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About that, "this is my current comic" thing...
by Bree on 5th Oct 2016, 1:49 AM

I really want this comic to be my comic, and not die off forever.

I really, really want it.

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want it.

But, unfortunately...

...There's a project I'm slightly more passionate about, called Red Hood Rider.

That's not to say work is indefinitely on hold in regards to The Descended! Quite the contrary, I continue working on it even when I quite frankly shouldn't be. For instance!

I've finally figured out the geography behind Soano. That's something I hadn't mapped out before, but now, I actually have an idea of what makes the world of Soano actually be a world. I also have in mind a soft-reboot which would tweak the earliest pages to be, one, shorter, two, done from paper scanned and drawn as is my new norm, and three...with better everything involved. But this would not be a full reboot. I wouldn't touch the later pages, and the events wouldn't change. Just the number of pages, and the contents thereof, to make the comic smoother, less cluttered, and overall, just...better.

And finally!

You can thank Red Hood Rider for this.

I figured out how to, at least in theory, save the old pages! You know, those fluff things I wanted to delete but didn't because I didn't want to lose them?

Now I know how to save them!

At least, that's the hope.

So not directly related to The Descended...
by Bree on 7th Aug 2014, 2:06 PM

...But I need to mention it somewhere, so it might as well be here, in my blog, since it's kinda sorta VAGUELY relevant to the comic (but not really). Basically, on my ComicFury profile, I have...way too many comics/"comics" listed. So today, I hid a couple. You can still access them, but you need URLs for them. So here they are. Digital Art Dump was meant to be a somewhat-streamlined version of Miscellaneous Madness, focusing on my purely digital work that was not done seriously, but I never put up everything, and it's a bit redundant with Miscellaneous Madness, so I've hidden it from CF.

Spirit Of The Analyst was meant to be a sort-of spinoff of Werewolf, but instead of focusing on the game itself, focusing on the scene behind the game: PMs. Of which, I made plenty, basically pioneering the process of PMs being exchanged on a consistent basis. However, while doing this project would be a wonderful insight into the past of ComicFury site culture, it is basically just that--a remnant of an older time, one which has long-since passed. Though I hold great sentimentality, I don't hold enough to think that it warrants being public on my profile.

I also moved ComicFury Character Battle down on the list, since while the RPG that spawned from it is still (somewhat) alive, the actual tournament has since died out, and it's another remnant of an age now passed. It holds enough value and sentimentality (not to mention, hope of the future) that I am not going to hide it, but it's not going to be as emphasized as it once was.

YAW gets to stay because the images there are unique and not posted anywhere else, so I don't want to hide them and hey, the comic's one that is basically an image-blog; I could revive it on a whim at any time. Writer's Mind, as one of my most successful comics, gets to stay even if it's been discontinued, and is similar to YAW in that I could revive it at any time. Wing It gets to stay because I have a fond spot in my heart for that comic, even if I never managed to actually keep it going. The images there also show how much I've grown as an artist, too. College gets to stay in part out of sentimentality and in part because I have hopes of reviving the comic. My rambles get to stay because I see that 'comic' (blog, really) as being really, really important. Wolf Hunt, as my first successful CF comic, gets to stay for the sentimentality, and The Other DN gets to stay because of the sentimentality attached to AEGames and the tribute that these comics were to them. And both Comic Battles get to stay, as my first webcomics ever and in the case of R, being the project I plan to continue next after The Descended is finished.

...Yes, I am really bad at spring cleaning, why do you ask? :P

Buthey, at least it's a bit cleaner and less cluttered. This will help any viewing my profile more easily be directed where I want their attention to go: here, to my current webcomic.


...And YES, this is my CURRENT webcomic, not another webcomic on hiatus, thankyouverymuch. I'm doing work on it! As much as I can given my circumstances.

I have news!
by Bree on 29th Jun 2014, 5:21 PM

Yes, NEWS!

So, uh...some is good news, some might be...y'know...bad.

Let's start with the good news. I passed 40 subscribers! That might seem insignificant, but it's a huge milestone, when I never expected to get so much as 20, and here I am at double that. I was stalled at the high-30s for the longest time, but then kara came along at 39, Dollipop was 40, and gloriouskao is 41! Which means I also need to give a thank-you to all the other subscribers since my last milestone! I'm likely not going to make an image, so have it in verbal form: MooingMoe at 21, xianyu118 at 22, BlueMoon63 at 23, RyoshiMicci at 24, carnationcrab at 25, Freakout9000 at 26, pao at 28, ataeaf at 29, Paradoxify at 30, LifeGlitchArtist at 31, christin-a at 32 (big shout-out to him, too, for his support), Adventure! at 33, AEWilson at 34, Zannthesword at 35, HolyLancer at 36, Joz at 37, and DomDijon at 38!

Of course, I skipped one who I wanted to have an extra-special mention to, that being Kristy of Wake the Sleepers fame. It means so much when you have a person who is essentially your comic-making idol be counted among the list, no matter how much investment they may have in it.

Also, we're coming up on July 23rd! It's not only the date that marks the relaunch of the comic, but ALSO my birthday, and half-year anniversary of the comic in general. (Well, not quite, but I say half-year. My comic, my rules on timing.) It's going to have been two years since the relaunch began. Two years! And the comic itself is coming up on a 5.5th-year anniversary, too! (For that matter, my membership on ComicFury as well.) All good things!


...And now for the quite sadly much larger list of bad things. The computer I've had pretty much ever since I was on here? The one literally everything to do with my comic is stored on? Yeah, that one? It's in its last legs. Dieing. Guess what that's done to the comic! (Yep. Totally speeds it up, right? Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah......) It's simultaneously not a big deal and a much, much larger problem than you'd think. That computer's where everything important I've gotten stored over the years goes. Not just pictures, but also documents. And not just that. Browser history. Cookies. Bookmarks. All of that, on a computer I can no longer rely on, in which any boot-up could be its last.

Oh, and while I've gotten a decent amount of that backed up, not even close to all of it is.

Plus, my art programs are on there. Granted, the programs I use are free, so not too hard to download, but still...a bit tedious.

Then there's the fact that my backup computer (the one I'm using now) was supposed to be used for other things--things that are less resource-intense for the most part. It's a weaker computer overall. (It is my BACKUP computer, not my primary one, for a reason!) death, very very bad news for comic-making.

What's worse is that I have a couple of artistic obligations that I must finish before I can work on my comic, since they were impacted by the crash as well. (I do not like breaking my word.)

Yet the largest hit of all is to my mental state. Yeah, the files are recoverable, but this has served as a catalyst in spiraling me into a bit of a depression. A...really, really noticeable one. That's...kinda bad.


Plus, even if I do get my computer up and running, I don't exactly have anything planned to show for any of the anniversaries I've mentioned.

So basically, aside from those who would read my blog (nobody reads blogs)...the comic will continue to appear dead for...quite a while. (Though if it's any consolidation, I just wrote down three pages of mostly-brand-new material for the story.)

Ooh, shiny!
by Bree on 26th May 2014, 1:41 PM

One of the things that was bugging me for the longest time is that my comic had the default small little icon thingy in the browser, rather than something customizable. It didn't take me long to figure out (once I bothered to stop slacking off) that this little thingy was called a favicon, and knowing its name, it didn't take me long to figure out how to create and then implement one. So, yay! I have just that little bit of an extra touch for customization! (You'd almost think me a half-way competent coder with all of this work I've done. ...Almost.) Not sure if the Argus icon will be the final (I also made a leaf one, and am considering among others making a feather one), but at least I have one!

Also, I've made significant progress on my overhaul of the Cast Page! Now, I still need to streamline everyone's fighting style/bio/personality, finish the formatting for the characters I haven't done yet, edit The Latens' group description, and all of that not going into the images I'll have to draw and the cross-linking I want to get going (basically, I want it so that you can essentially have a wiki article on the site in these pages: something that has links to every relevant section should you need to reference them), but still...this feels amazing!

I have a site. That's basically more of my design than it is of the default design by this point in time. Which is getting sharper and sharper and cleaner and cleaner and with luck, more professional-looking and easily-navigatable and cool-looking. Basically all done by me. This feels great!

Cleaning continues.
by Bree on 25th May 2014, 9:34 PM

Rather, experimenting, in this case. I played around with the fonts on the site. Assuming your computer/browser supports them, you should see changes to the header at the top (The Descended), along with changes to the Blog, Overview, Comic, and Extra Page top fonts. They work on my computer, and look cool on my computer (though the spacing may be a tad bit off), but if they don't, well...I kinda need others to tell me about it.

I also realize the fancier fonts may clash a bit with the more plain fonts for the sub-titles, but that's not something I want to risk playing around with changing until after I know that the fancier font does in fact enhance the look of the site.

Also, I added on comic pages a note to make it more clear that, yes, you can navigate via arrow keys. Not sure that's where I'll keep the note, but having it I think is nice.

I've also nearly-finished my initial sweep (it's going to take more than one) of the cast appearances page, so progress is being made! Not nearly as much as I wanted, but thankfully, Memorial Day weekend means that I've got more time than normal to go about things. A little touch-upping here, a little revision of the characters page there, a fair dosage of revision on the extras page, and we'll at least be in decent shape for people trying to figure things out.

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