Kinas Pictures

I have so many, they warrant their own extra page. :P


File Layout

These are images I have in the actual database of The Descended. Ordered as roughly as I can chronologically.


Original Latens--"Antagonists".
Laten Prototype--Their Initial Looks.
Laten Update--Newer Looks.
Kinas FaceMaker--First Version.
Kinas Profile--official profile.
Updated FaceMaker--a better Version.
FaceMaker Comparison--comparing the versions of the FaceMaker avatar.
Updated Kinas Before-After--an updated version of his appearances under both alignments.
Pre-Face Kinas Sketch Revived--after having stopped work on it, resuming a month later.
Full Kinas Before-After--poorly done sketch of him, but still done well enough to give you a general idea.


These are images which are in my Random Art "Webcomic", Miscellaneous Madness.  Some are actual "comic"s, some others are layout files. Also roughly in chronological order, though it's not exact.
Kinas's Character Sheet--a comic, 138 to be more precise.

Pre-Face Kinas Partially-Finished--also a comic, this one 208.

Pre-Face Kinas Models FaceMaker--you can see it as a comic in 223. It was made for much the same purposes as the Sarge model, though his design has since changed from this. Also continues as the next comic, too, 224, which shows the best of the pre versus his post. There's another where I flip it as well.

Meet The Cast--initial version, as a comic. Later redone.

Meet The Cast Expanded--a revision. It's also my latest comic there, 249. A similar image can be found in the files, too.

Full Kinas--around step 50; not fully complete.
Full Kinas Complete--at step 97, I stopped.
Kinas's Original Look Enlarged--basically, preparation for  the below:
Kinas Comparison--comparing the different drawings of Kinas.

And that's it.

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