Some Character Inspiration

An old document I found which had the inspiration for some of The Descended's characters in it. Elements in this page may not be canonical, but are still good reading.

Character Inspirations:

The Descended:


            The Elementals:


The elementals’ inspiration spans years back. Years, years back, when I was on vacation. It could’ve easily been around ‘06, perhaps even a bit earlier (this was either around Christmas, or July; one or the other. This leaves two windows per year for an idea I know was on vacation; this particular idea I know was rather old). The original version was four characters, each an Elemental GOD fighting some anonymous monster. The Water User could summon a sub-element of Ice (even back then a girl), and there was a way to summon a Darkness character.

I went back and forth between only five at a time, and being able to summon both.


Still, this idea was super-basic, and didn’t last long.



I got inspiration. Northwest Airlines, I believe it was. NWA. This was on my way to ANOTHER vacation, flying into Michigan. Was during summer; I know that. It was probably around ‘07, but I don’t remember exactly.


I…was given one of the most trivial objects possible: a little badge they gave me, as thanks for flying with them. Wings, with their logo in the center. A common-day object, probably something nobody else even thinks about and likely discards.

…Not me.


I turned it on its side.

And I had a bow. Instantly.


For images, well…I can’t quite get the right one, but I’ve gotten close with a google search.

The Descended Bow

See that? Yeah, well, it’s similar to this. The circle’s quite some bit smaller. The top line, I suppose the bone of the wing, the only thing not feather-shaped? That extends further outward, to the tips. And color-wise, well, it’s golden and yellow, for the most part.

Here’s another one:

The Descended Ref

This one better shows how far the ‘bone’ of the wings extends. In fact, this image looks very, very similar to the NWA one, except, well, again, the circle’s too big and the color’s off. Also, the logo. The first one as that AA. This one as the US AIR MAIL in it.

The NWA badge I received had their logo. Imagine this, only smaller:

The Descended Bow Thing

--And on the badge itself. It’s almost an exact match, really. I should show the badge as best I can some time. It has significant sentimental value. I think the below might be it, but I can’t tell for certain due to its size. I’ll never know for certain. (You can find an enlarged version here.

The Descended Bow Real?

The Descended Bow Ref

Another similar one. Definitely not the same, but the color’s what I remember, for sure. It’s a square instead of a circle, but still, it’s very, very close.


Now, back to why. On the flight…it, well, was a ten hour one, with virtually nothing to do. I had a few books (Icefire and its sequel), but was missing the first book in the series. Naturally, that put a…slight dampener on my plans to read.

So, I didn’t. Instead, I used the one, and only other thing in my possession to entertain me:

The badge. To me, it looked…gorgeous, beautiful, and simply stunning. The bone (as I suppose it was supposed to be) looked to me to be in the shape of a bow. (Well, duh, without that bone, I wouldn’t have been able to even see the pattern.)

The wings looked like support for the bone. And the circle…well, I imagined it as similar to a toy crossbow I have in my possession. It used two cylinders spinning to propel a foam projectile at their target. I imagined the same basic idea, of an accelerated projectile, only somehow with only one cylinder (don’t ask) which had the normal strength of a drawn back bow…plus the acceleration brought to it from the cylinder, making it doubly as lethal.

I've sketched a VERY rough picture (cocept very, very loose sketch) of what it would more or less look like:

Arrow's bow concept


…With that in the mix, it’s not a big surprise that I soon made the jump to the Wind Element being associated with the bow. (I also toyed with the idea of making the arrows explode, and with them being further accelerated by rockets. These ideas make it into other archer-based stories I have, but, nope, not this one.)

And soon, I had a hero. He wielded the bow with great skill.


With the letters, I imagined one side as being the right one. Conveniently, this meant that on the right side, he was always in position, where as that same side on the left would leave the back of the badge exposed, so I’d have to have it relatively up-side-down in order to keep the pattern visible instead of just a plastic piece of junk.


With this bow, he became a rapid-fire archer fairly quickly, going on an adventure. His powers grew. I imagined the bow as the gateway into his powers. Yet eventually, I decided that he could manifest the powers, using the bow. (Eventually leading to, yup, him being able to use them without the bow—this was a very minor plot, side-point in the main story, as he almost always had his bow. It would later become very vital inspiration for Sanik.)

And soon, I expanded on his powers as well. Instead of firing arrows from ammo, creating them. Instead of arrows, wings. The wings expanding beyond the frame of the bow shape.

Somewhere around the way, I developed his backstory. I gave him his name, Arrow, ‘cause I really suck at naming people. To say the least.


His backstory involved finding the bow, picking it up, and using it to defeat some local bandit. Of course, this meant that the bow needed to have an original wielder, who I decided would still have a spirit. Not the bow’s spirit, but a third entity. Enter Aero (which, coincidentally, is identical to one of the common pronunciations of ‘Arrow’—yes, it was just coincidence, but a rather large one at that) who would become one of the major characters.


What he is, I’m not sure.

I went through Original Wielder of the Bow, an ascended Mortal.

The Avatar of His Element, Wind.

The Greatest Wielder of the Bow, not the original.

And The Wind itself, as in, he is the element.


I never decided. I still don’t know which to go with.

Anyway, that’s how Arrow got started. His backstory got expanded greatly, and eventually—somewhere along the line, probably when I came up with Aero—I was remembering the original idea I had with the four/five/six characters.

…And in came Nira, soon to be followed by the rest. Things got bigger. I gave them their massive backstories. Okay, so they’re not really that massive, being clichéd and less than a page each in summary, but each of the backstories has a significant meaning. (One of them being they share the same Doomed Hometown—Farad, former capital of the Continent Aared.)


And so, the four were solidified, each with their own spirits. Then I worked on the others. Secondary elements, I called them.





And Ice.

I also introduced a technical character, who ‘created’ his own element, ‘Tech’.

For nine total.


I was planning—by this point—of parties numbering six each, so I was scratching my head on how I was going to spread it out.

I later decided it might be acceptable to nerf it down to ten, with the tenth being a guest member. Thing is, I already had a tenth character, introduced in Sarph’s backstory (which is enough for its own prequel. Hey, there’s a reason he succeeds Arrow when Arrow is incapacitated), and I didn’t want to get rid of him.

So, the game’s a bit divided.

I’ll either have two teams of Six, with two extra pad characters needed,
Or nerf it down to two teams of Five.

Anyway, this concept should be similar to The Descended fans, as they’ll realize that I ended up splitting the Elementals and Latens. The result of, naturally, the two team system. (Inspired by Final Fantasy VII’s final battle, really, against Sephiroth. Most of the game I was creating was…umm…‘borrowing’ from FF7.)

I have the bios, but most of them are rather out-of-date.


However, why this is truly relevant is that this Game made most of the elements which ended up in the…umm…Elementals. (Sometimes, it is hard avoiding puns.)

Practically all of their backstory comes from This incarnation, the first. (Well, actually, one of many. The first, as mentioned, was the idea to have the Four Gods fighting some monster. But it’s the first incarnation which made it into the virtual pen of Microsoft Word.)


Of course, I modified it as needed.

Instead of Their enemy being *Insert* (who I essentially wanted to be like the typical “Chaos” villain, yet I didn’t want to USE “Chaos” as the name, so I was undecided), I decided that they would face an AGENT of Chaos. I kept the other elements, in that the Agent of Chaos would still be the Energy User’s brother, for example.

(The standard cliché would’ve been to have the Protagonist’s—Arrow, in this case—brother be the villain. Nope, it was given to Anarch.

[Not intended as a play off of ‘Anarchy’, given how he’s the brother to someone who’s essentially Chaos, although that’s what it may sound like. ‘Anarch’ is actually ‘An arc’, like an arc of electricity, or alternatively, ‘Energy’, dropping the ‘y’ and changing the g to a ‘ch’ to make k instead of j, then changing both the e’s to the similar A. This was the original version. I wanted a play off of Energy. Energ. Enerch. Anarch. Perfectly logical to me.]

Still, there was the cliché that *Insert* was Arrow’s student and fellow squad member at a time. Sadly, said element was dropped from the Agent of Chaos incarnation.)

And, of course, there was the little issue of the fact that in The Elemental Fighters (TEF, from now on), the name of the Game, their given classes didn’t exactly match up.


Arrow was a Range expert. Nira a Healer, whose combat skills were equally balanced. Sarph a Melee expert. Miyar was a Magic expert.

…But at the same time, they all had complete mastery of their elemental powers, Wind, Earth, Fire, and Water.


Yet in Soano, that would change their classes a bit. Rogue (the class which would use ranged weapons) with Wind would be a Wind Woodsman. Yet Wind is almost entirely non-aggressive in nature, whereas all of Arrow’s wind attacks were attack-based.

Nira would best be described as an Earth Joat. None of that would explain her healing abilities, a trademark of the Light Element.

Sarph pretty much needed very little modification. Sure, he had complete mastery of Fire (making him a Fire Paladin in Soano’s terms), but he preferred melee’ing his opponents to death.

…Or so I thought. Then, I remembered that during a brief period in TEF, Sarph used a bow instead of his sword, due to taking over for Arrow when Arrow was unavailable. Which complicated things.

Miyar was relatively easy; some of her Water abilities were, indeed, suited for Soano’s Water Element. Not most, though; I was forced to discard them.


Jake H. Sunos used pretty much everything. The only character to use a shield. His primary weapon was a huge longsword which he could either dual-wield, or use with his shield. Yet he also had a bow. And was heavily armored.

…Even worse, that the Light user for The Latens needed to be The Earth User—a girl—’s rival, preferably of the matching gender. Not so suiting for Jake. And the Darkness user had to be the opposite of The Wind User, hence, a guy, where as the original Darkness user was a girl. (Well, in the original Gods version, he was a guy, but after that…)

Aersin suffered a similar problem, being the mentioned Darkness user.


Now, Anarch was no problem. The biggest debate I had on him was weather to give him his TEF appearance, or rewrite the features I’ve given him carried over from The Antagonist Sketch (TAS). I’d already drawn him, after all. Note this was a rather recent debate of mine. In the end, I decided it’d be too much trouble to give him the appearance of a Fencer like he was in TEF. Didn’t really matter that much, anyway. After all, I still had a character who I intended to give a Rapier. Granted, it was meant to be more Three Musketeer-like than Fencing, but Indigo Montimer would take over. (...Kind of. Indigo Montimer is a…special…case. See below.)

However…there was…well, needless to say, the Ice User. Now, she was (as shown) originally intended way back in the time of the gods version. So, I developed her as such. Nira was ambidextrous and at a time, dual wielded weapons. However, she prefers the single weapon method, so this character, Sheila Summers (Who, for some reason, I incorporated elements of Light into), was developed to be the dual wielder.

Dual Katanas, for one. She was both a bit of a Martial Artist and a Ninja. She was raised in the port town of Yu’mas Wharf, and after her training, was essentially made the protector of the city due to her skills as their greatest warrior.

Some of these elements should seem familiar. They carried over to Nathan Betrax, but some of them rather awkwardly.

…And all of this is before we even get inside of MSPaint. Okay, so I’ve drawn a map of Aared, as well as the city of Farad as a rough, rough sketch, sure, but you know what I mean.


Then came Struggle of the Four Powers. I wanted to build a game with my programming skills. Rather limited. So, I randomly drew the main cast of TEF and put them together. Eventually, this resulted in the “Attack Sprites” picture visible on my Flikr account.

The Descended Elementalists

Let’s call them SOTEF. (Struggle of the Elemental Four, close enough)

In this version, I might’ve had the others as bonus unlockable characters, but the fact is, the four main ones were the only ones I had drawn and intended to draw. Still, it’s from these that I gained most of the features you see in The Elementals.


Arrow (wind user) wasn't using a bow because it was too hard to draw; magic became his new primary weapon. And it remained his primary weapon. Sure, he later gained another (changing his class from Mage to Paladin) in his dagger, but at the time, he was almost certainly a Mage.

Sarph gained a shield, originally an honor not held to any other than Jake. His given Fire Sword was far simpler than my original vision (which was heavily inspired by Toa Tahu’s fire sword). He gained extreme resistance to heat because I wanted him to. (This ability was incorporated into Soano so that he could use it, not vice versa. As of SOTEF, I had always imagined him with it, so I had to make sure Soano allowed him to have it.)

Nira had every type of weapon in one, being a weapon capable of transforming into an axe, sword, bow, whip, and staff. I chose an axe in the original drawing, because it was one of the simpler forms possible.

Miyar's main limitation art-wise was her staff; I couldn't draw the dragon/serpent pattern. I didn’t really care; I needed her, so I simplified the pattern. A bit…too much, actually.


The other members were never incorporated. So, they got excluded from this incarnation of what eventually became the Elementals and The Latens.

The Descended Elementals The Descended Latens

And now, enter the next generation, of sorts. The quick sketches, meant more to cure my boredom than anything even close to resembling serious. Still, even with that, they had some features which I liked, and many of them got incorporated. This is particularly strong in The Latens, who skipped an upgrade gen. Now, this generation did not inherit the names of the last. Where as SOTEF kept the names of TEF, the new sketches (TAS should technically be just for the Antagonists, but, meh, might as well have it refer to both pictures), were just meant for fun and not really meant for anything.

That is, until I wanted to compare them SOTEF because of the art involved, to see if my abilities had been upgraded or downgraded. (It was a close race, but I believe the end verdict was that—while I had both improved in some areas and vastly been nerfed in others, I had overall gotten worse.)


So, I did the comparison.

But with such an inconclusive result, I decided to try and improve the art, taking elements of both.

The Descended New Heroes

You might recognize some of these. That’s because this was the start of the Elementals, as in, The Descended’s version. Of course, at the time, I didn’t know it. I called them the “New Heroes”. And so was born, The Elementals, right? Right?

Not quite. This was the same art, yes, but The Elementals as we knew them didn’t emerge until the idea for the Webcomic did, with The Outcasts. I realized the potential The Elementals had. And then things began to come together, very, very slowly, yes, but now they’ve begun to work out.

But issues came up. With two and a half versions to work from (as the Latens didn’t get a second, their half of that upgrade was removed, so instead of three versions, there were only two plus one Elemental extra), what would I incorporate?

Well, with the TAS versions, that was easy. No backstory on any of them, at all, so I could get rid of that. The same for SOTEF. I would be using the original backstory with as many modifications as time required. Which had problems.


Now, what about the art? I had two versions in paint, and another version to describe. Well, SOTEF based off of TEF, I discarded TEF—they’d already gotten a major aspect dominated by them with nearly no competition; they wouldn’t need another.

Hence, SOTEF and TAS were again in contention, like they had been way back when the spark began. The result is the Elementals and The Latens. I didn’t want to use the TEF names, and TAS gave me none, so I thought of new ones.

I wanted to keep the meaningful name of the Wind character, so he became Sanik. (Sonic, Sound, Speed, Wind, synonyms as far as I’m concerned; they mean what I need them to, okay?) Sanik inherited parts of his armor and class from the TAS Wind Battle Mage, although the rest came from SOTEF with minor adjustments.

He already was in The New Heroes picture, and how you see him today is only minorly tweaked with a bit of an art upgrade from The New Heroes. His backstory was adapted to fit into The Soano world. I had to drop the idea behind Aero, and even the consciousness in the bow, which is a shame. The trio-consciousness is an idea stretching back to both The FOTGF and Coat Universes which featured them.

So, *Insert* became the Agent of Chaos, who Sanik never taught, because that plot point was rendered unnecessary. Mentions of hometowns and such aren’t featured in his backstory; I haven’t thought of them. I do know what happened, though:

He was a Rogue, using a Wind Bow rare for even a level 800 character to find, at a relatively low level (I’m thinking around 15), which automatically scaled up as he did. With said power, he was like a Wind Woodsman, without the penalties of multiclassing. He, unlike his counterpart, Arrow, was defeated by the Agent of Chaos. (Actually, there was something of a kind resembling a spiritual ancestor to Sanik’s defeat: Arrow, Sarph, and Nira [nearly, I believe] lost to an Agent of *Insert*. The four later faced [I believe] the same Agent with Aersin, where they won.) And reset, losing his bow. This is all put into his character page.

Sarph got the similar name of Sarge. He inherited the TAS Fire Warrior's class and sword, as well as--to some extent--his shield. The rest, though, came from SOTEF, mainly because the SOTEF figures looked better. A bit tall, but otherwise fine. I had a bit of problem with his complex backstory, but in the end, I eventually figured it out. It’s also featured in Sarge’s character page. He got a rather good position, after all.

I dropped Nira’s name, but no original replacement came to mind. I considered Gaia and Terra, but discarded them. Still thinking of one. The other version of her was male, but I decided I liked Nira better than the male Earth User. She kept his abilities, but her personality. His weapons became her weapons, and I dropped the idea of an axe. I liked the blend which came out. The Earth User inherited both of her weapons from the Earth Ranger, as well as her class, Woodsman.

Former-Miyar…now here’s where things get a little more complicated. (It gets worse. Much, much worse, later on.) Specifically, the gender of The Water Mage, who I decided to nickname M. Emphasis on ‘nick’; that will never be my final choice for a title. Ever. I’d rather call him/her “WM”, “Water Mage”, or even “White Mage”.


SPOILERS FOLLOW: The following relates to a character who has not yet been introduced to The Descended. It takes up the remainder of this page. As with the rest of the page, the information is not necessarily canonical, but it is still good reading, albeit highly spoilerific.




Indigo Montimer was originally thought of for one purpose, and one purpose only: Completely and totally invert the four Tropes:
Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You Killed My Father. Prepare to Die.

Hence, he says, “Goodbye. I was Indigo Montimer. I kill fathers, mothers, siblings, and lovers to individuals I see potential in, so that I may prepare myself for death.”


…But he’s evolved a lot since that idea. For one thing, he’s meant to resemble a Three Musketeer-like figure. You know, with the feathered hat and that uniform stuff, it should be kinda obvious.

…Yet he gets even more than that. The Red Guard on his rapier is in reference to one of my short stories, Eternal Vengeance with a similar character.

The summary is rather lengthy. Here it is, with some modifications. (I, uh...was watching way too much Bleach at the time? It has an interesting premise, but the summary was written very badly using every cliché in the book, so if I redid it, it'd be better.)


Two figures are fighting each other. One uses a cleaver-like sword, with a long, black thread on the end of it (Zangetsu-inspired). The other uses a katana-like weapon, with a huge red spherical ball at the end of the hilt (just ignore the glaring flaws in the weapon, okay?).  I call them C and K for simplicity for now. The two clash blades several times, and when they back off, C swings his blade in an arc, creating a crescent-shaped blast of darkness. (Yes, seriously inspired by Zangetsu.)

K swings his sword down, but when swinging it back up, a fireball emerges to counter the dark blast. This continues for a while, until C throws his sword, holding onto the black thread. K takes a strike to his left shoulder, but the blade misses the heart. Swinging it like a whip, a shockwave travels down the thread, causing the sword to loop around and strike the man in his right shoulder.

He lets out a cry of pain. The figure with the cleaver gives the thread a jerk, removing the blade. Another swipe is blocked, barely, but then, the sword is thrown again, embedding itself just above the man’s heart. A sharp wave of pain spreads through the man, his life force slowly being drained away.

C walks up to K and simply tells him one fact: He has one chance to go to full power and fight him, or he will die. K agrees, the cleaver is removed, and K backs up. After waving his sword around some, a massive wave of heat overflows him, as he calls out his blade’s name: Funiku, the Phoenix. (Specifically, he says “The flame rises from the embers in the winged beasts of fire”)

Wings of flame sprout from his back, and he holds his blade in the middle. His wounds are healed (His left shoulder was in shreds, his leg was wounded, his right shoulder was in bad condition, etc.) Several large spikes extend out from the original blade, ending with the tip of a snakehead (Zabimaru-inspired). He sends this to attack, but C throws his blade to destroy the snake, and uses the thread to wrap around the blades.

K is left only with his original weapon and a huge amount of flame energy. He uses this to try and attack C, who merely throws his blade again. K dodges aside; C’s blade is deflected. He uses a rapid movement to surprise K, who responds similarly. After an exhausting battle of rapid movements, C is at the advantage and manages to hack off both of K’s arms from the shoulders, leaving not even a stump behind.

C then stabs the poor man above the heart, and sucks most of the life out of K, leaving him conscious, but unable to move. C walks over to where K’s right arm is, putting his cleaver right above K’s sword, stabbing the red ball and sucking the life out of the katana. It becomes smaller, and eventually molds back into a normal katana (the ball shattering), when he proceeds to cut the blade in half.

C tells K how his blade’s spirit is not gone, but is rather missing, now, and that he’ll have to re-earn it. Not feeling that K is miserable enough, C scans the area, finding what K was protecting. He throws his cleaver one more time, and it pierces the flesh of K’s fiancé. He can only watch as her eyes go dim, and her soul is sucked away. Her body a lifeless husk, it turns to dust, its entire essence absorbed by C.

Feeling like K has truly been bashed, C rips open a black void and passes through it, disappearing when the portal snaps shut.

K cries out in his misery, and a HUGE red explosion engulfs the area, a large flame consuming everything there. When the flames condense, a renewed K is left standing, with his blade, yet now his eyes burn a bright red. He calls himself Phoenix, and looking to his blade, he merely mutters ‘And this is Vengeance’. (Called P from now on to shorten it)

Several animals of Fire seem to dance around him, from horses, to a phoenix, and lastly a dragon, who breathes a flame towards the same area that C disappeared to. The horses travel along the flame, and the Phoenix’s wings open up the portal. As he steps through, the portal chomps down, like the bite of a dog.


One year later (alternatively, ten), P is still on the hunt. He is always just one step behind C, yet is determining his pattern fairly well. C kept on going on his murderous rampage, and a year later, has become more powerful. P has become even more powerful, though: His blade stands up to its name. It absorbs all the desires for revenge that C’s victims leave, their memories burning bright in P’s mind. He makes one final jump, based off of calculations, as to where C will appear next. And this time, he gets it right. C emerges from a portal, surprised to see P standing right in front of him, a blade nearly plunged into his heart. Within a split second, he is forced to block.

After a short exchange, C sends P into a void, where he is trapped, helpless as he watches C massacre everyone in the area. First the women, then children, and then the men, one by one, trying to avenge their losses. P absorbs it all. And then, C appears before him, explaining that this is his void, and that he’ll fight P in his home turf, that P stands no chance. C notes how P is capable of regenerating his body, and that he can’t be killed, and also notes his blade can’t be broken, as to break it would be to cause such hatred for him, Revenge would be reformed instantly to strike him down.

So, to counter this, C begins draining P’s energy. P proves himself the mighty warrior by wounding C, despite his disadvantage in C’s realm. C falls through the supposed floor of their arena, and P follows. Thoughts of all those C had slain flow through P, their last moments, their desires, their hate for C. It travels through all of the years of C’s crimes, and finally P re-lives his own nightmare.

Then something unexpected happens: In that moment, he hears the thoughts of C at the time, specifically, ‘Can he do what others have failed to do?’ And as a further shock, he then sees memories that he didn’t expect—those of C. They show him fighting a mighty war and winning, being a noble hero.

And then, they show him fighting a great foe, wielding a great whip. The foe managed to defeat C, despite the C’s known strength as one of the strongest in the world. It then shows the foe murdering C’s wife in such a way that makes all of the ways C has killed his victim look humane. C regained his strength, his weapon, and then set out on a six-month (alternatively, five-year) quest to find the murderer. When he did, he managed to brutally massacre him…yet was left…feeling…empty.

His rage is what drove him on. There was nothing left of that. He had done nothing else in his life. His one soul purpose was to destroy the monster who had been on the rampage…and then, when that threat had been killed…by him…he had nothing left. He tried to kill himself, finding his life fulfilled…yet couldn’t manage to. His wounds healed instantly, his own power preventing himself from being slain. In his grief, he grew desperate, wanting to die. A darkness emerged, and it pointed to the weapon of his foe. He picked it up, and three voices became one. The evil entity that P had known was created, for one soul purpose itself: To die. The being wanted to die.

Yet how would it do that? C would need to fight a stronger foe than himself to die. Yet he had just slain the strongest man in existence; how could he manage to find anyone stronger than himself? The answer: Create them. Only by molding an individual to destroy him would he be able to finally die.

A brief image of P flashes, before P again touches solid ground, on his knees, panting, sweating from the images. It all made sense to him, now. But what was he going to do? C strikes P in the shoulder, stating his disappointment in P’s weakness. He states that he was looking for a challenge, and in his most inner domain, was hoping he might receive one. P can feel his life being sucked away by the strike…and he just reacts.

He stabs for C’s heart, and then swerves, cutting through the majority of C’s neck as well in the crescent motion, knocking C’s blade out of P’s body (although the full pain of the shoulder wound can still be felt, and his left arm is nearly severed). C stares in shock, but then smiles as he collapses to the floor. It breaks the void that they were in. They return to the real world. C’s blade is embedded deep in the stone, only the hilt and a portion of the blade (not to mention, the thread behind it) remaining in sight, with C leaning heavily on it. He closes his eyes, now grinning, stating he’s free, and collapses to the floor, dead.

P faces the dilemma he had feared: He has nothing to live for. He has all the regrets of C, not only the things C did in an effort to die, but those of the experiences C absorbed in his quest for vengeance, and his original regrets as well. That’s the icing on the cake, with his victim’s thoughts making up the majority of it. To top it all off, P’s own regrets overwhelm him. With his life’s purpose gone, what will he do? He can’t die; he knows it would be futile to even try to do so. He looks at C’s weapon, which is calling out to him, saying that it can help, that it can give him exactly what he wants, if he merges Vengeance with it.

He makes up his mind, right then and there. He lets out a mighty roar and then plunges Vengeance into the ground, burying it almost up to the hilt as well. He then begins to walk away, content that he’ll live an eternity in misery…but at least he will not bring that misery down upon others.


Indigo Montimer combines the two. He is a level 899 character, who after a battle against some powerful foe, was left unable to level up. As someone needs to be at least level 900 to Ascend unless they have an exception (He tried, but couldn’t get one), he’d be cursed to never ascend. And at his level, it’d be impossible for a low-level character to stand a chance at killing him. They’d have to be near his own level.

So, he decided to create them, with his Roaring Rampage in grief. He tried living immortal, but when his wife died at childbirth, he couldn’t stand it anymore. He gave the babies to an orphanage and his carnage began.

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