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Gives a lot of the backstory for The Elementals and Latens. Chaos became merged with *Insert*. The Agent of Chaos took some influences from *Insert* (Never thought of a fitting name for him. :/) as well as the Agent of *Insert*. The rest are pretty much self-explanatory.


NOTE: All pictures are just sketches to hopefully get a general idea of what is being described.

Map of the Continent of Aared: (Sketched)

The Hero Continent Aared

A young man named Arrow finds a bow inside a temple and decides to pick it up. A sudden burst of pain shoots through his body, but he overcomes it, and begins to use it…


It is the wing bow, the bow of the lord of wind, Aero. (Conflict: Is Aero just someone who was an extremely powerful wind user, the wind itself, or the god of wind? It has yet to be decided)

(Description: ) The two golden wings sprout out from a cylinder in the middle, capable of rapid fire. He experiments with his gift (leaving the temple, he is attacked by a small group of bandits, the first combat experience received), and begins his adventure…


He finds himself in a town (briefly, he is shown wandering the world map. While it looks the same as when the player is on the map, the player has no control; it’s a cut scene with game graphics), which will become his permanent residence (home base. He’ll travel and sleep in vehicles and stay in other villages, but this will be his home): Helios.

Hero New Town--Helios (Kinda) High Quality

(See Map Sketch) The noticeable features are the town inn—where he can rest and socialize at—and the blacksmith, where upgrades can be found for his new-found equipment.  Later, he will learn that the blacksmith knows all about his bow, at that point onward being able to upgrade it to be more powerful as well.


From the beginning, he knew he had the ability to hide all of his equipment inside of himself, and he does so when not in battle. (When he later discovers his true new nature, the armor shrinks until it is beneath him, the shoes lose their wings and convert back into normal leather, and the helmet vanishes into thin air. His bow remains—on his back—but it can be folded…the wings of the bow can fold until they enter the cylinder, leaving him only with ‘a golden accessory’, as the cylinder also shrinks to be about the size of a compass. He’ll often wear it on a keychain either around his neck or hanging from his pants. His eyes, however, remain gray, and anyone who also has power over elements can spot him out.)


(After accepting a quest from a villager and entering a boss battle, in which his initial abilities are no match) He then finds that the bow is capable of a lot more than shooting hundreds of arrows at once and finds out about air magic. At first, just used when firing his bow. But then he learns the magic is contained within him, so he is capable of launching blasts of wind magic.


He then finds the bow’s final ability, the feather arrows…the bow extends to be larger, and it shoots thousands of wings at the enemy, shredding them to pieces. (This is, again, after another random quest. He can’t travel on the world map, yet, because he only has one-time passes to get back into the village from those giving the quests.)


However, the bow has one last secret, as much later, in a battle that seems hopeless against a rather powerful enemy (who steals the bow), he then contacts Aero through the bow, learning that Aero now lives within him. He proceeds to immediately learn of his true potential when he releases Aero’s armor. (Comprised of a golden helmet with lightning bolts extending backwards, a golden suit of armor with white trimmings, and golden boots with wings extending forth, the suit is a piece of art.) (At this point, he takes his bow back and the player fights the boss)


He also learns that he can fly, or at least hover. After the battle is over and Arrow has rested, the two become very close friends; after all, they are stuck with each other until death. To further his skills—since Aero now has no such use for the bow—Aero teaches Arrow the full nature of the living bow (through ‘mind training’, a plain with enemies that give no gold or experience, but help the player understand their limits), as both know that it is just as alive as they are, albeit much harder to contact and connect with.


At this point, his ability to hide his new appearance has become more critical, and is also the time that the Blacksmith reveals he can help upgrade Arrow’s weapon. How he knows about such things is an enigma—perhaps he once knew an elementalist and got accustomed to such power or was one himself— (supposedly) “we’ll never know”, but for a price and when Arrow has enough experience (levels), he offers to upgrade anything in Arrow’s possession. Which means he now is capable of upgrading the bow, armor, gauntlets, boots, helmet, and—if the need arises for Arrow to use another weapon—he contains a vast degree of wind knives, daggers, and swords that are also upgradeable. The only cost: Gold (lots of it) and experience to use it (Levels).


Shortly afterwards—doing a seemingly minor quest for the ‘old man’ (the only other to know of Arrow’s power in the town) in the middle of the town—he meets a young woman named Nira, who he knew as a young boy (but does not recognize her, and knows not who she is until her name is revealed. Nira also does not recognize who Arrow is). He spots her green eyes and Aero comments on how she obviously has one of his female rivals in him—Gaia: the Earth, or Myra: Water. The two have a nice chat which they both know is false, and then leave towards an open area with no people. (Plains next to ‘the forest’) They do battle, and it is revealed she has Gaia inside of her (as her attacks are of nature). Her object initially appears to be a vine sword, but it is revealed that Earth has no object; it merely has a mark, a mark given to her on her arm, which she reveals. It is her final attack towards Arrow before the two stop doing battle, as neither are in any condition to fight.


At the time, Arrow had not recognized her. The battle over, he has nothing to do but ask her what her name is, and it takes a while for him to remember the significance of that name. As it did for Nira when Arrow revealed his name, but after they recover in a few hours, both remembers those names, and the two then travel together, despite the fact that Gaia and Aero are arch-rivals.


Because of that, Aero and Gaia are not exactly happy, but what can they do about it? The secret about the old man is finally revealed, as he stops altogether giving out small quests, revealing he knew the identity of both from the very start. He, himself, is just a messenger, to relay the danger a great, evil threat named *Insert*, who could destroy the world and elements unless the elements are united. Aero and Gaia confirm this (stating how they were afraid of it, and wanted it to be false, but with another confirming it, that it’d be true), and the two now set off to see if they can find the other two primary users, those of Fire and Water, Pyre and Myra.


Helios is still their hometown, though they visit mostly just to refill supplies and upgrade their equipment. The old man gives them missions still, but all are meant to improve the two’s abilities. (The first mission he gives them after their new identities is mandatory for the continuation of the plot. On their first mission, the old man instructs them to find a world map, after which they now have more easy access to towns outside. As a reward, he gives them a permanent pass into Helios)


Other towns they can visit include Eros, Tube City, Nature Valley, Korus, Pyre Village, and Mire Lake. (Refer to map sketch) These are all that are currently available, as on the world map, they are on a continent with no efficient method of crossing the seas. Technically, they could cross the mountains—over or under—but both routes require skills that they have yet to master. Tube City is the town where most minor elementalists of wind live, not to mention this city is the center of technology. However, Arrow’s Party is not currently trusted to access anywhere but Zone#1, where the basics of the city are explained. (The city later becomes available after the party initially leaves the continent of Aared, where they find a civilian from the city trapped, and—upon rescuing him—are granted access. It later becomes a necessity to visit there)


Nature Valley is the land where most minor nature users originate, but the vast zone is divided into eighteen sections…sections 1-4 are ground level, sections 5-8 are level -1, 9-12 are level -2 (level -1 and -2 are underground), 13-16 are level 2, 17-18 are level 3 (Level 1 is ground level, so 2 and 3 are in the trees) However, despite the fact that this is where Nira is most powerful, the people only allow access to zones 1 and 2, introducing them to this ‘city’. (After the group masters Tube City, an internal threat rocks the land, allowing them to save a group of traveling villagers from Nature Valley. Inside of Nature Valley’s other zones are powerful items, but nothing of plot significance)


(All locations are recommended to visit, as each contains quests and equipment for the characters to use before continuation of the plot. However, these are optional, as they can always be done later. [But later, there will be a lot more quests and equipments available, so they might get overloaded with these, paying attention to insignificant ones instead of important ones and vice-versa. Also, some things might not be available later in the game])


In the town of Pyre Village, the two notice how the town is unusually small, despite being the legendary location of the great fire pillar—from which the village gets the name—and the home of the most popular element, fire. It is revealed that a good portion of the village has been wiped out by *Insert*, as this mountainous region is the closest to his domain on the other side of the continent in the one place *Insert* is dominant, the Blood Plains. But *Insert* himself is on the other side of the word.


However, this fact is disturbing in the enlightenment that if he is attacking this far away, what happened to all the villages in-between? Aero and Gaia believe that *Insert* has just managed to cause chaos in those lands, but has not conquered them. Since there is so much chaos, he is free to move to locations he views as the key points to his possible defeat, most of which are on the same continent Arrow’s party is on.


After this dialog, a figure approaches and is clearly not an average man. (Description: ) On his side, he has a sword on his belt with no sheath, so Arrow can spot the fact that the blade is shaped like a living flame. Not to mention, there is his eyes; those red eyes are a dead giveaway.


Unlike with his meeting with Nira, the figure before them doesn’t try to lure them away (his identity well-known to the villagers), instead just drawing his sword and demanding (essentially) “What brings you here, Gaia and Aero, especially working together? It will be your deathbed, you know, considering how I am the element you two are weakest against.” Arrow insists on him calling them by their names, not by entities inside, at which he also asks the name of their assailant. The figure informs that he is Sarph, though he does not reveal his last name. (Then again, the players don’t know Arrow’s or Nira’s last names, either)


In the middle of the village, the three do battle, Sarph wanting to kill them just for fun. The battle is painful, but eventually the two tie with him (via a cut scene when any of the three drop below a quarter of their health), only ending the fight when all’s seals are damaged.


Arrow persuades Sarph to join them, promising him more than his fair share of battles against opponents that are tougher than he and Nira combined, which finally convinces him. He admits that his own power is not as great as he would like, so joining with the force of the elements he knows he is strong against might help him become more powerful.


With him at their side, the two try to leave, but are intercepted by a powerful commander from the armies of *Insert*, who promptly does battle with them. All three are only capable of fending this commander off, but unable to win (winning or losing produces the same result). They collapse out of energy exhaustion, and the commander leaves them to die thinking that they are not worth the effort; they are the most pathetic wielders of the known objects.


This encourages them to survive, implying that this monster has killed previous wielders of the bow (possibly), so Pyre, Gaia, and Aero demand revenge. Arrow, Nira, and Sarph admit they are not strong enough and are only saved from a slow death by the villagers who sympathize for them. (Also, they have to save Sarph at the least, since he is their role model.)


Arrow then tells Sarph that if they can’t become stronger, there is only one person who is capable of helping them defeat demons like that commander, and this person would likely be someone that Sarph hates. Sarph accepts the offer, knowing that a little discomfort would be acceptable.


However, he regrets those words as the three enter the Mire Lake to find that the villagers there are well aware of the powers that the three have (just like those at Pyre Village). They had expected no less from the minor users of Water, but at least their greeting was not hostile.


It is in the nature of water users to be a little more open, however, they are the most vulnerable—dwarfing even the mighty Fire user’s sudden tempers—to extreme attitude changes. Sometimes they can be friendly, yet the next moment they may be hostile. Sometimes they are warm and compassionate, while other times they are ice cold hearted. (This also means they are the most vulnerable to influence from *Insert*, though they are mostly free of this)


So it is no surprise when the three meet a figure in the middle of the town, saying that she is a good friend of the person they seek, who is currently in the underwater palace. They will have to wait a while for her to return, and hope that they can endure the emotional changes. After a little exploring and questing, the three conflict a person who reveals herself to be Miyar.


When Arrow requests that she join them—warning that the fate of her people may depend of it—she tells them that she is too busy occupied with other matters, but may be able to come, though shall not consider it unless the three defeat her in a full-blown fight. (The only way to convince the villagers that she has to leave the village to become stronger would be to lose in a fight)


The four fight, after which—when Miyar is defeated by her staff being cracked—she joins the other three. Arrow then proposes that the group explore around and try to muster all the defensive forces of the eastern continent they reside on, Halaxos (the eastern side is called Halaxos, the western side is called Beraithos, but the actual continent is Aared). If they can rally Halaxos under a common goal, then they would head west, half of the party above the mountains and half below. When emerging on the other side, they would try to repeat the process with the land of Beraithos. From there, they would head northeast towards the island of Nirthosia, where they could obtain support to fly southeast towards Virtuosi. This is the first island where chaos is known to have engulfed the land, so is their first goal of turning around.


The group agrees it is a good idea, so they head back to Helios, the starting point from which the army of unity would be created. There, the old man reveals that they should not so hastily depart, as there are still secondary elementalists around. They all use their own weapons and own unique elements, slightly weaker but a force to be reckoned with. He knows that they are out there and that there are likely more, but he knows of only two…Light and Darkness. Arrow asks how the old man would know, at which he reveals that—unlike the primary elements of Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind—users of secondary elements are not bonded for life to their element. He reveals that he once was the user of Darkness in his home town of Eros, but now has passed on his weapon to a new fighter. He still maintains some contact with ‘Dario’—as he called the element—but has lost almost all his power, being only able to enlarge his shadow to demonstrate.


The other user was of light and is the blacksmith the group knows so well, also retired and passed on his weapon. The blacksmith confirms this (hence contradicting the earlier quote), and the two agree to follow Arrow’s party as guests (Unusable in combat). That way, the blacksmith could still upgrade and sell items (assuming he’s in a location where he can access the needed resources), while the old man reveals that he is the owner of the store containing miscellaneous items and techniques, not to mention is the head of the training grounds (for training abilities and stats, at a slight gold cost). They’ll still charge a fee—after all, they can’t restock to help the team out if they have no money of their own and a ‘little’ profit won’t hurt them—the blacksmith’s price still being almost the same only with a slight discount and the old man’s items being relatively cheap.


The group first explores around Helios, finding that very few are willing to help. However, the town suddenly comes under attack, forcing the party to defend their hometown that they have known for so long. The party fights about a dozen brutes before a master shows up; the face of a familiar foe shows itself.


The opponent they now face is the same commander that left the party to their mercy before. However, someone appears out of the shadows and reveals herself to be the user of darkness. The name of their new ally is Aersin and she does not wish for the city to fall any more than Arrow’s group does; she mentions something about her friend killing her if she did. With the help of this new fifth member, the party destroys the commander, revealing himself to be one of the weakest of the chaotic army, yet one who had leveled cities.


Arrow then asks Aersin to join the group, at which she accepts. She does, however, request that the group visit Eros, her hometown. This path, however, leads directly past the ruins of Farad. When there, Arrow has a flashback of his past, but shakes it off as meaningless and unimportant. Nira also seems to have been affected, but she, too, hides this. However, there are two people who they can’t hide it from, and Aero asks Arrow what is going on. Arrow admits that he doesn’t know, but Arrow is capable of hiding some things from Aero. Gaia asks Nira what is wrong, at which she simply ignores Gaia.


From Farad, the group continues on to Eros, entering as normal.



That's all I have. It was Incomplete; I was still working on it. :/

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