue shoulder pads (and feet), light blue armor with a darker-than-normal blue trim; he does not have the plate, so he’s either wearing partial plate armor with leather, or plate armor minus the plate. Hands when wielding his weapons are lighter-than-normal blue.

Level: 15


*Light User—Name Here!* ~ Light Mage. She used to be a Dark Rogue, wielding a Gun (which could magically change into a sword, granting her Martial Artist abilities while still being a rogue). However, after facing the Agent of Chaos and witnessing three good friends die, she converted to Light, in order to try and protect those she cares for.


Alignment: Lawful Good/Neutral (goes back and fourth).


Rival: *Earth User*—they’re good friends, still, but because Sanik and Kinas are technically rivals, and the Earth User is her equivalent, they have a rivalry. (Sanik and Kinas are rivals because they couldn’t quite agree with the other and they both decided it would be best to divide the group in half. Sarge and Betrax don’t exactly like each other, but it’s mostly due to their respective styles. So, these two just continued the tradition. They still consider themselves working together, as they have the same goals, but now they’re just doing a little competing over it.)


Weapons: Light Staff, Scroll of Healing.


Appearance: Black shoulder-length hair with yellow streaks in it (Note: Oops, my bad; forgot to put these in!), one eye (dark) purple, the other yellow. Has a (light) purple headband. Wears a yellow robe (dark purple feet), although she’ll settle for leather armor as well.


Level: 15


*Energy User—Name Here!* ~ Energy Woodsman. Was an Energy Warrior, wielding a magical energy rapier (yup, auto-leveled up, granting him Energy-based attacks).

However, when he was defeated by his brother, the Agent of Chaos his party was defeated by, he decided that following in his footsteps (via magical items, and a warrior build) would do him no good. He decided to convert to his current class after this defeat, swearing vengeance against his treacherous brother.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.


Rival: *Water User*—he doesn’t really care about the water user; he just figures, “Meh, if they did it, why not me?”


Weapons: (Light Blue) Shortsword, Dagger.


Appearance: Brown shoulder-length hair, with heavy strands of light blue and yellow. One eye is light blue, the other is yellow. Wears leather armor, colored yellow with a red trimming.


Level: 15

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