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Original Comic 3

Comic 7 - Descended3

30th Dec 2009, 3:28 AM in Retconned material
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Author Notes:

Bree30th Dec 2009, 3:28 AM
Descended3--Character Shield is at 40%!

Really, for main characters, they're in a bad situation. Ah, well. Webcomics RUN on Deus Ex Machinas. :P

You might be wondering why I'm showing their MP/HP bars--they'll show whenever either
-They're in bad condition, such as critical "OH GODS I'M GOING TO DIE!!!"
-They just depleted some of their bar.
I'll occasionally show experience bars as well, but it'll be rare.

The Water Mage (adrogynous, because I haven't decided on a gender--go ahead and pick one. ;)) has a larger MP bar due to being a pure mage. I shoulda made the Light Mage's bar larger, but, meh, wanted her to have the same MP as her rival, the Earth Rogue. (...Who is demonstrating the fancy powers her amulet provides--Snare1 is the level one version of Vine3, a very powerful earth spell, as is Quake1, potentially THE most powerful earth spell--keep in mind, she's a rogue, not a woodsman, and that is a testament to just how strong the amulet is--justified, in that she WAS once a higher level...)

You'll note slightly different colors in the bars; that's to represent how much MP was just drained by using their spells. 
Also, do you like the injuries they're sustaining? I, personally, like the effect. :)

Hope you enjoyed this one. I had a little bit of trouble making it humorous, but I didn't want to exclude the Elementals and the Latens for too long. They ARE main characters, love it or hate it, so I HAVE to put 'em in. ;)

EDIT: What's new? Mostly, I just made better use of the space. They look less crowded in the first panel. I also amped up their injuries, to some degree. Additionally, parts which were cut off have been restored. All in all, it's a cleaner picture than it was before. :)
(Converted from BMP to PNG, this is how it looked originally, and due to JPEG, this is what was shown.)


amtrakasshat17th Aug 2013, 11:45 AM
too cluttered. cant tell anything. too many words. thog not like.
Bree19th Aug 2013, 4:27 PM
Which is why it's been revised.

This comic begins the revision, and admittedly is still a bit cluttered. This comic has a much better pacing, and continues on.

This comic shows a continuation of that, and between those comics, we've covered the first four panels of this comic.

Basically, you're right. It is too cluttered. Which is why I'm breaking it up. As soon as the content from this page has been covered in the reboot, this will be taken down.

Original Comic 4

Comic 8 - Descended4

31st Dec 2009, 1:25 AM in Retconned material
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Author Notes:

Bree31st Dec 2009, 1:25 AM
Descended4--I summon...DEUS EX MACHINA!
Bah. I took some time to actually look at the JPEG convert. Previously, I had been worried about, y'know, shapes being mutilated, and for the most part, they were not. I shoulda paid more attention to colors; whole colors are being converted; red to crimson, red to dark blue, brown to darker green, yellow to nearly-white/invisible, etc. I should fix that some time. Ah, well. If you look at the character pages (when I put 'em up), they should tell you what JPEG leaves out. (I hate JPEG, but what can I do?)
(EDIT: Hmm...maybe not. I looked at the changes, and realized that some of them, I actually kinda liked.)

"Small" Update: Well, I'm using PNGs, now. They seem to work perfectly. However, what I said still applies: some things in the JPEG format actually did look kinda cool, compared to what the original is. I still have the original, but I figured an overall more consistent look would be better in the long-run.

As I promised in #3, the Latens were saved by a Deus Ex Machina, and--to a lesser extent--so were the Elementals. And, of course, Nathan Betrax (the blue, spiky-haired dual sword Warrior. I can't draw both swords without taking up too much space, sadly) had to put a lampshade on it. ;)

The Water Mage's spell is implied to be super-powerful, at least, against the Fire Demon. Against other enemies, you never know, but in this case, you can imagine what kind of damage it does.

(Like the Ominous Latin Chanting? :) )

I'm almost ready to get back to the Outcasts, but there's one more comic I have in mind for the Elementals/Latens. Expect Lamshades a plenty, with a sudden switch to the Outcasts. :)

Also, I'm back from vacation. I should probably work on posting the about/character pages. The About page will describe things which people are likely confused about ("What the heck is a Master Joat?" for one), and the Character Pages will give some basic background of the characters involved, their appearances, and general facts about 'em. It doesn't contain anything I consider a spoiler; most of it will probably never be mentioned in the webcomic. Heck, anything that WAS mentioned in the comic, I FORCED in there. ;)

I hope you continue to bear with me. I have an actual plot line coming up. (Extended, multi-comic battles introducing a character formally count, right? :P)

EDIT: What's different, now? This one actually has a lot: I changed the division in the first panel, sacrificing showing M's speaking for an overall more cohesive look. The Demons look better, too. I changed their dialog to show it more as a fight, breaking out between all of them and not just two. (I even lampshade it: "OW! They're fighting over there, not here!" is meant to show how the fight spread beyond just two Demons.)
I also made this comic have an extra panel--I decided to show the Latens fully for both, and I think it made the scene look a lot better, overall. I re-ordered the Latens to a more fitting battle position, too, with their Scout/Back Support in the, well, back, their Healer remained, but Kinas (who was at the back) is now in a more action-oriented location. Betrax is in the front, now, because he'd do the most fighting.
Pretty much the same, besides that.
(Converted from BMP to PNG, this is how it looked originally, and due to JPEG, this is what was shown.)

Original Comic 5

Comic 9 - Descended5

6th Jan 2010, 10:55 AM in Retconned material
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Author Notes:

Bree6th Jan 2010, 10:55 AM
Descended5--Art Upgrade.

Right, so I know I said that Betrax would lampshade and instead he ended up just brushing the fourth wall. Meh, lampshade, art upgrade, close enough. :P

I apologize for not posting content on the Characters/About/Inspiration pages, but I had worked on the Inspiration page (my focus at the time, as I have the least amount on that one done), unfortunately losing all my work. It was late at night, and I had put too much work into it. I clicked Update without first having copied the text. I tried to fix that error, and tried copying, but got an error message, and when ComicFury essentially told me that I'd have to go back and submit again (impossible, because going back asks Firefox to resend the info, which wipes out the original. It sucks, to say the least.) and when that happened, and the copy didn't go through, I knew I had lost it. ;_; Ah well. You win some, you lose some. ;(

I wanted to show more of the loot, but because that was boring, I thought it'd be more interesting (and humorous) to have the loot be ruined (there is a comic involving loot which goes a bit more into the Elemental/Latens backstory and also their social circle, but I'm saving it for later). I apologize for suddenly switching to the Latens, but I couldn't figure out any way to do it. (Coulda done "ELSEWHERE:" I suppose, but that's about it.) At least I got a good one for the Outcasts. :)
(Apparently, it's not just Sanik and Kinas who happen to have the gift of similar conversations. It apparently is linked to any chaotic evil character as well. :P)

As Betrax mentioned, there was a good bit of an art upgrade for this comic, though JPEG kinda spoiled most of it. So, I unspoiled what I felt like unspoiling, and left what I didn't. It's like I said--SOME of the JPEG changes I actually LIKE. (And others, I'm not so sure on. For those, I generally just left them as they were.)

Betrax now has proper plate armor. I also made a slight reference to Contractual Genre Blindness via Kinas. I forgot to fix Davos's and Argus's eyes (red and blue, respectively; that hadn't been showing in the JPEGS before), but I'll fix 'em in the future. Argus makes a comment which doesn't exactly fit into the world of Soano (but, come on. You KNOW you do it!), though considering how I've established that Gods apparently live on Earth with how Genre Savvy they are and how Argus nearly was one at a time, it's justified. ;)

You'll note the characters are using more expressions and--more importantly--have...eyebrows! They add so much emotion! ^_^

I forgot to give Kinas his dagger, so I'll do that the next time he'll appear. Not for a while, though; this next story arc is a long one. (I won't get many chances to switch to them.) And, just a warning, they'll almost certainly take a little longer. For one thing, I HAVE to draw SOME of the background in a village (not much; I don't have to go into detail, but I need buildings), and that saps away time. It took me something like an hour to draw the loot leaking water into the river. (Well, that's what I was trying to show, anyway. Now it looks like the loot's submerged in the river. >_<)

Also, M is not the name of the Water Mage. I'm thinking the water mage MIGHT have a name STARTING with M, but M is not the Water Mage's name. The M is their abbreviation of Mage, and the Water Mage got that title because the Water Mage is the ONLY character among the Elementals and Latens to have been a Mage (was originally the only one amongst them that was) and STAYED a mage from the beginning. (Also one of the few who didn't change classes completely. Sanik changed from Rogue to Paladin. Sarge from Paladin to Rogue to Warrior. *Earth User* From Joat to Rogue. Kinas changed from Light Martial Artist to Dark Death Paladin [kept melee, but discarded range in favor of magic]. Betrax from Paladin to Warrior [discarded magic]. *Light User* from Dark Rogue to Light Mage. *Energy User* from Warrior to Woodsman.)

EDIT: What's new? Mostly, small improvements to the characters. I've made their legs look slightly more stremlined than before. Added in things I had forgotten (Kinas's dagger, Betrax's sword...), accented elements already there, and fixed some dialog boxes. 
(Converted from BMP to PNG, this is how it looked originally, and due to JPEG, this is what was shown.)


whatachassis17th Aug 2013, 11:48 AM
there was an art upgrade?
Bree19th Aug 2013, 4:32 PM
Several, actually. The first was talked about here, where I give more detail to each sprite--hence, an upgrade in the art for the chosen medium of sprites. In particular, I made it easier to see the distinction between feet, and gave accessories to Sanik and Kinas, while also fixing a detail on Nathan.

A second upgrade was switching from bad-JPEGs to PNGs, thus, increasing the overall page quality.

A third upgrade was the decision to change from sprite art into a more manga-styled art, which begins here.

And a fourth upgrade came when I decided to switch from digital to traditional-then-scanned-then-touched-up, and you see it begin here.

Original Comic 6

Comic 10 - Descended6

12th Jan 2010, 1:39 AM in Retconned material
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Author Notes:

Bree12th Jan 2010, 1:39 AM
And here's the whoppingly massive Descended6. Early Sunday Strip? :P

I apologize for the monologue overload, and for the large dialogs and a bit of a confusing order. This comic is kinda plot-essential for Sasha's explanation in the next comic of what life in her village is like, so I had to put it in.
This comic is also a bit low on humor, because most of my jokes I wanted to reserve for later.
(Darker and Edgier, for example. And then there's what I had planned originally, which while possibly funny, would also make no sense. Afro-Argus. Let the nightmarish image fill your mind for just a second. >_< See why I scrapped it? :P)
I haven't corrected any typos, nor have I eliminated some elements of repetitiveness, but, meh, it's good enough for now.

I tweaked Argus's expressions a little; now he uses his hands as well! :)
You'll note I also had fluctuating eye colors in the cast from panel to panel, on Davos and Sasha. That's me "fixing" the JPEG art back to look at bit more BMP-ish. However, I'm not quite sure if the BMP is better, so I went back and forth. If you look at it, feedback would be appreciated! :) (Edit: PNG's are consistent!)
I also have a rather bad typo involving duplicate outcomes where I actually intended for there to be multiple. I've got a few minor ones here and there as well. The dialog's very messy, but, hey, I'm tired. I pulled what was an almost-all-nighter Monday Night, so today (Tuesday Night), I am dead tired. I'll fix it all later. ;)

You should also be aware of the mini-Argus and mini-Aria faces. Those are there to distinguish the speakers in a monologue. That's necessary because monologues play a HUGE part later on.

I made rather a few references throughout the comic; let's see if you can catch'em'all! :P
(I forgot to put in one about how it WOULD be possible to attack a city--you'd just need to up the amount of demons involved in the raid to the eleventh power. :P)

EDIT: Well, it's not perfect, but I've fixed some of the problems. The changes are mainly to the panels (making this comic even LONGER than before), to create better dialog. Less clutter, more time to write what I mean. I also introduce Sasha's name in-comic. (That means that all the Outcasts have been named in-comic. Next stop, Elementals and Latens! ...As soon as I think of the rest. :P)
Sasha's small comment was thrown in due to her arm movement in there--no real reason beyond that; it just seemed natural. 
The last comic looks like there could be confusion. Sasha's line can be spoken at any time. Davos's is after the Gambit is mentioned by name. Aria's is after Argus's last line.

Anyway, that's about it for updates. Small note, though. Remember when I said I'd probably not stop updating any time soon? Well, turns out I got stuck. I'm working on a solution, though! :)
(Converted from BMP to PNG, this is how it looked originally, and due to JPEG, this is what was shown.)


LifeGlitchArtist12th Aug 2013, 6:26 AM
I must say that this monologue is the most entertaining one I've read in a comic in quite some time. Good stuff, Ranger!
Bree19th Aug 2013, 4:19 PM
Heh, thanks. It's currently undergoing a bit of revision, so we'll see how that goes.
lawdstrikemedown17th Aug 2013, 11:49 AM
so many woooords.
Bree19th Aug 2013, 4:33 PM

Quite justifiably, you can argue too many. I AM trying to cut 'em down.




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