We know. The Descended is a story a bit hard to follow. The World of Soano is extremely complex, and telling the story of those that have fallen over such great lengths of time makes it a bit difficult to keep track of who's who, especially with such a large cast. So that is why this page exists--to help alleviate the pain and ease suffering. With this page as a reference, you'll have everything you need to know about any character who matters...and even some that don't.



Heroes: holding the moral high-ground to the enemies they face, they dominate their opponents thanks to the friendship bonding their varied skillsets together. Not afraid to ask for help when it's needed, but being strong enough not to need it.

These guys...aren't that type of hero. They lie, they cheat, their powers are widely unbalanced, and their dysfunctional bond is held together only by loosely-similar objectives, all of them having deeply flawed problems in their personas as a result of (or perhaps the cause of) their falls. They may fight forces which are worse than them, but they are far from what you'd want in a savior.

Welcome to the protagonists of The Descended.

The Outcasts


The Outcasts

The Outcasts (primary protagonists of The Descended) are a group of adventurers formed by Argus, intent on leveling up while learning valuable abilities along the way. However, each is not as they seem, possessing unique qualities and flaws rendering them less likely to be accepted by normal people as anything other than thr adventurers they strive to be. Despite these traits, each contains power far beyond what their low level would suggest, thus, have strength like no others to save (or destroy) the world they live in. Each a deeply-troubled individual and lacking heroic qualities, they're not typical heroes in any traditional sense, but it doesn't matter; they share a common thread of living abnormal lives, so for various reasons, have joined Argus on his quest: reascend as a Chaotic Evil god.

"Hey, it's not my fault I was nerfed on the verge of Omnipotence!"


Argus drawn

 Full Name: Jason Argo Maustrat.

 Age: Unknown. (80+) Appears in mid-20s to low-30s.

 Height: Average Adventurer. (6')

 Weight: Below Average Adventurer. (160 lbs)

 Orientation: Heterosexual.

 Gender: Male.

 Pronouns: He/Him.

Battle Info: Level 10 Human Male Chaotic (technically) Evil Master Joat. (Originally Human Male Lawful Good Storm Mage.)

Weapons: Various. (Prefers Spells.)

Fighting Style: Argus typically drags battles out, gaining bonus experience/evil points, as he's easily able to end nearly any fight he'd engage in. (He's not the type to enter into a battle he's not sure he'll win.) When getting serious, he'll unleash a torrent of energy spells, including his signature spell Storm3. However, he is equally competent at melee, ranged, and other elemental affinities.

Appearance: Black spiked hair (dark gray highlights), black robes. Pure blue left eye, hidden pure red right eye, evil-pale skin. Crimson horns and white wings both capable of being hidden.

Homeland: Hidenva.

Bio: Argus's history is the driving force behind The Descended, and therefore will be revealed over time; a significant amount of the comic details it, and how it influences his future. What's known, though, is that he once was a Lawful Good Storm Mage (hence the preference for energy spells), who adventured across the whole World of Soano until reaching level 900 and ascended with Hank, yet the balance of power forced him to be kicked out and nerfed to level 1, triggering the change in his alignment as he set out for revenge against his former ally. His years of experience mean many are familiar with him, for better or worse.

Personality: Argus, a brilliant old eccentric evil large ham, has the negative traits you'd associate with someone like that: verbose and prone to rambling on his experiences. In spite of that, he is a charismatic charmer (with a unique outlook on life) and is the person doing the talking for The Outcasts. (Which can stir trouble.) Though highly arrogant, his condescending nature is easily justified by his years of knowledge and natural intelligence allowing him to plan out a winning strategy before he's even certain there will be a conflict. (Having the abilities to back up what he says helps, too.)

While far more jaded than he was, Argus maintains a level of idealism even in his now-selfish goals, which (to his chagrin) bleed through to actions: technically Chaotic Evil, his lifetime history as a Lawful Good character leaves bad habits in his otherwise-twisted heart, slipping up and performing acts of good when he intended to do evil. Yet be warned; his low level and him purposefully choosing to appear as such means that he is easily seen as less of a threat than he truly is, but anyone who pushes the wrong buttons will find out the hard way that he earned his new alignment and they've ticked off a near-absolute monster.

"Rogues are manipulative. They cheat, steal, rob, lie, backstab, run, and in general do whatever they need to live.

Lawful Good characters are honorable, bound to uphold the law, and do what’s right. The two do not mix well."


Aria Face Portrait Drawn

 Full Name: Aria L(evi). Fulor.

 Age: Unknown. (40+) Appears 26.

 Height: Below Average Adventurer. (5'6")

 Weight: Far Below Average Adventurer. (90 lbs)

 Orientation: MOSTLY Heterosexual. (Won't date girls, probably won't have sex with them, but will flirt and maybe kiss them.)

 Gender: Female.

 Pronouns: She/Her.

Battle Info: Level 12 Ghost Female Lawful Good (element undisclosed) Rogue. (Originally Human.)

Weapons: Dual daggers, Amulet of Solidification, Ghost non-elemental Magic.

Fighting Style: Aria starts battles like a warrior, attacking enemies head-on to test and experiment on her opponents, slowly transitioning into more rogue techniques. Picking up a bad habit from Argus, she's often playful, stealing from her enemies and drawing fights out for amusement, but can instantly move in for the kill with cheap tricks and attacks from behind she's been setting up the whole fight. Because of her desire for humanity, she will often avoid using ghostly abilities (except to tease opponents), but when getting serious, she'll unleash everything.

Appearance: Brown shoulder-length hair, large sapphire-blue eyes, slightly-pale skin. Has an amulet around her neck. Wears brown leather armor with an orange trim. Larger head, smaller limbs, and somewhat transparent. Somewhat-large chest size.

Homeland: Unknown.

Bio: Aria's past is largely a mystery, but it's known she was a Lawful Good rogue and that early-on in her adventuring career, the compulsion to help others with her weaker build led to her demise. The way she died preventing her from moving on, and unwilling to accept death, she lingered around the area she was slain in, deriving entertainment from occasional victims while she simply waited for something to help. Argus gave her that chance with the Amulet of Solidification, which she intends to use for a second life, her ultimate goal to be no longer relying on the amulet. To achieve this, she travels with Argus as his second, acting as his foil.

Personality: A similar opposite to Argus, Aria can drag a conversation out for fun or bring it to a close with snark. No slouch, she's naturally cunning, able to catch Argus's thoughts before anyone else can. This mainly manifests through her playful manner (she teases Argus and has banter with him more than any other), as her being a ghost has left her craving entertainment. Highly cynical, her interpretation of Lawful Good is extremely loose, meaning that while technically fitting, she takes a far more pragmatic approach to the alignment. She still follows it well enough to keep Argus's antics in check (mainly by torturing him mentally), but is not even remotely your typical Lawful Good character.

"I don't enjoy being Good. I was born as this alignment; I certainly didn't choose this.

Who wants to rely on donors? I want to go out and suck blood!"


Davos Face Portrait Drawn

 Full Name: Davos T. Vedmir.

 Age: 26.

 Height: Average Adventurer. (6'2")

 Weight: Average Adventurer. (185 lbs)

 Orientation: Hybrid of Heterosexual and Demisexual. (Doesn't fall for girls often, but when he does, falls for them HARD.)

 Gender: Male.

 Pronouns: He/Him.

Battle Info: Level 13 (Pureblooded) Vampire Male Neutral Good Storm Paladin.

Weapons: Double-side bladed staff, various vampiric abilities, basic energy spellcasting skills.

Fighting Style: The main combatant of The Outcasts, Davos serves to engage in melee fights, especially duels. Despite being a vampire, he uses almost none during combat (thanks to lack of experience and trauma), relying on staffsmanship and spells to get by...yet thanks to his lethally-efficient training, that's more than enough.

Appearance: Black spikey shoulder-length hair (dark crimson highlights), blood red eyes, deathly pale. Wears black plate armor with gray and crimson trimmings.

Homeland: The Academy.

Bio: Davos's full history is tied to a future story arc, but the basic version is that he was orphaned at an extremely young age especially for a vampire and mysteriously sent to The Academy to learn how to fight...yet this training came at great mental harm the more he endured. Though the best staff user there (and therefore given the honor of weilding his Black Staff), a tragic incident triggered him leaving, after which he wandered the land bitter about his alignment but being unable to change it. Then, Argus met him defeating an opponent by using the vampiric ability Drain5, and after Argus said he traveled with "the most powerful vampire in the land" with a promise to teach Davos to use his natural vampiric abilities, Davos agreed to follow.

Personality: Physically and mentally an intelligent adult, Davos is still emotionally a child: curious, easily frustrated, impatient, and easily scarred for life. As a result, his nature varies on his emotional state: lacking them, a psycho; controlling them, a wise sage; being controlled by them, an idealistic forgetful (and thus, slightly naive) child. Vampires aging as they do, the third is his default, with him going into the other two when needed or choosing to (for instance, contributing knowledge well beyond his years). Born Neutral Good and unable to change his alignment, Davos is felt compelled to do acts of good, in spite of bitterly hating them. Jaded and cynical, he is certainly not happy that he needs to do good (his psychotic side showing this strongest), thus why one of his main reasons for traveling with Argus is to get a better hold on his vampiric nature and overcome its faults.

"Always chaotic evil, been done. Not, yet perceived so anyway, seen it before.

Tragic past where friends died at the hand of a Warrior, certainly not new.

If you can't stop yourself from being clichéd, you might as well do what you want."


FaceMaker Version

 Full Name: Sasha Gold Oblong.

 Age: 24.

 Height: Far Below Average Adventurer. (5'2")

 Weight: Average Adventurer. (170 lbs)

 Orientation: Heterosexual-Demisexual.

 Gender: Female.

 Pronouns: She/Her.

Battle Info: Level 7 Goblin Female Chaotic Good Light Paladin.

Weapons: Sword, Goblin Skills, some very limited offensive magic.

Fighting Style: Having a kind nature wishing to avoid harm, she prefers to sit on the sidelines of battles as a healer, but thanks to her experience and Goblin heritage as a warrior, she is lethal if someone makes the mistake of assuming she is just a healer: she's the only member of The Outcasts to consistently take fights seriously, so if alternative methods of threat neutralizing fail, her fighting's the most lethal and precise on the team.

Appearance: Dark green skin, forest-green hair, animalistic yellow eyes, pointed ears, golden earrings (one large ring on lower ears, two smaller on upper ears). Wears brown leather armor with an orange trimming. Chest slightly-below average size.

Homeland: A destroyed goblin village (former); an unnamed village.

Bio: Not much is known about Sasha's past prior to her introduction to the story. What's known is that her goblin home village was slaughtered mercilessly by a Darkness Warrior and that Sasha was one of the only survivors of this ruthless attack. After having witnessed such an atrocity, she devoted her life to doing good, traveling around the land as a healer for some time. Eventually coming to a village desperately requiring her aid, she settled down to help, where she is found at the beginning of the story.

Personality: Middle-aged for a Goblin, Sasha is a wise and motherly figure for all she extends her care to. One of the kindest, most genuinely-nice members of the cast (albeit one still willing to be stubborn and outspoken about her beliefs), her strong-willed attitude is in frequent conflict with the selfish and uncaring attitude of her teammates. But though calling them out on their actions, her calm and understanding nature means she travels with them all the same, knowing they do more good tham harm especially with her around. While never unreasonable, she can be impulsive, acting before a plan has been formed, yet often for the better.

The Elementals:

The Elementals Updated












                                                                      The Elementals

The Elementals (secondary protagonists) are a group of adventurers founded by Sanik with the intention of having all eight elements united as an adventuring party. Though ultimately successful (and becoming heroes of the land as a result), they eventually lost everything after The Battle of Helops, which altered them at the fundamental level.

Now rebuilt (minus The Latens), they still have a call to adventure, but their focus has shifted towards protecting others and seeking the truth, as the closest to traditional heroes among the cast. Not nearly as strong as they once were, their main struggle is with adjusting to the realization that they are weak and still just as ignorant as ever. Still, they are fighting through all the same, with the occasional aid of their former-comrades-turned-rivals.

"Adventure Away!"


Updated Looks

 Full Name: Sanik Archer Ronado.

 Age: 30.

 Height: Average Adventurer. (6'2")

 Weight: Average Adventurer. (180 lbs)

 Orientation: Heterosexual.

 Gender: Male.

 Pronouns: He/Him.

Battle Info: Level 15 Human Male Lawful Good Wind Paladin.

Weapons: Light Dagger, Non-Standard Wind Magic.

Fighting Style: Sanik frequently employs Wind Magic to help aid his team, buffing them up and reigning customized Wind Magic Spells at his enemies from above, frequently neglecting the Warrior half of his build, since he is equipped with only a dagger.

Appearance: Gray spiked hair (light-gray highlights), light gray eyes. Wears rusted gold armor with a gray trim. Bears a Wind Ring on his right ring finger. Has a faded gold headband.

Homeland: Fargawania/Helopia, in cities Faragawa[Earth-Wind district] & Helops (former); Hidenva.

Bio: Sanik is the Leader and Founder of The Elementals. Like with the rest of The Elementals, Sanik was born in the city of Faragawa, and when the Battle of Faragawa was fought, Sanik found refuge in his city's Wind Temple. There he trained with a Wind Bow for many years, before he began a career as a pragmatic mercenary adventurer. This lasted until he met Tyra, a childhood friend of his, and with her at his side, the idea of The Elementals began to form in his head. After several dozen more adventures, he succeeded in his goal, and within time, The Elementals were the most renowned group in their nation of Helopia due to his leadership, growing even during the time he was thought to be dead. Hundreds of adventures later, after The Battle of Helops, Sanik disbanded The Elementals briefly, until he received a message from honorary member Voss, about his fate and the fate of his group. While Kinas parted ways with him to form The Latens, Sanik got the rest of the band back together, rearmed himself, and got ready to start again, renewed in his determination.

Personality: Sanik holds the rare honor of being the only character post-fall to become more idealistic than what he used to be, adapting more noble codes of conduct and as a result becoming less pragmatic and more honorable. However, other than his new outlook on life, he remained basically the same person: He's got enough charisma to get most people to follow him, he's smart enough to be a competent leader, he's casual enough to be lighthearted, and he's whimsical enough to still come across as your typical party leader—the kind of guy who can hold the group together, albeit only just, no matter the insanity surrounding them.

"Warriors have twenty skills, but boiled down, it’s nothing more than stabidy stab stab stab."


Updated Looks

 Full Name: Sarge Spark Shovexo.

 Age: 36.

 Height: Slightly above Average Adventurer. (6'4")

 Weight: Average Adventurer. (187 lbs)

 Orientation: "None of Your Business". (Exists, but Private.)

 Gender: Male.

 Pronouns: He/Him.

Battle Info: Level 15 Human Male Chaotic Good Fire Warrior.

Weapons: Fire Sword, Fire Shield, various trinkets.

Fighting Style: Sarge is the main combatant for The Elementals, fighting as one would expect a typical pragmatic Warrior to fight: attack hard and fast, keep on attacking, and if they manage to get a blow in, defend with his shield, while attacking more. He is fully capable of more skillful maneuvers, being a skilled duelist, but prefers to save those for one-on-one fights--however, due to his dislike of collateral damage, his strikes are always incredibly clean and precise: as they would be in an honorable fight.

Appearance: Short fiery red hair with streaks of brown, dull red eyes with a scar under his left eye. Wears a red headband. Wears a Spartan-style helmet, covering all of his hair. Wears red and crimson armor. Face appears slightly wrinkled. Squared jaw.

Homeland: Fargawania/Helopia, in cities Faragawa[Fire district] & Syr Village & Helops (former); Hidenva.

Bio: Sarge is the official third-in-command for The Elementals, calling upon his greater number of years and experience in warfare as your not-so-typical Brute Strength Warrior. As with the other Elementals, he was born in Faragawa, and when the battle was fought, he ended up in the Fire Temple. It was here he picked up his first Fire Sword imbued with magical talent, where he trained to become a Fire Warrior with access to Fire Magic for free. Once he left, he made his home in the Syr Mountains, where he quickly became their guardian and primary protector.

He had many adventures of his own, with the grandest one being the final one he embarked on prior to his encounter with The Elementals. In it, he had lost his Fire Sword and used a bow much the same as Sanik, and in the conclusion of the quest, he sacrificed his sword’s ability to cast Fire Magic to defeat his opponent and regain his weapon. This forced him to become a Fire Paladin, and it was in this state Sanik found him. After he was recruited, he quickly proved to be indispensable, his massive amount of experience and combat prowess saving The Elementals multiple times. His name spread beyond his homeland once he became a famed hero of Helopia, especially once Tyra stepped down to help a recovering Sanik and Sarge took the reigns.

Hundreds of adventures later, after The Battle of Helops, Sarge was all too eager to regain his strength, renewing his vows of protecting others with his might once he was rearmed with another Fire Sword nearly identical to his first, courtesy of Voss.

Personality: Sarge may not be a typical Fire Warrior and hates the stereotypes of destruction surrounding them, since he is quite competent and relatively smart...but despite that, he still shares some of their basic combat-loving attitudes: he is blunt and to the point. He is a little bit confrontational, but remains quite calm in most circumstances. When he speaks, his words carry meaning, as his endless amount of experience in the art of war has left him grizzled. He is a little bit on the stubborn side, but he uses this to help push things in the direction they need to go: and through this method, Sarge has managed to keep The Elementals in fairly good fortune overall, his simple yet elegant planning allowing them to thrive.

"It’s amazing how many different creative ways you guys seem to cook up to get yourselves killed."


Updated Looks

 Full Name: Tyra Dagiya

 Age: 31.

 Height: Average Adventurer. (5'9")

 Weight: Average Adventurer. (168 lbs)

 Orientation: Heterosexual.

 Gender: Female.

 Pronouns: She/Her.

Battle Info: Level 15 Human Female Chaotic Neutral-Good Earth Rogue (technically).

Weapons: Spear, Bow and various arrows, Earth Magic.

Fighting Style: Tyra prefers to be the medic of her group, staying out of direct contact with her foes while she keeps them from killing themselves. However, she realizes that they can use a helping hand, so still grants them customized Earth Magic from time to time as well—and if magic doesn't do it, she has her bow to dispatch foes from a range. Her spear is basically her last resort weapon, as it is a close quarters weapon, something she no longer has the skill points necessary to be a master in.

Appearance: Forest-green shoulder-length hair, emerald-green eyes. Wears a semi-light green headband, emerald earring, and a dark green robe. Average chest size.

Homeland: Fargawania/Helopia, in cities Faragawa[Earth-Wind district] & Natur Hub & Helops (former); Hidenva.

Bio: Tyra is the Lancer and inspiration (in more than one way) for The Elementals. Like with the rest of The Elementals, she was born in the city of Faragawa, and when the Battle of Faragawa was fought, she found refuge in the city's Earth Temple. There she picked up her talent in Earth Magic and trained in a multitude of various weaponry to augment it. Eventually, she left to become a healer, training with the best her nation had to offer, until she eventually left to form a wandering group of healers. This lasted until she met Sanik, her childhood friend, and with her as inspiration, created the idea of The Elementals. After several dozen further adventures, they succeeded, and with time, The Elementals were famed heroes of Helopia, their home nation, held together in part by Tyra's care, especially when Sanik was thought dead and she had to take over the reigns of leadership.

Hundreds of adventures later, after The Battle of Helops, Tyra—despite her best efforts—couldn't keep The Elementals together, and they briefly disbanded, until a message from their honorary member Voss came about their fate. Tyra was more than happy to reassemble the group, though missing The Latens, and once she was equipped again, she renewed her vows to protect others...especially her friends.

Personality: Tyra remained basically the same person after her fall—while she became a little more passive in her approach, she overall didn't change at all: she still holds the same values she did before, and has the same goal in life. She remains calm and soothing, while still being strong and firm in her approach. Her kindness and determination (along with her combat preference) are the main things which keep the group functioning as a group, and that is exactly why she is a good counterbalance to Sanik—she never loses direction and always keeps focus. And it is that passion which keeps The Elementals from being torn to shreds.

"I see no problem with the viewpoint that we are all cheated constantly, for in that perspective there is absolutely nothing frowning upon cheating back."

M The Mage

Updated Looks

 Full Name: Unknown. (Declared as short for "Mage".)

 Age: 30.

 Height: Average Adventurer. (5'10.5")

 Weight: Below Average Adventurer. (160 lbs)

 Orientation: Exists. (Confirmed not Ace, but otherwise Private.)

 Gender: Some form of Nonbinary that's Adrogynous-Presenting. (Possibly Agendered.)

 Pronouns: M. (Just M.)

Battle Info: Level 15 Human (Ambiguous) Lawful Neutral Water Mage.

Weapons: Dragon Jewel Staff, Wand of Amplification, Magic Scrolls, Water Magic (standard and non-standard).

Fighting Style: M is the primary spellcaster and tactician of The Elementals, preferring to deal from the sidelines and manipulate enemies into an advantageous position for the group to deal with them. Once enemies are in M's grasp, M will help blast them into oblivion with a vast array of destructive non-standard Water Magic.

Appearance: Light blue eyes, slightly-light-blue just-above-shoulder-length hair. Wears a slightly-dark-blue headband, golden earring, and a dark-blue robe (with a slightly-light-blue trim).

Homeland: Fargawania/Helopia, cities of Faragawa[Water district] & W'Tyr Lake & Helops (former); Hidenva.

Bio: M—like all the other Elementals—was born in Faragawa, raised to maintain the infrastructure of the grand city. Wounded during the battle, M crawled deep into the infrastructure and eventually found the Water Temple. Here, M found the Dragon Jewel Staff, mastering the nature of Water Magic well beyond what the standard would be: and using this, M made a home in the W’tyr Lake village, where M's skills helped the town thrive, growing to be one of the gems in the new nation. There, M remained in training, studying many arts until Sanik discovered M. Once M was convinced to leave, M proved that M had a place on the team many times, with M's seemingly-unique ability to have any forethought at all kept The Elementals from getting themselves massacred multiple times.

Hundreds of adventures later, after The Battle of Helops, M was somewhat hesitant to receive the message from Voss, who had adapted M as his apprentice. While M took the new Dragon Jewel staff and started over exactly as M had been, M was determined not to walk the same path which had lead to the calamity that had befallen them, swearing to stay true to M's original beliefs: to stay distant and objective, as to not overlook any critical detail which could cause their demise. And this is why M is still the same Water Mage M was to begin with, not having changed at all.

Personality: While M had at times grown to be close to M's comrades, M has regressed to being the typical Water Mage—the cold, distant logical calculator that M originally was when M was found. Like with Sarge, M pragmatically prefers to take the most direct route possible to a solution, as it is the simplest and most efficient way, but as a tactician, M is fully capable of taking the long-way if need be. While M prefers to keep a strict code of conduct, M is willing to respect the codes of others and play along with them (when M understands them, that is), to help manipulate them when need be. M dislikes acting without a plan, preferring to act only after having thought things out, but once M has done so, M does not hesitate to enact the plan, often forgetting to run it by Sanik beforehand. When at all possible, M won't act at all until a strategy has been devised, disliking Sanik's "make it up as we go along" philosophy—but when the need arises, M is still smart enough to pull it off. And it is this extreme wisdom and intellectual genius which has allowed The Elementals to thrive as well as they have.

The Latens:

The Latens Updated












                                                                     The Latens

The Latens (tertiary protagonists) are a group of adventurers formed by Kinas splitting off from The Elementals for his own independent party after The Battle of Helops left them shattered. Though sharing the same call to adventure they once possessed, it has been twisted into personal whims, most strongly among them revenge for what they have lost. Yet with their formation, they fight to define themselves, struggling to gain full autonomy from their former allies. Bitter, cynical, and most certainly not nice, if not for their misfortune, you'd never know them to be heroes. A title they resent being given in the first place.

"I am a mere shadow of what I used to be."


Updated Look

 Full Name: Kinas Zachary Ronado.

 Age: 30.

 Height: Average Adventurer. (6')

 Weight: Average Adventurer. (183)

 Orientation: Heterosexual.

 Gender: Male.

 Pronouns: He/Him.

Battle Info: Level 15 Human Male Chaotic Evil Darkness Death-Paladin.

Weapons: Light Dagger, expandable shield on left armguard, Darkness Magic (standard and non-standard), various trinkets.

Fighting Style: As a former-martial artist, Kinas prefers to stay close to his opponents. However, he enjoys torturing Nathan, so he lets Nathan act as a meat shield before intervening in affairs. He initially uses his illusionary magic to trick his opponents, giving him time to prepare himself while studying them and hopefully wearing them down further than Nathan already would have. When his illusions are dropped, he immediately enters combat and tries to use what he learned to win. However, should things go badly (and they often do), he'll use his darkness magic, employing both physical and illusionary attacks to get him out of the bad situation. Since he used to be a Light Martial Artist, he possesses many trinkets which aid him in combat.

Appearance: Black spiked hair (dark gray highlight), dark gray obsidian eyes. Wears black armor with a golden trim, a golden headband, and a Darkness Ring on his right ring finger.

Homeland: Fargawania/Helopia, cities of Faragawa[Earth-Wind district] & Helops (former); Hidenva.

Bio: Kinas is the leader and founder of The Latens, a splinter group from The Elementals lead by his brother, Sanik. Like his brother, he was born in Faragawa, during which, he was close to the front line. He was nearly killed, but was rescued by David Smith, who adapted him as an apprentice and planned eventual successor. As such, Kinas was trained in his master's Light Martial Artist ways. During this training, he met Sinaer, the student of David's rival, Ian, and they got along well, growing up to fight side-by-side. This lasted until Sanik formed The Elementals, with Kinas and Sinaer helping him create the group and serving them on their various adventures. They became the most famous adventurers in all of Helopia, especially in Kinas's home city of Helops. 

After the battle at said city, however, The Elementals quickly shattered, with Kinas taking the hardest hit. Having felt as if he failed his mentor, his city, and his very nation, a feeling of bitterness grew in his soul and ultimately consumed him, withering him away into a husk. Sinaer kept him alive, but he was only just getting by. His alignment, element, and class all shifted, to a Chaotic Evil Darkness Paladin. However, when he received a message from Voss, his spirit was somewhat reinvigorated, and though he had been changed on a fundamental level, he had recovered enough to gain the adventuring spirit. He took the half of The Elementals which he was closer to (and had lead whenever the group needed to split in two) in order to form The Latens, determined to outdo their former companions.

Personality: Though Kinas is Chaotic Evil, he maintains a stronger set of moralities and rules than is typical of the alignment. He places the emphasis on the chaos, rather than the evil, and as such, he's not nearly as bad as he seems. He's extremely pragmatic and not nearly idealistic as he used to be, but some of his beliefs have remained despite his shift in alignment. He is a dark reflection of what his brother is--whereas Sanik became more idealistic after Helops and developed into a true hero, Kinas became more cynical and fell from being one--a not-so-typical Evil Twin. He's an extreme jerk and likes to torture his teammates (especially Nathan), but at heart, he still has some heroic qualities, such as a loyalty to his friends and family. As such, he's extremely protective of his team, as he has the avaricious quality of viewing them as being his.

Since his "fall", Kinas has become a better leader than he could have been before. For starters, he's gained his brother's charisma, capable of convincing others much the same as he was once convinced. Though he loves combat and his attitude means he is highly confrontational, Kinas is no idiot and does what he can to keep his group out of unnecessary trouble, owing to his experience when he was more headstrong. His extremely casual outlook on things may come across as him being apathetic at first, but his teammates love that he is quite loose and offers them a great deal of freedom. As such, despite him being slightly psychopathic and having a slight bloodlust, his team loves him just as much as he (secretly) loves them.

"Don't let the darkness consume you, Kinas. If you do, I'll never forgive you."


Updated Appearance

 Full Name: Sinaer Helena Daughtira.

 Age: 28.

 Height: Slightly Above Average Adventurer. (5'11)

 Weight: Average Adventurer. (168 lbs)

 Orientation: Bisexual (but Heteroromantic).

 Gender: Female.

 Pronouns: She/Her.

Battle Info: Level 15 Human Female Lawful-True Neutral (fluctuates) Light Mage.

Weapons: Light Staff, Scroll of Healing, various darkness trinkets.

Fighting Style: Sinaer prefers to stay on the sidelines in fights, acting as the healer (both physically and mentally) for The Latens. She does her job extremely well, to the point where an observer might make the mistake of assuming that--due to her talent at it--she must be extremely specialized towards it. However, those who have the misfortune of trying to fight her soon discover that she is far more capable a fighter than her Light Mage class would suggest, as she is easily capable of flooring most opponents she is faced with, owing to her life's training as a Darkness Martial Artist and the various abilities and trinkets she has maintained from that former life.

Appearance: Black shoulder-length hair with yellow streaks in it, right eye purple, left eye yellow. Wears a light purple headband and yellow robes. Average chest size.

Homeland: Fargawania/Helopia, cities of Faragawa & Revan & Helops (former); Hidenva.

Bio: Sinaer technically does not hold a rank in The Latens, but when it comes to reality, she is Kinas's right-hand woman, acting as his support in more ways than one. Sinaer's story is much the same as Kinas's, as she was also born in Faragawa and nearly killed during the battle there. Like Kinas, she was rescued by her mentor, Ian Oman, the leader of Revan, rival city to David Smith's Helops. She was trained in his Darkness Martial Artist ways, favoring ranged over melee in contrast to Kinas's melee over ranged (specifically, she used a gunblade). She remained his unofficial partner, always supporting him even after The Battle of Helops left him shattered. Though she wasn't able to completely reassemble him, she kept him from completely falling apart, so that once Voss gave him his will to live again, she was right there to help him. Having seen the pain and suffering Kinas went through and seeing him change from Light to Darkness, Sinaer vowed to never again let that kind of pain be inflicted on him or anyone close to them, becoming one with the light, realizing that if she wasn't going to, nobody would. As such, she is the one more than any other who keeps Kinas alive, staying by his side even though he has become a changed man. Though her own outlook on life was worsened, she resolved not to show it, sticking to strict personal moral codes to help save her team from destroying itself.

Personality: Sinaer is the moral center of The Latens, holding the group together and keeping them from destroying themselves. As such, she always needs to maintain a very high level of moral codes, as to best make sure the group always has direction. She is the only thing keeping The Latens from torn each other--or themselves--to shreds, and having experienced the horrors of losing one's life first-hand, she has the resolve to keep it from ever happening to her team again. As such, she has become far more similar to Tyra than she ever used to be, calming when she needs to be yet extremely firm when the situation requires her to show authority. She can come across as being cold to those who don't know her, but warms up to those who she is close to. In fact, she even teases her teammates (especially Kinas) as much as she can safely get away with, playing along with the group's antics towards each other whenever they're not out-of-hand.

"Do you know why I chose to be Lawful Evil? SO I COULD ENJOY DOING STUFF LIKE THIS!"


Updated Appearance

 Full Name: Nathan Betrax.

 Age: 27.

 Height: Slightly Above Average Adventurer. (6'3")

 Weight: Slightly Below Average Adventurer. (170 lbs)

 Orientation: Pansexual, but he really, really likes the ladies.

 Gender: Male.

 Pronouns: Any.

Battle Info: Level 15 Human(?) Male Lawful Evil Ice(?) Warrior(?).

Weapons: Dual Katanas, one Ice and the other Fire. (?)

Fighting Style: To be added.

Appearance: Light blue spiked hair with blue and red highlights, faded light blue eyes. Wears light-blue armor with a blue and dark blue trim.

Homeland: Yeras Wharf / Helops (Helopia) originally; Hidenva currently.

Bio: To be added.

Personality: To be added.



Nathan Betrax is the main combatant of The Latens, the most skilled with a blade. He's the youngest out of either adventuring party, having started in his teens. Even then, though, he had immense skill, to the point where he was his village's guardian until they no longer needed him. Nathan's a bit unusual, in that his family heritage has two sides to it: one side of Ice Rogues, known for their cunning manipulation, stealthy tactics, and generally being invisible, the other of Fire Warriors, who lose their minds in the heat of battle and go insane with the thrill of combat--in other words, he comes from two families who have refined their arts (seen as negative stereotypes of their classes) so much to the point where they can take their classes beyond the skill levels, to the point where their abilities are genetic. This made him a natural, extremely gifted at such a young age and having the privileges of both sides. However, he has a bit of a conflict. Since his two sides are frequently in clash, he finds balance hard to obtain. This conflict came to mind when he was defeated, and after that defeat, he decided to embrace far more of his Ice side, including his choice in alignment. He kept his Fire side's class--in fact, went from a Paladin specifically to a Warrior--but for the most part put in the effort to embrace the Ice.

Betrax is smart--he's got as many points in INT as he can without multiclassing--but he's a bit lacking in the Wisdom department, being extremely naive. He is extremely pragmatic, to the point where Sarge hates him for it. That said, he has no trouble following orders, because while he might prefer to fight a little on the cheap side and not be limited to a code of conduct, he was once the person pretty much making the laws and tries to respect them at all chances he can. But he enjoys the thrill of the kill, showing no mercy to his enemies. He hates it when he goes berserk, because that means he loses all his control and lets that thrill of battle--instead of thrill of victory--rule over him.

Betrax's naivety allows for him to be my designated lampshade hanger. While he is meant to be quite serious inside of battle, outside of battle, he suffers non-stop for his inexperience. (In other words, gets teased for leaning on the fourth wall.) Nathan Betrax has to be my second-most-thought-out Laten, simply due to how much conflict there is with writing his character, the sides of him making the job extremely difficult but well worth the effort.

"My life is just one series of misfortune after another. So at least let me live it the way I wish to."


Updated Appearance

 Full Name: Enlecar Hovan Craftsman.

 Age: 35.

 Height: Average Adventurer. (5'11")

 Weight: Slightly Below Average Adventurer. (175 lbs)

 Orientation: Demisexual.

 Gender: Male.

 Pronouns: Any.

Battle Info: Level 15 Human Male Chaotic Neutral Energy Martial Artist.

Weapons: Shortsword, dagger.

Fighting Style: To be added.

Appearance: Yellow-brown shoulder-length hair with blue and bright-yellow streaks/highlights, left eye light electric blue, right eye desert yellow (eyebrows opposite of eyes). Wears a yellow headband and yellow leather armor with a red trim.

Homeland: Lejus / Hovership Lane / Helops (Helopia) originally; Hidenva currently.

Bio: To be added.

Personality: To be added.



Enlecar is the support role of The Latens, also serving as a scout and doing the group's Rogue-type tasks. However, he wasn't always that way--he used to be an Energy Warrior, wielding a Rapier. After being defeated, he was sickened by the delusion of their tormentor, the Agent of Chaos, who said he was working for an Order of Evil. The thought of their enemy using the excuse of law disgusted Enlec to the point where he refused to operate on the side of the law, turning his back against that quarter of the alignment chart altogether. He was always a free spirit, but had at least been firm enough on the ground before. Now he refuses to settle down at all, keeping himself going on, no matter what.

Enlec chose to be a Martial Artist to keep his Warrior abilities, while also filling in the gap of a Rogue-type role, since the group no longer had one thanks to both Kinas and Sinaer changing away from that class. He decided that brute strength wasn't going to get him through the situation, that he needed to be smarter than he was. While Enlec prefers to charge into a situation without much thought, he at least has the wisdom to recognize what a situation is, so is often aware of the consequences of his actions.

Enlec tends not to talk too much--he used to be quite talkative, until the incident, which left him traumatized to the point where he only speaks if he feels the need to, bringing up often quite valuable advice the group needs to hear. He has a way of seeing things which the other Latens tend to miss, and that makes him able to help the group in his own unique way.



Question Mark?

When it comes to the World of Soano, alignments are clearly defined.

...When it comes to the realm of The Descended, however, with its grey-on-gray fighting and featuring villain protagonists...alignments mean little for determining a character's role in the story. Though they offer a decent guideline, more often than not, you simply don't know where a character falls in the story. And this section is for those Unknowns, covering those who simply have not yet been defined enough for you to realize who they truly are.


-Hank M. Mercure

Full Name: Hank Meager Mercure.

Race: God. (Ex-human.)

Gender: Male.

Orientation: Heterosexual.

Age: Unknown. (80+) Appears in low- to mid-30s.

Level: 923.

Class: Joat. (Rogue Originally.)

Alignment: Classified.

Element: Master. (Bane Originally.)

Weapons: Various. (Prefers wits.)

Fighting Style: To be added. (Outsmarting.)

Appearance: To be added.

Homeland: Hidenva originally; the heavens currently.

Bio: To be added.

Personality: To be added.



Hank is Argus's perceived rival. You haven't seen him yet; what could his alignment possibly be?

He's an Ascended being, working from The Heavens as a Deity.



-The Good/Evil Spirits

Their alignments are clearly defined; their intentions are not.

They are entities only Argus can see (hence, they could be in the protagonist section), giving advice on what he needs to do when he has a moral dilemma. They do exist, and are quite real--they're not part of Argus, not hallucinations or anything like that; they're real beings, who simply have jobs to advocate good and evil--why they need to remains a mystery, and that's why it falls under this section.

Good Spirit

The Good Spirit reports to someone in The Heavens. Who it is remains unknown at this time.

Evil Spirit

The Evil Spirit has even less known, but presumably reports to someone in the evil section of The Netherworld.


Known Antagonists

The enemies. The people opposed to protagonists, trying to stop and kill them at every turn, who our "heroes" ultimately fight. They are the people in clearly-defined conflict with the protagonists of The Descended, and as such, they fill the role of villains, no matter what their spot on the alignment chart is. But as a general guideline...anything bad enough to antagonize our protagonists is generally going to be even worse than they are, making the antagonists the worst of the worst. Of course, you'll probably love them all the same.

The Agent of Chaos

Full Name: Spoilerz.

Race: Human?

Gender: Male.

Orientation: Unknown.

Age: Mid- to upper-30s.

Level: Unknown.

Class: Warrior.

Element: Darkness. (?)

Weapons: Swords. (?)

Fighting Style: To be added?

Appearance: To be added. (?)

Homeland: Classified.

Bio: To be added?

Personality: To be added?



Elemental and Laten mortal enemy, although they know he's a pawn to a greater force. What his intentions are, they don't know. What his master's intentions are, they are clueless to. All they know is that he tried to kill them and would've succeeded if not for some heroic sacrifices.


Full Name: Spoilerz.

Race: Human?

Gender: Male.

Orientation: Asexual. (But willing to act bisexual if it furthers his goals, though he derives no pleasure from it.)

Age: Unknown. (80+)

Level: Unknown.

Class: Joat. (?)

Element: Master. (?)

Weapons: Unknown. (?)

Fighting Style: To be added?

Appearance: To be added?

Bio: To be added?

Personality: To be added?



The Agent of Chaos means Chaos as a name, not the alignment. Chaos is the master of this grand evil order. Even less is known about him.



For the things which just don't fit into the mold of protagonist, antagonist, or ambiguous.


Full Name: Voss of Lejus.

Race: Human.

Gender: Male.

Age: Unknown. (300+) Appears mid- to upper-30s.

Height: Varies. 5'10" when idle, 6' when in battle, 7' when in battle-suit.

Weight: Varies. 190 lbs when idle, 180 lbs when in battle, 250 lbs when in battle-suit.

Level: 802.

Class: Joat.

Element: Master.

Weapons: Technology created by self.

Fighting Style: To be added. (Tactician.)

Appearance: To be added.

Homeland: Hidenva (originally); Lejus (Helopia) 'currently'.

Bio: To be added. (?)

Personality: To be added.



A good friend of David and Ian, who helped The Elementals in their time of need. Is a master tactician, anticipating most disasters well before they happen.



Full Name: David Smith of Helops.

Race: Human.

Gender: Male.

Age: Unknown. (300+) Appears mid-40s.

Height: Varies. 6' when idle, 6'5" when in battle.

Weight: 190 lbs.

Level: 618.

Class: Martial Artist.

Element: Light.

Weapons: Various.

Fighting Style: To be added.

Appearance: To be added.

Homeland: Smith in Helops (Helopia).

Bio: To be added. (?)

Personality: To be added.

Friend to Voss and rival to Ian, David raised Kinas as his Light Martial Artist apprentice, focusing on the melee half.



Full Name: Ian Oman of Revan.

Race: Human.

Gender: Male.

Age: Unknown. (300+) Appears to be in his 70s.

Height: Varies. 5'5" when idle, 6'3" when in battle.

Weight: 167 lbs.

Level: 647.

Class: Martial Artist.

Element: Darkness.

Weapons: Cane.

Fighting Style: To be added.

Appearance: To be added.

Homeland: Revan / Item Shop in Helops (Helopia)

Bio: To be added. (?)

Personality: To be added.



Friend to Voss and rival to David, Ian raised Sinaer as his Darkness Marital Artist apprentice, focusing on the ranged half.


That's me! In sprite form, at least.

Full Name: Brianna Danielle Lewis, designer, creator, author, and artist of The Descended. (Birth Name was different.)

Race: Human/Beyond God.

Gender: Female.

Orientation: Lesbian. 

Age: As old as The Cosmos...(Older, even.)

Height: 6'2".

Weight: You don't wanna know. (Underweight for height.)

Level: 0.

Class: Artist.

Element: Master.

Weapons: Pencil, eraser, ruler, printing paper, keyboard, microsoft word, notepad, microsoft paint, paint.NET, GIMP...

Fighting Style: To be added. (Tae Kwan Do/erasing people from existence.)

Appearance: Brown hair, hazel eyes, wears a black hoodie.

Homeland: Spirit Ridge, Bellevue (Washington State, USA) formerly; Foothills between Snohomish and Monroe (Washington State, USA) currently.

Bio: To be added.

Personality: To be added.


The Author Avatar, used to answer questions and provide updates on the comic.

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