Comic 4 - Descended 3

29th Dec 2009, 3:45 AM in Arc 0
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Descended 3
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Author Notes:

Bree 29th Dec 2009, 3:45 AM edit delete
(Obviously not from 2009; this comment comes from 2012, with minor edits in 2014 for clarity.)

This comic is a fine example of the rule, "Anything which can go wrong, will." In fact, it pretty much takes it up to eleven, adding in "even things which should be impossible to go wrong somehow go haywire". :P

Needless to say, it's been a baaaaaaaad week for me, but hopefully next week will be better.

The comic looked fine in theory, but is text-heavy (and full of compromises) in reality--so much so that what you see here is actually STREAMLINED from the script (3-6 along with next week were all together), and even then, I broke holy rules (e.g. covering details of characters, having speech go into the boarders, reducing text size) to make it fit. I didn't get a good expression for Argus in panel 3, and absolutely failed at showing his robe in panel 6. Not to mention, his hand isn't drawn well at all. >_<

There are things which I also fixed, too. The attentive will note Davos's boots changed color, because I found their lack of contrast with the legs annoying. By looking at his sprite art, I realized they were originally a lighter gray, tried it, and love it. (In fact, I put them on last week's filler comic, for anyone paying attention. You, uh, probably should for these things.)

…Speaking of Davos, his non-weapon arm needs a better idle position. As is, it looks slightly feminine, maybe a little feline-like. Neither of which are Davos. Sexy vampire, not a girly cat. (This isn’t helped by his eyes, which are a bit large for where he is standing.) On the bright side, though, I nailed his weapon and weapon arm for the first time…ever. :P That’s pretty much the length it’s supposed to be, and the angle looks like it’s natural, so I think I finally have that down. There are probably other things as well which I've simply forgotten. Overall, some things good but still unhappy.

They say most artists get better as they go along. I fear I’m getting worse. I’m liking my art less and less, it feels more and more stale, it feels like it’s not as expressive, it feels like it’s less innovative, and I know for a fact that it’s taking me a lot longer to complete. Most of this might just be due to sleep deprivation, but remember that alarming trend I noted in the second comic? It’s growing stronger. :/

I swear, I didn't have this problem in the dream! (...Long story. :P)
But hey, all I can do is move on. They'll get worse before they get better.

Anyway, I feel like rambling about the details in the comic, which is easier done by seeing the double-sized version. The name of the amulet got cut to save space; it's called an Amulet of Solidification, which works both ways: it allows for people who are solid to become incorporeal (or super-solid as if iron, basically a free way of creating the eath effect stoneskin), and it allows incorporeal beings to become solid. Extremely rare in the lower hundreds thanks to its power, but useless to the point of junk-item sold for spare change (note that costs scale with level; their spare change is worth a fortune to most) by the higher-hundreds.

The amulet has always been part of her character (it’s what allows her to fight, after all), featured even in the sprite art. When it came time to actually draw it, I wasn’t quite sure what it’d look like, but the jeweled necklace is what I eventually settled on, and I quite like the look. (You didn’t think it was there just for aesthetic purposes, did you? You should know better than that; no detail in a comic made by me is there without good reason! :P)

Also, note the difference in Aria's skin color; it's pinkish rather than pale-yellowish. That's also the amulet, a result of it being used at full power: it makes her look and be more human. Among The Outcasts (and most of the regular cast), it makes her ironically stand out, but skin more pinkish in tone is the norm, so she blends in better. It obviously also extends into her hair. Her default (ghostly) hair is heavily desaturated brown, and here it's been resaturated. (A bit too far, though; it's a bit red.) Basically, this is more or less what a human her should look like, if she wasn't a ghost.


Bree 21st Aug 2012, 2:00 PM edit delete reply
Now I remember another detail!

If you look at Davos in the last panel, his hand kinda...isn't there. When it quite clearly was supposed to be. :P

I blame the extreme fatigue I had when working on that panel. Ah, well. Maybe his hand is pressed back rather than forward, and therefore obscured from the picture? ...Yeah, let's go with that theory. :P
LazyRanger 26th Aug 2012, 11:05 PM edit delete reply
There's another detail in the last panel which was bad--because Aria and Davos are shown to be (almost) right next to Argus, I didn't really need to use the road perspective at all--it's not like their feet were doing anything, and it's not like their positioning was told better with the full-body perspective. If anything, it's actually hindered by the background, and shoulda been a waist-up shot.

(Speaking of said shots, sometime I should really begin to make the shots have a little more in them. Right now, it's entirely sky--I think there'd be SOMETHING in there, like a mountain or a cloud. It's not something I can do soon, as it's something I'd have to research; perspective is NOT my strongsuit. [My strongsuit is probably posing characters. As you'd see in chapter shots.] I really have a long ways to go before I'm even remotely good at this, don't I? :P)
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