Comic 5 - Descended 4

29th Dec 2009, 5:51 AM in Arc 0
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Descended 4
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Author Notes:

Bree 29th Dec 2009, 5:51 AM edit delete
OLD AUTHOR'S COMMENT: (Content reflects date.)
Descended2--Omnipotent Overload.

Argus has either been near-omnipotent for too long, or has been away from that level of power for too long. Either way, he really should know better than to make comments like that. ;)

You'll notice comments that have lines instead of speech bubbles. Think of them as a kind of whisper, I guess. Not as loud as normal speech, but at least in Argus's case, it was loud enough for Aria and Sasha to hear.

Aria called out Argus's red speech bubbles as "tone", because I thought calling 'em speech bubbles would be too large a breach in a certain wall. No, not the ceiling; that's the sixth. No, not the floor; that's the fifth. No, it's not the first, second, or third walls! What're you, crazy?!? There IS no SEVENTH, or any number above SIX walls! >_< :P
It's for that same reason that Davos doesn't have his undead black and white speech bubble--he knows better.

I hope you enjoyed Argus's expression in panel four. I thought about the best way to show a facepalm, and this is what I came up with.

This comic is shorter than a normal comic, because I wanted to finish on the thirtieth, and knew if I went to bed without finishing it, I wouldn't--yet I didn't have the time to do the Elemental Scenes, and was suffering a bit from writer's block on that particular section. Don't worry, I've worked it out; you'll see the result in Comic3.

(Converted from BMP to PNG, this is how it looked originally, and due to JPEG, this is what was shown.)
Bree 28th Aug 2012, 11:16 AM edit delete
New Author's Note: Sorry I'm a day late! My cable was extremely shaky yesterday, even for my TV. So my internet, being far more fragile than my TV, was down more often than not. It's better now, but still, not ideal.

The continuation of the previous comic, this closes out what was planned in the script as a single comic that got split into two.

I suppose it’s fitting that the conclusion to this comic (technically, comic 4, though I consider it to be a continuation of comic 3) ended up as four panels, considering the original second comic (which my old author's note is about) was also originally only a four-panel comic. I doubled that for the initial script, and it’s now 250% longer than it was when I started divided across two comics.

As a result, I apologize for this one being shorter than what you'd expect. Let’s just say…I’ll soon be more than making up for it. :P Obviously, between these two comics, what I wrote and what was required ended up being different, yet not in a good way. Ten panels instead of eight helped flow a little bit (giving Argus a whole oops panel was the main flow changer), but that patch-job still didn't fix things; there's a lot of problems.

Anyway, while in some ways, I keep on feeling my art’s getting worse and worse, in others, I think I’m improving somewhat, and things are getting done faster. The most time consuming things for me to do are the things which I haven’t done before, like the last two panels: Argus’s expression in panel 3 I named his “Iunno” expression, which—again—is something that he doesn’t say, but his actual words are along the same train of thought, hopefully. (Like it?)

Oh, and then there was the last panel. So far, Argus has been exclusively facing left, because he’s been facing towards people behind him: Aria and Davos. (There was one panel where he probably should've been facing right: panel 2 of the first comic. However, I concluded that he could simply be looking at Aria while still facing the other way.)

…Until now. And now I remember why I draw people facing left when I can get away with it: ‘cause I suck at drawing them facing right. :P (Aside from Davos, who has the opposite problem.) I’m not exactly comfortable that it’s done right. It certainly looks…off, to say the least. But I worked out the perspective in my mind. It looks mostly right, and if it isn’t, I’m not really sure how I screwed up. It might be the face, though; in addition to being drawn the opposite way I’m accustomed to, it’s also (supposed to be) drawn at an angle: significantly down. I think that’s where things went wrong; it doesn’t look like his head’s tilted downwards, like it’s supposed to be.

Or it could be his face. Maybe the eyes weren’t right. Maybe the mouth was off. Maybe it was some other factor I can’t see right now, or maybe it’s all of the above. :P Regardless, there’s obviously something not quite right with it, but oh, well. I’ll just have to get better at drawing him facepalming.

Ah, I figured it out when thinking about it. I made an amateurish mistake. I figured that since when he was facing left, his right hand was on the left…that when he was facing right, his right hand would be on the right. Nope; it shoulda still been on the left. And apply this for all the details as well. It’s too late to change it now, but I’ll keep it in mind for future comics. That was stupid of me. I knew better than that; I know that when you mirror images (such as sprites), it doesn’t work, at least, not perfectly. I even had that in mind when making the image, so I really shouldn’t have made that mistake, but, well, I did. :P

“Why is his left right-but-meant-as-left hand in a pocket which wasn’t there before?”

…‘Cause I said so, that’s why. :P
It’s a pretty blatant throw-in, because I couldn’t find a better place to put his hand, and shoving it in there was convenient, ignoring that it wasn't there before and probably won't be there in the future. But it does fit! I always thought that many of his expressions would look better with one or both hands inside of a pocket, yet I didn’t think a robe such as his would have one, so I excluded it from his character design; I just put back what I once removed.

If you really must have an explanation, it’s magic. A wizard mage did it. They are magical robes, after all. Argus was a god, so his equipment is the best of the best, so if he wanted robes which violated common sense and previous continuity, he could have robes which violated common sense and previous continuity. My comic, my rules, okay? :P It looks cool, so I’m allowing it.

As for Sasha…that's actually a simplification of a simplification. She’s quite hard to draw; I ended up doing it by taking Aria’s silhouette, then by looking at Sasha's previous designs, drawing her in proportion. Far from perfect, but I love how she looks. Difficult, but I'll get used to it; the first is always hardest. I did make some mistakes (for instance, her sword is backwards), but overall, I think that I pretty much nailed her appearance.

Side-note—I’m getting tired of mostly drawing Aria in the same pose (specifically, her right arm on her hip), but, well…honestly, it seems like it’s the perfect pose for her, at least given the emotions she's expressing. It’s good for sarcasm and it’s good for her smug smiling look, which are pretty much the only two emotions she shows for a while. If I were a more talented artist, I could probably find a way to add in variety to her pose with it still conveying the emotion she’s expressing just as well. Since I’m not, I’ll probably just have to wait until she has different emotions to express. Which is coming up in the comic, eventually, so I’m looking forward to it. The last time she had anything other than that pose was in the first comic.

(Maybe I’ll experiment with moving the hips and chest around a little—her legs are only shown half the time, her hand seems to be in the right place, so if those factors can’t change, maybe the hips and chest can. That might be the key to giving variety while maintaining the same overall emotion. Like with scenery, it’s not something I’ll be able to immediately play around with, but I’ll have to keep it in mind as something to try out when I have the time to do so.)

Oh, and here is the double-sized version.


LazyRanger 28th Aug 2012, 1:12 PM edit delete reply
You know, when I made Sasha's sword backwards, it was a mistake, but I'm thinking of keeping it. I've been reading too much Ruroni Kenshin as of late, and the idea of Sasha's sword being a sakaba sword somehow appeals to me. (Yes, I know, her sword isn't a katana, but still.) It seems to fit her character better, in my opinion.
LazyRanger 28th Aug 2012, 1:28 PM edit delete reply
Something I also need to keep a better eye on is the horizon line--I've been fixing it at being 160 pixels down from the top of a panel. (80 pixels down, on the finished image.)

...The thing is, the horizon line is supposed to be on the same line as the vanishing point, and the VP is never fixed (well, not with how *I* do things, anyway), so neither should the horizon line. For instance, following the lines pointing to the VP in the last panel, the horizon line should be almost at the very top. As in, like, maybe twenty or so pixels down, rather than 160.

Granted, the last panel isn't perfect perspective-wise. Other than what I've already mentioned...there's also a few other things. Sasha's supposed to be slightly smaller than Argus, yet closer to the camera, so they ended up looking the same size. The end result means that Argus looks like he's out of place, rather than the desired effect of saying Sasha's smaller than Argus, but closer.

And Aria I think is *slightly* too big for where she's standing; she probably needed to be a little bit smaller than that.

...Still, though, the horizon line probably added to the feeling of wrongness in the last panel, so I'll make sure to fix this in future comics whenever I think about it.
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