Tyra's Backstory

Tyra’s backstory is interwoven with Sanik’s, starting off much the same way as his does: she was born in the town of Faragawa, capital of Fargawania. She always questioned why the city only covered four of the eight base elements, and Sanik agreed, thinking it was quite unusual. And how they were far from as united as the casual observer was led to believe: The Fire District (militaristic) and Water District (infrastructure) both isolated themselves, but the Earth and Wind districts were freely open to the other, in a constant friendly rivalry with each other.

Like with Sanik, she remained there until The Battle Of Faragawa, during which she tried to flee the city, but slipped on the mountain pass, falling unconscious as she hit the rocks. When she awoke to see the carnage of the battle, she vowed never to let that kind of violence transpire again, devoting her life to saving others. To that end, she found the remnants of The Earth Temple when climbing down the cliff, finding a priestess there, fading away with nobody else around to succeed her. Realizing that Tyra was her only hope, she marked Tyra with a tattoo on her left arm, giving her an inherent access to Earth magic.

There, she trained herself with multiple weapons, from bows to crossbows to guns to darts to throwing knives to shurikens to whips, to axes to spears to swords to hammers to maces to daggers to staves…covering all of them, to see their inner workings, to understand how each weapon worked, mastering them all to best understand how to help stop them on the battlefield. Then she did something ambitious: she forged her own sets of weapons. She made a sword to go along with her bow, an axe to go with her throwing knives, and a whip to combine melee with range—basically, giving two light-weapons to pair with each other and two specialized-weapons to pair with each other.

And once she had trained herself in the arts of weaponry, she made sure she was well-acquainted with her magic as well—while she was technically a Joat, the fact that her magic was by gift/inheritance rather than by choice meant that she could (in gaming terms) invest minimal points in there while still dishing out lots of damage. And from here, she decided to focus on healing, traveling to Natur Hub to train in herbal medicines and the like from the local healers. She remained on the staff there for years, becoming one of their best healers due to her extensive knowledge about how to deal with various different types of wounds (intuition) and her gift giving her good instinct.

And there, she remained, until a maddened warrior broke out and massacred the staff which were trying their best to heal the fighter. Driven by rage and pain, the warrior left a trail of bodies when breaking through the forest and ran away—they were fortunate that it was in the direction away from the city, instead of into its center, where serious damage could have been done before being subdued. Tyra was among the casualties, but managed to survive (barely) due to being a little hardier than the other healers, owing to her extensive training. Swearing to track down the warrior who had caused so much harm and confront the fighter, to learn more about the warrior and what to do (kill for revenge, mercy, suffering-by-sparing, or attempting to heal), she left with a small group of her apprentices.

There, she traveled throughout the nation, unsuccessfully trying to find the warrior, while her group went through several towns and humbly offered their services as healers. She denied any requests to be grounded in a location, or to be ‘hired’ out to people like the mercenaries who were always ending up wounded from their enterprising missions. That is, until she met Sanik (Wind Rogue) in the new nation’s (Helopia) capital, Helops. After their spar (which ended in a draw), Sanik convinced Tyra to tour the capital, and when she looked at it, she decided that she could settle down in the area. After consulting her healers, they gave their advice, that most of them could use the rest as well, and eventually, with all but a few who wished to continue on, most of them decided to stay in the city.

And from here, she and Sanik began adventuring together. Their adventuring duo became well-known enough to attract attention, eventually coming into conflict with another well-known duo (though they insisted they weren’t a duo), both Martial Artists of opposite elements (Light and Darkness), Kinas and Sinaer. Sanik and Kinas formed an agreement, which Sinaer reluctantly agreed to, and Tyra (not particularly thrilled with the idea of the fight) agreed to without a moment’s hesitation—Sanik and Tyra would lose, in exchange for Kinas and Sinaer traveling with them.

Now with four of the eight elements in their party, Sanik began forming a plan with Kinas and Tyra, bouncing the idea off of Tyra. Kinas wasn’t sure about it, but Tyra (having realized Sanik’s intentions) agreed instantly, having shared a similar life to his and coming to the same conclusion: that a unified band of adventurers covering all of the elements would be a strong force for good. With some convincing, Kinas agreed, and the four headed off throughout the land to make Sanik and Tyra’s childhood dream come true. First came the Syr Mountains, where they met Sarge (Fire Paladin), another of Faragawa, who joined after Sanik and Tyra bested him in combat. Then they went to W’tyr Lake, picking up the local resident genius, M (Water Mage), who they learned was also from Faragawa.

Unified in their common pasts so far, Sanik decided to try his luck, traveling through the desert to find Enlecar (Energy Martial Artist). Unable to convince him to come along, Tyra suggested to Sanik that they try and get his mentor, who might persuade him. After learning the name of his mentor, Kinas and Sinaer both brightened up, mentioning that their mentors were good friends of Voss (Master Joat). Since both of their mentors resided at the time in the capital, back they went to see if Kinas and Sinaer could talk the two settled-down men to go back into their youthful days and travel again. To Tyra’s surprise, they agreed. With both of them, it didn’t take much time for Voss to be persuaded, though he associated himself a lot more with Kinas and Sinaer than he did Sanik, Tyra, Sarge, or M.

Enlecar was stunned to see Voss again, and once he realized what they had done, he was reluctantly talked into coming along, on the condition that he didn’t have to associate with Sanik—this unnerved Sanik, but Tyra calmed him down, saying that he’d be fine with Kinas, and that Sanik should trust his brother. Which means when they met Nathan Betrax (Ice Martial Artist) in his hometown of Yeras Wharf, it was she who ended up getting Sanik to take Kinas’s advice and let the young man tag along with them, despite his incompetence and divided personality.

Through several major adventures across the land, their adventuring group (The Elementals) became widely known, and the boarders of the nation Helopia began to expand by quite some margin in large part due to the aid of The Elementals. It didn’t take long for Helopia to become grander than Fargawania ever was, a fact which made The Elementals quite proud to have sparked something so profound. When a demon army invading Soano decided to pick a fight with Helopia, however, things went bad. They proved to be a challenge like none other The Elementals had faced, and at multiple points, the group was on the verge of shattering. But they held together, and with the support of the whole nation eventually unified, they managed to push the demons back, causing a stalemate.

Realizing that the blood and carnage could go on for far longer and cost many more lives, Sanik decided to sacrifice himself for the good of the land, sealing off the demons’ portal, at the cost of him being trapped on the other side. Tyra, while heartbroken, was chosen by The Elementals to pick up Sanik’s mantle, taking over as the leader of The Elementals. She retired her whip, and switched from favoring axe-and-knives to bow-and-sword. And she had to deal with the fallout the demons had caused. While the main portal had been sealed, several lesser portals existed, scattered across the land, each with pockets of demons pouring out. She had to seal them up, while dealing with the politics of the nation, subduing any who planned to take advantage of the weakened nation at the cost of harming others. Bandit raids, demon attacks…

She led the nearly-fractured Elementals through it all, and despite no longer being whole, their heart and soul member having apparently died, they lived on in legend, becoming as grand as ever, with Sanik’s name immortalized as the savior of the land. Once the demon threat was dealt with permanently, Tyra learned from the last demon that their dimension was beginning to collapse, and all the demons within were either immigrating to other demon dimensions, or being killed off by ‘the white angel of death’, guarding the volcanic entrance to Soano.

The Elementals rushed to this volcano, where they found a battered and broken Sanik, desperately fighting off a swarm of demons. When their threat was repelled, ended forever, Sanik collapsed, apparently having seen his mission as being fulfilled, not even remembering anything before he became its guardian. Seeing Sanik in his broken state, she stepped down as leader, handling the mantle to Sarge (who volunteered to take over), while putting herself in the care of Sanik, knowing he needed her both physically (she being a skilled healer) and mentally (her knowing him better than anyone else) to recover.

When he eventually returned (multiclassing to Wind Woodsman), Tyra came back with him, and they met with Sarge, who had been leading The Elementals on in her absence to some grand threat. When people learned Sanik was back from the dead, the threat The Elementals were facing fled in terror, recognizing Sanik and Tyra more than they did the name Sarge. (Though he made an impression of his own…)

Now with their group back to its former glory, the Elementals became known as the “Elemental Fighters for the Land”, honored as the greatest heroes Helopia had to offer.


Then The Battle Of Helps kicked in. Weakened by the fighting before the Agent Of Chaos revealed himself, there wasn't much Tyra could do to stop The Elementals from being overpowered. Knowing there was so much to learn, it was painful to be forced to flee with only half the truth revealed, but she had no choice. In the process, Tyra's tattoo faded away and she lost the weapons she had, leaving her with nothing once she arrived at Hidenva.



And then Voss’s message came. He had prepared for everything, no matter how unlikely, including seeing Tyra’s dilemma, offering her a new start. Having lost her weapons during the fight and her ability to cast magic, he knew she would feel powerless, so copied her spear and bow, upgrading them. And to give her the powers she once possessed, he gifted to her the Crystal Amulet. And now with a method of healing again, now armed with weapons again, she became an Earth Rogue, deciding that she would help out in a more passive way.


This is how she became who she is to this day, the Earth Rogue (with a little extra...) of The Elementals.

Note: The above is slightly censored to remove all spoilers. To see the unspoilered version, you can read Sanik's story along with the others here. Read at your own risk, though.

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