Comic 10 - Kinas Chronicle: Part Three

19th Nov 2012, 6:00 PM in Info Comics
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Kinas Chronicle: Part Three
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Author Notes:

Bree 19th Nov 2012, 6:00 PM edit delete
Before you go praising my artwork on Sinaer, a reminder once again that this was another partial trace job. (Not only that, but a copy-paste; it's the same image I used in the Happy Birthday comic which marked when I began updating.)

Far more typical of my work, once again, is Kinas. I put a lot of work into him; I had to blend his teen self with David Smith, his mentor and who he was training to replace, while also showing who he'd begin. I did find an old sketch of when I was first beginning to learn how to draw, and despite its age, that helped a lot.

Still, though. Kinas is littered with imperfections. The shoulders should be wider, I exaggerated the forearms, the shield should be further to the right, the sword's hilt is too long, too narrow, is offset from the rest of the sword, and should have the hand gripping the top of it rather than the middle, the blade itself near the tip isn't drawn right thanks to being added in a different program, his shield hand's not perfect, his sword-hand has no lines, his chest is out of line with the rest of his body, and his belt is double the width it should be, to name a few.

Ah, well. It was quite difficult.

I quite like Sanik in the last panel. In contrast with Kinas, I have almost no reference images for Sanik, and yet, I feel that actually made things easier in this case, as I drew almost everything perfectly.
The goal was to show that the younger Sanik was less heroic, more pragmatic, less idealistic, a little more arrogant, yet still a charming, charismatic leader.

I didn't quite get his bow, though. It's based off of this, and I go into more detail about it here.
In this image, the bow's extended out, but the wings haven't folded out, yet.

Still, though, I think overall, that image of Sanik is one of my favorite things I've ever drawn.

As for Tyra...well, I did her with a reference image (actually, two), but I neglected to do her with a reference image which would allow me to compare the scale of her anatomy.

Needless to say, her proportions are way off and wildly inconsistent, but, eh, it's my fault for having skipped a step and not getting that extra image to help work off of.

She's not terrible, it's just that she looks a little...shall we some areas. In particular, her upper body--torso, shoulders, and arms (especially her bow-arm).

Also, I couldn't quite get the tattoo down. My original plan was a tree tattoo, but I decided not to do that. Then, I decided on a flower, and found this beautiful image.
I couldn't draw the flowers in such a small space, and then I remembered why--Tyra's tattoo is largely on her back, with only the tips on the front, hence my trouble.
So I extended it down to her arms a little bit to compensate.

I am a little bit concerned that it comes across more as an evil tattoo rather than the intended nature tattoo. (Granted, the tattoo's technically classified as a curse, but it's a blessing in every regard except its classification--it's part of her backstory, but basically, the tattoo gives her magical earth powers and some healing abilities for free. When she lost the tattoo, it was replaced by her Crystal Amulet which has much the same function.)

Oh, and I forgot to draw a quiver for her. And I also forgot that her tattoo's supposed to be on her right side. And I also forgot to give her the pieces of armor on her shoulders, which were meant to augment the armor on her chest.

But, eh, I still like her. Not as much as Sanik, but enough to call her satisfactory.

Anyway, the summary of this comic is that Kinas comes back from his isolated training to find Sinaer now distant and cold, with them legitimately fighting often in every aspect of their lives.

When he finally confronts her, he realizes it's because he wounded her deeper than he could have ever realized, and this is how he immortalizes Sinaer's words in the previous comic about him being a stupid *@$%@^(.

With time, they grew close together again, but they risked having a gap formed between them once more when their mentors told them to fight each other--they couldn't, so an alternative fight was proposed:
Against Sanik and Tyra.

If you can guess what inspired the first half of this comic (the bit about Kinas and Sinaer fighting), then I owe you a sketch.
(Hint: Think of how David and Ian treat each other, compared to their effective children.
Also, think of Kinas, The Hero, being Strong but Unskilled and a bit of an idiot, with Sinaer, the love interest, being Weak but Skilled and overall fighting smarter. And how Kinas promised never to let harm come to Sinaer again.
Finally, how the two are competing against each other, but when they need to, are capable of working together.)


Centcomm 19th Nov 2012, 9:31 PM edit delete reply
wow - LOoooong authors comment :D and your art IS improving - , im pulling for ya!
Bree 19th Nov 2012, 9:59 PM edit delete reply
Heh, yeah. I like to ramble a lot. :P

It's my signature style; as others who know my posting style have said of me, only I can turn a webcomic into a wall. :P

And, yeah, I think my art is improving a little bit. I wish I could apply it to the main comic rather than a side info-comic, but we'll have to see.

Considering this is Thanksgiving Week, I might have enough time to actually get a comic finished, so cautiously optimistic.
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