Comic 11 - Kinas Chronicle: Part Four

21st Nov 2012, 6:00 PM in Info Comics
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Kinas Chronicle: Part Four
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Author Notes:

Bree 21st Nov 2012, 6:00 PM edit delete
Why's this comic being released on Wednesday?
Two reason--first and foremost, to finish with the Kinas Chronicle in less time. It's a long, looooooooooooooong backstory. I'm actually condensing it a lot, if you couldn't tell. For instance, the bit about Sanik's Heroic Sacrifice is supposed to be hugely dramatic; that doesn't get conveyed at all, unfortunately.

Second off, because it was originally an all-text comic. The bits of art you see were last-minute additions which I put in 'cause I felt bad about an otherwise all-text comics. They're not much, but they're something. I couldn't think of things for most of the panels, but what you see is pretty much what I did.

I considered adding Nathan and maybe demons, but that panel seemed crowded enough. I think you can kinda see what I wanted to do; if this were an animation, it'd flash the images of those people when the narration is going.

(Also, as for why I used the sprites I did--Sarge and M are virtually unchanged from what they looked like before. Enlecar I needed to modify a little bit; he used a rapier, which I totally failed at drawing. :P)

Anyway, to give a summary of the comic, Kinas and Sinaer graduated after fighting Sanik and Tyra, who propose the idea of The Elementals--the name inspired by the thought of a group containing a member from each element: Sanik (Wind), Tyra (Earth), Kinas (Light), Sinaer (Darkness), Sarge (Fire), M (Water), Enlecar (Energy), and Nathan (Ice).

Though Kinas fit the hero mold better than Sanik did (Sanik was more pragmatic and cynical), Sanik had more leadership experience, so he became their leader.

Kinas was fine with it at the time, but events to transpire in the future leave him deeply regretting this and becoming extremely bitter towards his brother.

They got Enlecar by convincing Enlecar's mentor, Voss, to come with them. They got Voss by convincing David Smith and Ian Oman to officially support their group, which (thanks to Kinas and Sinaer) they did.

Voss, who is a bit of a chessmaster, predicted that if The Elementals grew to be as important as he suspected they would, they needed to be able to divide into two groups, and Kinas formed the second, with Sinaer, Enlecar, and Nathan. (This is the groundworks for The Latens.)

At the end of the Demonic Invasion, Sanik sacrificed himself to destroy the demonic dimension and save his nation, during which time, Tyra took command.

When Sanik was found out to not be dead, he was rescued by Tyra, who stepped down to take care of him. Kinas failed to take command, allowing Sarge to take control, another thing leaving Kinas bitter later down in his life.

The war Sarge led the nation through (as, like Voss predicted, The Elementals were the greatest adventurers in the nation) left all of the cities' infrastructures drained, but with the potential to grow stronger than before the war.

Unfortunately, before the nation could recover, they were hit at their foundation--Helops, the Capital City of Helopia. If it were to fall, so would the nation.


Centcomm 21st Nov 2012, 6:57 PM edit delete reply
lots of story :D
Bree 21st Nov 2012, 7:27 PM edit delete reply
And not lots of art. :P

Unfortunately, that's a consequence of having so much to say for the chronicle. If each of these were 1-3 lines and had an image, then the chronicle would be 20 or so parts long. :P
Centcomm 21st Nov 2012, 7:34 PM edit delete reply
Oh I dont mind walls of text have you SEEN some of my pages .. >_<
Bree 21st Nov 2012, 8:27 PM edit delete reply
I don't really mind walls, either. Heck, when I actually have the time to read all of the wall, I enjoy them.

It's just that people who do are in the minority when it comes to the internet. :P
Especially for webcomics.
Centcomm 21st Nov 2012, 9:00 PM edit delete reply
hehe - back on our recap page Rose makes a snarky comment about people and spans of attention ..
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