Comic 18 - Q & A 3

8th Jul 2013, 6:00 PM in Extras
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Q & A 3
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Author Notes:

Bree 8th Jul 2013, 6:00 PM edit delete
A few things that I should cover here that I missed in the actual Q&A:
-You can find details about my current The Descended-related projects on my blog.

-Tibbittz is a CF-specific joke; Tibbittz runs a critique thread, and a frequent complaint is extremely bad speech bubbles. :P (That said, in just this comic, speech bubbles would probably be the LEAST of Tibbittz's criticisms. :P)

Tibbittz runs the webcomic Eternal Knights (warning: NSFW), and is really professional. Both with the comic (seriously, the art's amazing) and with knowledge (the critique thread is very, VERY good reading), so is worth checking out; you can definitely learn a thing or ten. :P

The bit about being "a bit lower" references, obviously, instead of God, The Devil. :P

-I said that The Elementals and The Latens are perfect personifications of the elements. To some extent, this is true, in that I molded their personalities to fit their element, but for the most part, it'd actually be more accurate to say the elements were molded to THEM. :P

I knew I wanted two teams of four, for a total of eight, and completely covering the elements, but I had already mapped out largely what their combat styles and overall personalities were--so when creating the details of the elements and classes, I took their personalities into account.

Ultimately, some changes to their characters were still required, but again, it's kinda a middle-ground:

The elements shaped the characters, and the characters shaped the elements, though I believe the latter is stronger overall than the former.

-There are a few things which my Q&A didn't answer as well as the original.

* Technically, the original question I was asked was, "Okay, Fire/Water/Wind/Earth I get, and I'm guessing Darkness/Light are two extras, but what are the other two?" I answered, and then gave the details. The four offense/attack elements, their basis on TVTropes (with Earth added), and that the other four were specialized differently depending on class (and that each had attacks despite not focusing on attack).

* Mage Wind is technically "Support", with Buffs/Debuffs being a simplification. Wind Rogues are bow-focused, but not bow-exclusive, nor are they the only Rogues which can use bows, even though they're the best at using bows.

* Sanik's role is to take advantage of every opportunity, which I simplified to the "Wind Warrior" half. I also went into a little bit of detail about the definition of Paladin versus Death-Paladin.

Essentially, there's both an in-universe and out-of-universe reason for the distinction, but there's zero difference other than the alignment of the (Death-)Paladin.

* Kinas on his team fills the roles of both M and Sanik, pulling double-duty as both the strategist AND tactician. This is why his approach is similar to M's and also similar to Sanik's, and why I described him as a middle-ground between the two: because his role in battle is the same as both.

* Sinaer's primary duty is keeping her teammates alive (like Tyra's), and fills the strongest emotional role on her team. (The Elementals have it be roughly balanced out--though Tyra has a bit more than the others, they all about equally rely on each other. Not so in The Latens; it's almost all on Sinaer.) So, she goes beyond literally keeping them alive; she also metaphorically keeps them living.

* Wheras Sarge has the wisdom of age and is the oldest between the two groups, Nathan holds the arrogance of youth being the youngest. His youthfulness makes him ignorant and naive to the world (making him the Designated Lampshade Hanger and also Chew Toy), but despite these shortcomings, his arrogance is not unjustified. It'll take a while to show up in the comic, but the reward sketch shows a time where he's in his element.

Also, worth mentioning: in addition to being closer to a Warrior/Rogue hybrid, he's also closer to being an Ice/Fire combo as well, thanks to his lineage. He's still technically an Ice Warrior, but his family heritage and his current secondary katana give him access to two different types of combinations of the two elements: Anti/Count and IceFire. He's got a special ability for both, the IceFire one shown in the sketch. (Frozen Phoenix, focusing the combo internally.)

* Enlecar is rogue-like in his personality (in that he's highly distanced from his teammates) and is incredibly durable for a Rogue. (He was once a Warrior, which has toughened him up beyond the normal for a Rogue, and also makes his attacks more damaging.) He's the character who least-fits the elemental stereotype, but he still fits in quite well.

* Lots of time, I say "currently". That's because both The Elementals and The Latens have shifted classes and (in the case of Sinaer and Kinas) elements from what they originally were.

* To go into detail about the names...

Sanik = Sonic = Wind, his middle name is Archer and he used to wield a bow, and his last name Ronado is based off of Tornado.
Kinas = Sanik backwards (the original complaint of the person asking the question), but it goes further; his middle name starts with a Z, and Z and A are at opposite ends of the alphabet. This, of course, represents Kinas being everything Sanik is not.

Sarge is older than the other members of the teams, being a sort-of benevolent drill sergeant. His middle name is Spark, and Spark = Fire.
Tyra = Terra = Earth.
M's full name (which is a spoiler) has meaning, too. M's fake-full-name is a simple "Mage", since that's what M is. :P
Sinaer = Sinner = Darkness, her original element.

Nathan Betrax = Ninja Berserker, which is what his combat style is based on: someone who is highly sneaky, but when he gets into combat, recklessly abandons common sense.
Enlecar = Energy, Lightning, & Arc fused into a single name, and all represent that same element of Energy.

Thanks for reading; I know this is much longer than the ideal length. When it comes to actual comics, I AM getting better, I swear. :P


Caley Tibbittz Collopy 8th Jul 2013, 6:20 PM edit delete reply
Caley Tibbittz Collopy
Wow. I feel like you have a very complicated brain. And some rules don't apply to MS Paint comics. Like, some critiques one would apply to The Simpsons wouldn't apply to South Park.
Bree 8th Jul 2013, 6:30 PM edit delete reply
"Complicated" barely begins to describe it. :P

It's something which I am slowly getting better at (contrary to what this comic might make you believe :P), but the simple fact is, I am not succinct.

As a result, I become a chaotic mess of a mind. Puppies! Birds! Gryphons! Random words! I'mgoinginsanethisisliterallyhowmymindworks! :P
TheOneBlueGecko 8th Jul 2013, 10:13 PM edit delete reply
That all really is interesting to read. (I agree with Tibbittz, you do have a complicated brain).

Also, in my opinion rounded rectangle speech bubbles are just fine for large blocks of text, especially if it is about technical type stuff like you were writing.
LazyBrian 8th Jul 2013, 11:43 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, but "complicated" does not equal good; "complicated" equals confusing (at worst) or incredibly wordy (at best). :P

Reading through the comic, I know it makes sense to me, but I'm constantly doubting if it makes sense to anyone else, since my mind works in such a...unique...manner that I really have no clue if it's fine or if it needs to be revised. :P
RG2Cents 10th Jul 2013, 12:38 PM edit delete reply
This is very interesting to me as well, (and your footnotes between the bubbles are hilarious).
Calisa 3rd May 2014, 10:17 PM edit delete reply
I like how I managed to stumble onto Tibbittz's critique thread and this page in the same day so I got the joke about the speech balloons, haha :)
Bree 17th May 2014, 3:11 AM edit delete reply
I aim to please! ;)
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