Sanik's Backstory

Sanik was born in the town of Faragawa, capital and namesake of the nation Fargawania, which celebrated Four of the Eight Base-Elements: Wind, Earth, Fire, and Water, each with their own distinctive district. The Fire District (militaristic) and Water District (infrastructure) both isolated themselves, but the Earth and Wind districts were freely open to the other, in a constant friendly rivalry with each other. After The Battle of Faragawa, Sanik found himself awaking in the rubble of The Wind Temple (ironically in a cave). With nowhere better to go, he remained at the Wind Temple’s Ruins, where he trained in the art of archery, taking from there a sacred bow which granted him the ability to cast Wind Magic without multiclassing—he was a pure Wind Rogue. Eventually, Sanik left to go adventuring on his own, eventually encountering an Energy Warrior by the name of Celaren. They did so for years, forming an enterprise of adventuring, and creating a small band of mercenaries made up mostly of former-Fargawan military forces, to help defend towns in need of protection.

The duo continued until Celaren fell ill—he revealed that he was always sick, and that resting at his desert home had generally helped cure him. However, his disease was never as bad as it was beginning to be. Sanik put Celaren in the care of the Naturans (Earth-users) in the Natur Hub, who had the best healers in the nation. He told Celaren that when Celaren was well enough to fight again, he’d find Sanik in Helops, the new capital of the nation Helopia, made up of almost all of Fargawania. He handed reign of his mercenaries to one of their subordinates and—true to his word—hung around Helops, mostly doing the errands and small quests which the villagers there could provide him.

Eventually, though, he met up with Tyra (an Earth Joat), his childhood friend from Faragawa, and they had a friendly spar to find out if they were equals still—they were, as it ended in a stalemate. The two of them joined up adventuring, and became a well-known duo around the area, which attracted attention. Eventually, two rival Martial Artists (one of Dark, the other of Light) were instructed by their masters to work together and defeat the duo. The name of the two? Sinaer and Kinas.

Upon meeting each other, Sanik and Kinas recognized each other as being brothers, and so, the four struck up a bargain: Sanik and Tyra would lose their fights, in exchange for the Martial Artists traveling with them as adventurers. The two reluctantly agreed, and noting they had four opposite elements, began forming an idea, partially based off of his childhood experiences. To that end, they traveled to the Syr Mountains, home of the best Fire Warriors in the land, to see if they could pick up a recruit. They got one—Sarge (Fire Paladin), a former resident of Faragawa, came along after being bested in combat by Sanik and Tyra.

Next, they traveled to W’tyr Lake, where they wished to pick up a skilled practitioner of the Water Element—they got M, a Water Mage, who revealed origins also in Faragawa, who was talked into it by Kinas with Sinaer’s aid. Having obtained six of the eight elements, Sanik decided to travel into the desert and find the home of Celaren, because Celaren had mentioned that his brother, Enlecar, was a skilled Energy Martial Artist.

They found him, tinkering away at a vehicle, where they noted his mechanical skill. He turned their offer down, stating that he didn’t wish to be associated with the man who harmed his older brother. Sanik then asked where he learned to be a mechanic (running his shop in the middle of the desert would not have been the best place to have trained), and he mentioned the name of his mentor: the great tactician and inventor, Voss (Master Joat), of Lejus.

Kinas and Sinaer recognized that name, having known about him through their mentors (David and Ian, respectively), so the group went to their base-city, Helops, to recruit them. The two of them were convinced by their students to tag along, and with them in tow, Voss was persuaded to come along. Once Enlecar saw that they had conned Voss into adventuring with them, he reluctantly agreed to join Sanik’s group of adventurers, but kept his distance from Sanik himself. Having a nearly-complete group, they decided to go to Yeras Wharf, the northern boundary of the kingdom, an icy village next to the mountains with access to the ocean.

It is there that they found Nathan Betrax (Ice Martial Artist), who Sanik initially passed him up on (not seeing much talent in Nathan), but which Kinas insisted on having with them. Their full group of eleven assembled, they adventured throughout the nation, helping it become respected under its new name, expanding its boarders even further than they had gone as Fargawania.

This attracted unwanted attention. When an army of demons wished to invade Soano, they decided to pick a fight with a noticeable target: Helopia. The Elementals fought back, and drove them into their own realm. Sanik performed a Heroic Sacrifice, sealing himself inside the portal to Soano, ensuring the demons would never get through. There, he was lost, until some many months/years later when the group recovered him from a volcano—he was a little bit broken.

It took him a long time to recover, with Tyra’s help, but eventually, the group came back and they stood united once more. Though Sanik had a little bit of a change to make:

He had lost his bow, so he decided to multiclass, into Woodsman.


Now with their group back to its former glory, the Elementals became known as the “Elemental Fighters for the Land”, honored as the greatest heroes Helopia had to offer. And once more, this attracted attention. But the threat they faced didn’t start at some distant town, like the demons of years ago and all other threats had. No, this threat attacked straight at the heart of Helopia: Helops, The Elementals’ main base. Their leader, An "Agent Of Chaos", proved to be more than a match for The Elementals, and they were forced to flee from their dark foe. In the process, they lost all their levels, most of their abilities, and the majority of their items.


At their new home of Hidenva, Sanik heard of the aftermath caused by the Battle Of Helops, where the cost of victory was too high for Sanik to accept. They, the heroes of the land, were now half-way across the world, reset to zero, with no means to get back and nothing to accomplish should they make it. The Elementals were disbanded, but when Sanik received a message from Voss, he did everything in his power to reassemble his adventuring party.

It was a chance for The Elementals to be given a new start. Voss forged Sanik’s current armor, informing him it was once a suit of an angel which was lost to the same void Sanik was trapped in. Sanik had apparently connected to it, and while Voss wasn’t able to get the suit itself, he managed to build a replacement for it. He also gave Sanik a duplicate of Kinas’s Light Dagger to go along with the angelic armor and (of course) his Wind Ring, among his other gifts.


And with this, Sanik became who he is today—the Wind Paladin of The Elementals.

Note: The above is slightly censored to remove all spoilers. To see the unspoilered version, you can read Sanik's story along with the others here. Read at your own risk, though.

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