Comparison: Game Art vs. Doodle Art

This is a word doc file comparing the game art from my quick platformer game to the art I did as a doodle, when I was still making plans for The Descended.


Comparison: Old Art-New Art:

Comparing The Descended art

Comparing The Descended Art without text

Wind User: Attack Motion


-Both have the hand moving out

-Both have an attack aura surrounding the hands

-Both have a gray-colored-central attack shoot out from the hands.

-The outline for the attack itself is the same.


-Color of hand (see: Wind User: Appearance: limbs below) –Results: Tie.


-The older version has more chaotic swirling, giving a unique pattern to it.

-The newer version has a smooth swirling pattern, giving a sense of flow.

Comparison1: The only thing different which can be compared is the color usage. Everything else is just opinion, like chaos vs. order.

Results: Overall, a tie, but a slight bias towards the chaos. However, the technical winner is the new version, via color, using black where the original did not.


-The older vision is just a ball.

-The newer version is more like a comet tail.

Comparison2: Comparing the two shapes is impossible, resulting in an auto-tie, there.

HOWEVER, there are other things to compare. The old attack has an aura around it, allowing it to glide/soar/pierce/gather/some similar action the wind. The new version does not.

BUT, the old version has a universal color; the new one does not. While the extra colors might not be the clearest edge and might be worthy of debate, I think that it is more than just a matter of opinion that the newer version is better.

End Results: Overall, the new version wins; HOWEVER, there are recommendations to add an aura around the attack itself, and a bit of chaos to the flow of the casting hand.

Wind User: Hover


-The old version is a small ball, inspired by psychonauts (I think), with a light-gray outline and a dark gray inner-coloring.

-The new version is also a ball, with the same coloring scheme on the surface.



-The older version is small.

-The newer version is gigantic.


Comparison1: This is all about size. Now, a large ball is a more realistic object to float on; greater surface area, greater stability. However, the smaller one seems far better scaled to the user, giving a nice, light-weight feeling as opposed to the newer one’s heavy feel.

Results: The Older one wins, hands down. Tune it down, big guy!


Comparison2: --Everything else.

The original is somewhat ‘flat’, giving a slight compressed feeling to it. It is as if the user is actually on the ball. The newer one, on the other hand, is a complete perfect sphere, giving an untouched feel to it. (Score, old one!)

The older one also has a thick outer gray line surrounding the dark one. It feels like it is there for a reason, and makes it look better. The newer version…has a thin line, which makes you wonder why not just to remove it. (Old version favor.)

HOWEVER, the results of the previous section now work against the old art:

The aura. The old ball has one small aura above it, holding the user up. The newer one has it as well (note: this is due to modifying the later version), but it is compressed, and its attempted order, ends up messy, and would be better if not there, versus the chaotic—yet strangely appealing—look from the older one.

(Score old version?)

But this same aura also backfires on the older version, in that the newer version has a big, huge aura surrounding it. The aura on the top should be dropped, of course, and the aura should be farther away from the ball, but it simply doesn’t exist in the older version, giving serious points to the newer version.


The Newer version also has the unique color advantage as well, lending serious points to the newer version. The final nail in the coffin is the fact that the newer version also has two layers: the outer layer, and inner layer. The separated sections look SUPER cool.

End Results: The end result is a very close match between the two, but while the old version holds a huge advantage early on, overall, the new version looks better. HOWEVER, there are recommendations.

-Make the ball smaller.

-Make the ball less of a sphere; elongate it like the old version.

-Thicken the outer shell of the ball, like the old version.

-Fix the lines going up, to make it more like the old version.

-Make the aura farther from the ball; you’re crowding the awesome art!

Wind User: Appearances


-Both have auras surrounding at least one hand.

-Both have gray as one of the main colors featured.

-Both have armor.

-Both have similar shoulder-blades (note: this is due to modifying the later version)




Comparison1: The older version has hair. Instant advantage, old version. The two have different eyes. The original has black spheres with the eye color as a speck—a cool effect, and with the size of the head, it fit better. The newer one has an anime-inspired very wide eye look, with the eye color and a black dot in the center.

I like both equally, so they cancel each other out. It’ll be decided on a case-by-case basis.


The old version has the same dark yellow (representing gold, supposedly) color as the armor, not exactly what I’d call ideal, while the newer one has the typical black outline. Slight favor, new version. However, the older version has a thicker line. Now, while others’ tastes may differ, that’s a slight advantage over the thin line of the newer one, to me.

Results: The old version wins for the face. As noted below, change color of outline.



Comparison2: Oh, boy. This one’s a killer. (Especially considering the newer version took inspiration from the older version.) They have the golden light coloring, and the gray wind coloring. The older version has a leaner design, being thinner and longer. It is a tad bit long. The newer version, on the opposite side of the scale, is far too broad, being a bit…heavy. He is as short as a dwarf, but has the long build of a far stronger character. Not a good mix.

The only thing which can really be compared is the armor itself. The older version has a bunch of lines, gradually getting thinner. It has too many, in my opinion, and doesn’t give a good solid impression. The newer version, however, has a far better design.

However, the shoulder pads are also better on the ORIGINAL. They are larger, far better.

Results: It’s a tie. I simply can’t call either build better than the other. As noted below, I’ll need to make it a tad bit shorter than the original, with the armor design of the newer one (along with a bit of a wider design), not to mention the old version’s shoulder-pads.


-Limbs (Hands and Feet)

Comparison3: The last factor to consider in the puzzle. The hand’s auras were explained in the above sections, but not the actual hands. The original features hands larger, for a thinner body, while the newer one has smaller hands for a wider build. Surprisingly, this seems to fit perfectly. However, I cannot declare either a winner, due to how that’s on their sections. A compromise will be reached, as it will be for the body.

The filling, on the other hand, can make a more definite impact.

The original is all solidly one color. This implies either armored hands, or constant casting of spells. The newer version has a black outline, with whatever color is needed in them. Now, this all depends on the design that I want to go with.

Then, there’s the feet. Oh, lorithia, the feet…

The original has well-proportioned feet. They fit the body size nearly perfectly. They’re also positioned well. The newer ones, however, are small, tiny, micro-sized little delicate things positioned poorly. The original has an outer-coloring matching the rest of the armor, and an inner coloring that does not. The newer version just has the black line. While I can see why the black line looks good, in this case, the result is clear.

Results: This hands-down favors the old version. If I want a mage who isn’t casting spells, sure, go with the newer design for hands. If I want someone who’s not a pure fighter, sure, the new design works.

But if I want a mage who is casting a spell, or a fighter, the old design is best.

What makes the old version clearly superior are the feet.


End Results: Wind User: The old version wins, by a good margin. But it is not without its notes.


-Keep in mind that eyes vary based off of need, and neither design is superior.

-The newer version has a black outline. Use this for the face of the older version, as the dark yellow doesn’t make any sense to be placed up there; it’s plain unnecessary.

-Armor color is based off of what kind of character I want.

-Balance the narrow (dominant by slight margin) design versus the broad design. Narrow is a favorite, but make sure it’s a bit broader and slightly shorter—just not too much.

-Give the newer version’s armor to the end product; it looks better.

-Hand solidity depends on what build I want; mage, mage who is casting spell, fighter, other, etc.


Final Results: The Old Version is outdone two to one, making the new version SLIGHTLY better overall, but only just. More attention needs to be paid to the advantages I’ve listed, though, in order to give a truly unique feel to the characters.

Fire User:


Let’s save time. The new version has a sword which is better in every possible way. The new version has an overall better shield, but the cross design would be a wonderful edition. Which of the three faces given is superior is a matter of debate, but the older two are—again—the overall winner, with room to change given select circumstances. However, they need the black outlines on their head, not the red ones.


Keep in mind the same advice for the wind’s body as well when going for a final product, and also apply the same lessons for the hand color. Combine the armor from the new and old with heavy emphasis on the new, but using the old version’s far-superior shoulder-pads.


Also, I never showed the blade swinging in the new version. Use the old version’s aura.

Water Weapon:


Now, this one is tricky. Both are very well designed. The newer version doesn’t have the point at the end, which is somewhat disappointing. The older version has the two golden gems, one on top of the ring and one at the bottom—a very neat effect. I also liked the light blue gems embedded in the sphere, and the fact that it’s see-through.


The newer version is cool in its own ways. It has a colorful ring, with alternating blue and gold. It is more clustered, and I tend to dislike the effect a little, but it is still fairly cool, just not in the same way as the original. The inside of the ring is not the color of the background, implying that it is—in fact—not see-through. The square in the middle and the four points implies some sort of energy arc.


Overall result:


Well, first of all, go for the original’s size. The new version is too darn small!

I would recommend having the spear-top as well. Add the gold dual gems from the original, too. Have the gems be the same color as the original.


HOWEVER, have the same coloring on the inside (non-transparent) from the newer version, and have it override the staff in that area. (But still, keep the point at the top, please)


Add small golden rings (smaller than the blue ones) between the light blue gems on the staff. An optional installment would be turning some of the light-blue gems into plain blue gems.

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