Inspiration Continued

So apparently, pages have a length limit, which the Inspiration page exceeds. So here's where I will continue.

When it comes to a list of things which have inspired The Descended, it is a very long list. At last count, it was over 42. Here are just a few.

Ratchet&Clank, Chrono Trigger, a few Final Fantasy games (including Legend I, II, and III, AKA, the SaGa 1/2/3 games) though primarily Seven, Final-Fantasy-Inspired games like Epic Battle Fantasy (original, 2, and 3) and MARDEK RPG, most Artix Entertainment games (but especially Adventure Quest--the original--and DragonFable, my favorte), What I know of Dungeons&Dragons (pretty much entirely via webcomics OF D&D, I admit), Fable 1, 2, and 3 (though 1 and 2 offer a larger influence, as 3 hadn't even been released when I started my work and--in fact--2 itself was fairly new), my own source material called "Elemental Fighters" which was an abandoned game project of mine, many games by undefined, the multiple FaceMaker programs I use, Pokemon games, a few Lord of the Rings games, RPG Shooter Starwish, and the old computer game Majesty are among the long list.

Here is my attempt to explain how each one of them helped influence my world as you now see it.

Ratchet&Clank: This primarily has to do with how items work--the more you use it, the more powerful it becomes. You upgrade something by having used it, making it stronger by having kept it around longer. The same system allows for items to be forged into stronger items, as a kind of weapon mod, so to speak--you need to find the thing which will modify the item and then be able to apply it. However, this same system also influences spells (and other abilities), in that upgrades have certain requirements: you must have cast the spell a certain number of times and used it often enough for it to be worthy of being upgraded. Furthermore, using a spell more often gives a bonus to how much EP you earn, allowing you to move through the ranks faster.

Chrono Trigger: The items in Chrono Trigger helped me come up with the item system I currently have. It also was a huge influence to the combat engine I am designing. Another huge impact it had was on what stats I ended up creating. It also influenced how I am designing both the world map and the way dungeons are designed. Basically, it was one of the main foundations for the world of Soano, in small ways less visible. I am, however, working on collecting all the techniques used by characters in there to see if I can get inspiration for spells.

Final Fantasy VII: Like with Chrono Trigger, a lot of what FF7 did for me was smaller, subtle things. It was the primary source of inspiration to "Elemental Fighters", and as that was the foundation of The Descended, a lot is owed to this game. The world map, the towns, many items, pretty much all spells and most spell names, Limit Breaks, you get the idea. Combat, stats, dungeon design, heck, even the plot--you name an element from this game, it inspired me.

Final Fantasy Legend III/SaGa3: One of the first RPGs I ever played (along with Chrono Trigger and FF7 above), it obviously helped inspire my world. The plot was thrilling, the gameplay was rich, it had complex mechanics and a lot of diversity in what I could do. Items, shops, spells, towns, music, enemies, bosses, stats, its unique Monster/Beast/Human-Mutant/Cyborg/Robot much of the game was good that years after I lost my cartridge to it, I was still thinking of the game and how I could never manage to list the ways it helped form my world.

Final Fantasy Legend II/SaGa2: While a smaller influence than FFLIII was, I still found the game to be quite inspiring. Part of the reason for this is, of course, because unlike FFLIII (which is closer to Final Fantasy than SaGa, apparently--I can verify that it's close to Final Fantasy, but not having played other SaGa games, I can't say it's different from them), it's not that much like other Final Fantasy games, having different mechanics than most of them.

Epic Battle Fantasy: Particularly 2 and 3, the series largely inspired by Final Fantasy would of course inspire me in the world of Soano. The second game had a "unlock abilities based off of actions in battle" mechanic, which I absolutely loved. The third game was significantly fleshed out, to say the least, to the point where I needed to make a separate document with all the information in there due to the size of the content written in there. Needless to say, a lot was influenced by it. The layout of the areas, the quests, the shops, the combat, the enemies, the spells, the general, the awesome game left an impact on me.

Mardek RPG: Another game which is inspired by Final Fantasy (among other JRPGs), but takes things in a slightly different direction--its rich plot was captivating, and it was highly innovative. Simply put, it was brilliant. Everything there was something which when I saw, I thought, "I need something like this". Everything from how to master skills, to how the skills were classified (abilities unique to a player, attack, defense, magic attack, magic defense, and miscellaneous), to the AP system, to timed hits to item layout to savepoint utilities...everything.

Adventure Quest: The first Artix Entertainment game obviously has one of the largest impacts on my world, especially since I've been playing it since before any other games existed. (I was around when they first announced the concept of DragonFable.) Like with many of the above, it's hard to list specific things that AQ helped inspire, when it's a lot of general things which I took inspiration from. First and foremost, however, would be the eight-elemental system. Before AQ, I was always a fan of the classic four Fire-Water-Wind-Earth, but it was Adventure Quest before any other which introduced me to Ice, Energy, Light, and Darkness. The combat system was another huge influence, as were the multiple classes. The items, the potions, and in particular, the stats, all had an impact on me. Put simply, Adventure Quest is the reason I am in to fantasy in general, as it was my gateway into that genre. Without AQ, there wouldn't be The Descended, as it was the game's brilliance which captivated my imagination. Everything I owe is to this game, so words simply fail to convey how much I owe it.

DragonFable: Like with Adventure Quest, DragonFable means a lot to me. Since I was around when it was conceived, I obviously watched it grow from the very beginning. Because of that, it also influenced me a ton. Its gameplay was different than that of Adventure Quest, and in that difference, it was more unique, and able to inspire me. The stats, the elements, the class abilities and how to earn them, the slightly different combat system, the different way items worked, everything about it.

Dungeons&Dragons: I'll admit, I don't know much about D&D. Everything I know comes from webcomics like Order of the Stick and Goblins. I've been trying to learn more about it in order to use more from it, as it's basically THE Tabletop RPG, and seeing as how I'm trying to build what effectively amounts to my own RPG, I'm hoping that D&D will give me a lot of tips on how exactly to do that.

Fable: One of the three main foundations for The Descended (along with D&D and AQ already listed above), the Fable series of games has been inspiring me from a long time. In fact, a lot of the original humor in the comic (like going gray at 60, blond hair for good guys, black hair for bad guys, etc.) comes directly from Fable. A great deal of the adventuring system in place was directly inspired by how The Hero of Oakvale and The Hero of Bowerstone (not so much the hero of the third game) went about. The morality system was directly lifted from Fable, among other things, and it really did give the basis for most of what you see.

Castle of the Winds: A classic game which I obviously am quite nostalgic about. It had a nice sense of humor while still conveying a grim mood. It had good shops, and wonderful (semi-random) dungeons. It had gruesomely detailed descriptions about how you (or preferably your enemies) would be wounded and eventually meet their demise. (Not quite to Dwarf Fortress levels, but still fairly detailed nonetheless.) It had a large variety of spells and items, which allowed for quite a lot of variety in gameplay. It had nice and simple stats, but they played out perfectly. It was a huge influence, to say the least.

Elemental Fighters: If you tried googling this, you'd never find it, because it doesn't exist. Well, not online, anyway. At least not in detail. And certainly not finished. For it's an abandoned project. How do I know about it? Because it's mine, of course. Partially covered above (in the Final Fantasy section), this was my attempt to make a full-blown JRPG-style game. It was THE inspiration for Sanik (Arrow) and The Elementals (Note the name of the game), along with Kinas (Jake) and The Latens (them having once been the same group was directly lifted from the game). It was at the time incredibly ambitious of me, highly innovative with things which I'd thought would make a cool game, but never got around to finishing. (It was far too large an undertaking for one guy. Besides, I had just been working on the text. Even if I had everything laid out, from the world map to the towns to the abilities to the items to the monsters to the combat system to the plot, to everything which makes a game...well, it'd all just have been text with a few images drawn in paint. I lack the programming skill to make a fully-blown 3D game like it was envisioned.) Because of all the unique features I came up with in there, however, it remains as being a special influence, and I keep on trying to take more and more of it into the final product for the world of Soano.

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