There are many things which simply can't be shown in the comic, and I can only show them in the author's comments for so long. This page is devoted to displaying many of those treasures I have gathered over my time as a comic artist.



Rather than post fanart as filler comics like I did with Writer's Mind, I decided that--instead--I should have it be in a single page. :)

With the exception of one, these are in chronological order.


Argus, by Teh-Lady-Randomness (now known as ekami). Awesome. :D


M, by Silver G.. "Ha I love mageytype characters C: Had to kind of guess at the outfit. Hope you like. :D" Indeed, I do. :D

Note: The original image was moved/deleted, so I had to re-upload a spare I kept. Sorry.

It counts!

So this isn't technically fanart, but I don't exactly have a better place to put it. This was made in a critique by Frosty, one of my closest ComicFury friends (alongside the other main critic I got, MatthewJA), as an example of what I could end up doing back when my art was still sprites. You might not be able to tell as strongly in the final product, but this piece of work was definitely one of the main inspirations which led to my first comic being as well-done as it is, and I owe Frosty a place on the page. (Well, two places on the page. :P) It's not his normal artwork, mind you--he did it fairly quickly, if memory serves. His art is far more awesome than this, though even this is not bad, which is a testament to his skill. You'll forever have my gratitude, Ice! :D

Every bit as badass as it can be!

When I posted fanart in the Super Sketch My Character thread (and due to the rules involved, that put me next in line to have fanart made for me--I wasn't in it for the receiving, though, and I wanted to give the piece of fanart that I did, so I, well, did :P), I kinda knew that Argus would be the one the fanart would be for. He's one of the only three characters who I've done well in the first two comics (all that were released at the time of the above), he's at the top of the cast page, and he's probably one of the more interesting characters. (Albeit one who is a pain to draw. :P)

So it was no surprise that I got Argus fanart. What was surprising was exactly how well it was done, and how well Lazulidragon managed to capture his expression. It totally says "Argus" when I look at it, and it looks awesome. Thanks, Lazuli! :D

There's just something about Argus which makes people want to draw him.

Arugs fanart Made by mushroomisland

And now I have another one, by mushroomisland, of Remnants. Great hair, great eye, great face, great shoulderpads, great undershirt, great gem, and great strap. It's an all-around awesome image. And I like the coloring so much, I might adapt some of it into the comic to be closer to what she drew. :P It's that dang good to me. I only wish I had more words.

(Restored from a copy I kept, as the original said it was no longer available. Sorry 'bout that!)

The Descended Sasha Fanart by systemcat of Light Bulbs

My first piece of Sasha fanart, by systemcat, of Light Bulbs.

Davos of The Descended by JRChace

This is my first piece of Davos fanart, by the incredible JRChace, creator of the awesome comic Alignment. It's part of a group shot that you can see here.

Honestly, I think he draws Davos better than I do. (Granted, not too difficult a task... :P) He nailed the hair, he nailed the eyes, he nailed the fang and the smile, he nailed the scarf, he nailed the shoulderpads, he nailed the armor, and he even nailed the boots. I have no clue just how he managed to get Davos down so well*, but, dang, did he ever.

*Okay, so he told me via PM that it was thanks to my character bio page, but still, while that explains how he knew what Davos looked like, it's incredibly awesome that he managed to pull the look off in the art just so perfectly.

(Image restored from a backup I kept, as the original image is now broken. Sorry!)

Nathan Betrax by systemcat

Here's another piece of art by systemcat, who as previously mentioned, runs the webcomic Light Bulbs. It's amazing, so you should seriously go check it out. This time, it was Nathan Betrax, but what makes this truly impressive is that systemcat did this off of just Nathan's sprite art and a text description of him which wasn't really as good as I was hoping it'd be. Despite that, so much is done right. The hair's excellent, the facial structure's awesome, the clothing style totally fits Nathan's attitude, the swords are awesome, and to top it all off, his pose is cool. :P Everything is just well-done. This is totally something I can actually see from Nathan, especially a Nathan Betrax who just got ticked off at something his enemies have said. :P

The Descended Argus fanart by NightfallValley

Here's a totally awesome piece of fanart by the talented NightfallValley, artist of (among others) Love is Complicated, a remake of Geode Corner. An excellent job capturing Argus's cunning side, illustrating perfectly how he's a handsome beast of a man.

The Descended Secret Santa fanart by Sabrini Fur

My first piece of Aria fanart, courtesy of Sabrini Fur. It was made as a contribution to the ComicFury Secret Santa (spawned from this thread), and she captured Aria's sexiness perfectly.

Chibi Argus, by Nightfall Valley

Another piece of fanart, this one also from NightfallValley; it was given as a reward for a critique I did. Chibi Argus!

Aria fanart of The Descended by zachdewd

This awesome drawing was made by zachdewd, because Aria is his favorite character. Here's to hoping she continues to be!

Kinas fanart by Kristy

Words cannot express how awesome this is. This is Kinas, as drawn by Kristy, who as far as comic-making goes, is my idol. She runs the simply-gorgeous Wake the Sleepers, and I cannot praise her work enough. She's everything I dream to be, and receiving fanart from her makes me have happy-tears. The drawing's just so awe-inspiring. She captured the look of Kinas perfectly, and made it just so...so...beautiful. Seriously, go check her webcomic out. If you like my comic enough to visit this page, you'll love what you see there. Trust me on that.

Sarge cameo isolated

Sarge made a cameo in JRChace's webcomic, Alignment! The original page is here.

Here's a larger view of the page:

Original Page

Doomy Birthday gift of Davos

I received this for my 2013 birthday, from Doomy, the creator of Demented. It is seriously, seriously awesome, and I cannot recommend checking out her work any more than I already do.

Outcasts as drawn by JonnyV

I was expecting from the easter fanart exchange maybe one character halfheartedly drawn by someone not really sure what to do, given that my comic's a bit of a mess. What I got from JonnyV here, however, absolutely blew my mind. Not only did he put the time and effort into getting the designs for the characters right...but he also made a full team's worth of them, far exceeding his call for duty. The characteristics here are essentially spot-on, and I love basically everything he did. But there's more to top off this wondrous gift: in addition to the final, he sent the links to all four individual members having been drawn! The Argus drawing. The Aria drawing. Sasha drawing. Davos drawing. All amazing even by themselves, totally awesome and stunning when striking a team pose as they do. Check out his hard work; he deserves it!

And, finally, the exception to the rule:

"Anyone willing to draw the cast of The Descended?"--Me, Paraphrased.


"I think the text officially counts as cast member."-TanteiSakana.

Made me laugh. Hard. :P Second piece of fanart I received, but shown last 'cause it was so perfect. ;)

Want to make some?:

The designs for my characters started as sprites--I never originally intended for them to be anything more than just their sprite appearance, meaning that when I decided to create larger "full" versions, I was largely improvising. And because of that...when someone wants to make fanart of my characters, they often are, too. (The characters page can help, especially nearer to the top, but only goes so far.) Suffice to say, there's basically no way you can make fanart wrong (all fanart is welcome!), but if you, personally, want to feel you did it the "right" way, the below resources might be useful. (My general advice is making them the way you want to--adding in those flairs can actually inspire me to put more effort into detailing my own artwork, so don't be afraid to deviate!) It should be noted, though, that even they are outdated, because I've made progress on my defining of the characters. That said, even if you're not here for making fanart, you might enjoy reading these, anyway. They are the links dealing with the appearances of my cast members, now and as they once were, so have extreme history behind them.

-Cast Appearances: This is the closest you can get, since it's the most recent I've done and probably the best reading material you can find on what they look like.

-Kinas Pictures: Though he's a tertiary protagonist, I must admit, Kinas is one of my favorite characters. He's one of the most fleshed out, well-developed, complicated members of my cast, and I've connected with him quite a bit. As such, he's one of my most-drawn characters, and I made this page as an attempt to catalog my pictures of him. Naturally, it's out of date, and not nearly inclusive of all his images, but it was a good idea and it still gives a lot of them.

The Descended-style Fanart:

Art made by me, to support another webcomic. Fair warning, I'm...not very good at it. I can barely draw my characters who I know so well. Drawing someone else's characters makes things...quite hard. If you somehow like any of these, you can always ask me to make some, and I'll comply as soon as I can.

Not quite The Descended in style

Okay, so this...this is not in the style of The Descended, but I intend to remake it and touch it up (basically, make it a lot less...of a mess. :P) in the style of The Descended eventually. If you're curious as to who this is supposed to be (I really botched it--I was still an unskilled artist at the time, hence why this is such a bad drawing), it was meant to be Sonja, from Biophysicist's Unichat. If memory serves, Bio basically said, "make whatever you want", and for some reason, I envisioned Sonja, living on the moon, as having somewhat-typical space clothing. Why I chose blue, I don't know. Why I chose brown for her hair, I kinda just felt like that would be it. Why I chose that awful hairstyle, I have no clue (and it'd be the first thing I'd change :P), and why I chose blue eyes, I guess I just felt it fit.  I had intended to make a picture for each character and then have a view of the world, but I never got around to it.

Not The Descended-styled either.

I did get around to making meta, though. Similar to Sonja, I knew nothing about Meta's physical appearance, and this was started early in the comic. (Before we learn about meta's dad and what state meta is currently in.) I made the assumption that meta would be traveling around a lot, always on the move, so I kinda gave her clothing to fit it. Meta was the craziest of the four, and so, I thought instinctively (blame Beth from TOGM for this :P) "crazy=redhead". And the green eyes were to compliment the red. I'll redo her someday, to give Bio the kind of fanart he deserves.

Not quite The Descended styled, either.

This was an image which was meant to be part of a fancomic for swalden, of Beginning of the World, and this is ShindoW. Since it was going to be a fancomic for BotW, I didn't use my style exactly, even though I used something very close to my normal style. However, if I were to to this piece of art alone, I'd re-do it and probably have it be fully in my style.

The Descended-style fanart #1--A-Lan-din

This is Lan, of Remnants (by mushroomisland), dressed as Aladdin. I made the connection between the two because of similar stunts involving stealing bread, and the consequences of doing so. It's not the best image art-wise, and I could have done a LOT better, but at least I had a good idea, if the laughter mushroomisland had when viewing it is any sign. :P

The Descended's gift to rokulily from ranger_brian_new

I feel seriously guilty. If you look up and see what Sabrini Fur gave to me, well, you can guess why I was disappointed that this is what  had to give rokulily; she's a seriously awesome person and the best I could give her was this. I had other ideas, of course, but they all ultimately fell through; this was the only one which I could actually make, thanks to my lack of talent. I swear, come Christmas of 2013, I'll be good enough so that I actually make something impressive!


The history behind The Descended does not extend back as far as it could. Though I have thought of some things throughout the history of the World of Soano, the majority of the history from before the comic's beginning is tied to the characters. Though some of it has so far remained unwritten, the majority of the material I have for my various characters' histories has been written down in some form or another. Note that a large part of the webcomic has to do with characters facing their pasts in the present to help shape the future, so there are some spoilers involved.

-The Elementals and Latens: Since The Elementals and The Latens were once the same group, much of their backstory is identical. However, every person had their own adventures and their own experiences in life, each with their own unique perspective as to how things happened. Read them to see how each of their lives have played out. Be warned!: spoilers abound.

-Sanik: If spoilers (however minor they may be) are something you wish to avoid, this is a spoiler-free version of Sanik's backstory.

-Tyra: As with Sanik, this is a spoiler-free version of Tyra's backstory.

-Sarge: A spoiler-free version as above has not yet been produced.

-M: A spoiler-free version has not yet been produced, sorry.

-Kinas: Most certainly NOT a spoiler-free version; this page is extremely spoiler-heavy.

-Argus: As the primary protagonist of The Descended, out of all the characters, Argus is the one whose backstory most influences the future of the comic, and is so heavily laden with spoilers that there's little I can tell you, sorry.


-Davos: Davos has a story arc devoted to his history. As such, you don't get a link to this section until the story arc has concluded, sorry.


Removed Content:

This is a collection of things that were on the comic but have since been removed.

This is a subpage dealing with deleted extra content.

This is a subpage dealing with deleted comic pages.

Filler: Magic.

Originally posted on: 10th Oct 2012, 10:29 PM

It solves everything.

Alt-text: It solves everything.
Author Comment: ...And popularity doesn't harm him, either. :P
I have no clue why, but he's the most popular character to make fanart of, and this just as easily could have been, say, Lazulidragon's fanart.

Anyway, I hope mushroomisland (of Remnants. Go. Read it. It's better than what I do. :P) doesn't mind me using her fanart in filler (if she does, then I'll take this comic down and delete it); I thought it'd be a nice way to explain how some of what she drew was good enough to alter my character design of Argus. :P
(And, yes, see the third panel? It's more or less what he'll now look like. You can see it more clearly here, as that's a double.)

The change could have any number of in-universe explanations owing to Argus being offscreen for 3-4 comics, but this semi-canonical filler seemed more humorous. :P 


Note: Has been reduced in size to 600 pixels. You can see it at the comic-release size of 800 here.

Filler: Fanart

22nd Oct 2012, 9:43 PM

(Refer to systemcat image above.)

Alt-text: Awesome work!

Author Comment: So yet again, no update this week. (I know! I suck! :P) However, I do have this lovely piece of fanart by systemcat, the creator of Light Bulbs.

The only thing systemcat asked for in exchange for it was a link to the comic. Quite frankly, considering the skill you can find in the thread, along with how good the comic is...that was a rather good price, in my opinion. :P

So I've done pretty much all I can to obligate systemcat's request. A blog post, the place on the fanart page, a link to the comic in my links section (it has a baby dragon! I REPEAT, IT HAS A CUTE BABY DRAGON! :P), a post in my thread about it, and now this page.

It's not much of a thanks, but it's pretty much all I can give; I'd highly recommend checking out systemcat's work; Light Bulbs only has a few subscribers. ('Course, my comic's not popular enough right now to make much of a difference, but I like to do what I can. :P)

By the way, this offer pretty much applies to anyone--if you make fanart for me, then I'll give you pretty much as much attention as I possibly can.
I'll almost certainly get more out of it than you do, after all, so I pretty much have to give it my all just to make it so that we'd be even. :P


Originally posted on: 20th Apr 2013, 6:33 PM


Alt text: *static*

Author Comment: Following blackout. Hope you do the same.

Q&A 1

Originally released: 13th Aug 2012, 6:00 PM

Questions then Answers

Alt-text: Questions and Answers

Author Comment: I said I was going to update no matter what, so update I have. Even if it's not the update that I wanted. :/

The alternative I thought of was uploading the Kinas Story comic that I worked on, but I ultimately decided that this would be the route I would go.

Yet even so...even in something as simple as THIS, I see a lot of flaws. A ton of stuff has been cut out of the comic, as details I saw as ultimately unnecessary or implied, and as a result, the comic's a lot weaker than it could be.

I went into far less detail about what the Q&A comics are going to be like than I had originally planned; I think it was like four panels, with a lot more dialog.

Basically, it's filler for a good cause, which I use every once and a while to give a change in pace, answer questions which may come up, and give me a break when my life is getting stressed out.

That's the idea, anyway. :P

As for the Monday the 13th excuse...well...
I had been having trouble drawing Comic 3 all week. Accumulating in me losing half an hour's worth of work on Saturday. Basically, things weren't going well.

And I realized that the release date was Monday the 13th. While I was a large fan of Garfield, I've found that Mondays are far less lucky than Fridays--some of my BEST days have been on Friday the 13th. :P Some of my worst? Mondays, such as a Monday the 13th.

So my excuse is that--because the release date was set for Monday the 13th--I was having trouble due to the unluckiness associated with that date: and that's the story I reference sticking to.

I also planned to talk in far more detail about my author avatar in the first Q&A. I might do more in some future Q&A, but for now, I'll just say that I made my avatar before I grew out my facial hair--and I think avatar-me looks better clean-shaven, hence why it hasn't been updated. Also, my bangs are longer than my avatar portrays, but still, it's a good representation of me.

There's more to the story of the paleness than I could say in the comic, but the end comment is that basically, I'd listen to the fans if they said they like my avatar better as not-being-pale. (I think it looks better with me being pale.)

And, yes. That IS MatthewJA in the last panel making a cameo in my comic. :P
I figured that he's the only guy besides myself to have actually commented on my comic, he's the guy who brought me back to ComicFury in the first place, he's one of the two guys who helped me get my art style as it is, and he's the only one I can confirm as having read both my updated comics, so he's probably the best representation I have of any fandom I'd ever get. :P


Note: Has been reduced in size to 600 pixels. Full size is at 800. Q&A was removed to help reduce clutter and had no comments or ratings attached to it.

Miscellaneous Images:

If I had to guess how many images I have of things related to The Descended, my estimate would be in the thousands. As such, I obviously have collected a lot of miscellaneous imagery of the characters and things relating to the setting, and I figured that I might as well share with you as much of them as I can.

-Helios: The inspiration city for Helops. The linked version is the high-quality version, though there's also a lower quality version featured here as a repost from my flickr.

-Aared: The inspiration for Helopia/Fargawania. The linked version is high-quality, and featured here as a repost from my flickr is a lower quality version.

-Pre-ruin Faarad: The inspiration for Faragawa. As noted, it's a resketch of Helios, but in-universe that makes sense as Helios was largely based off of Farad, being the replacement capital and all.

-Fargawania/Helopia Rough Sketch: An attempt by me to get the basic lay of the land for Fargawania/Helopia. Key word, "attempt". While it does give some good approximate locations, the map is far from exact. For instance, I wanted Yeras Wharf to be on the water, yet up north (and slightly west) near the mountains at the same time. This map's solution was a river, but I'm not fond of that idea; it'd need some rework. But needless to say, this is a good prototype for Helopia, to give a rough idea how different it is from Aared, its inspirational source material.

-Fight of the Elements. Title screen for a cheap game I was making which was to take the characters from my work-in-progress game and use them in a platformer game I was programming. Never got far, but got this. It's a low-quality repost from my flickr. Regrettably, I can't find the original. Update: The originals have been located! I found the flashdrive which had them, and you can see them here.

-Adventurers: A random doodle which ended up having a huge influence on the final product for The Descended. (Fun fact: Aria's head, eyes, hands, and feet were supposed to keep these guys alive.) Featured here is a repost from my flickr, though it is of lower quality. Additionally, it can be found here, without the text.

-Antagonsts: The counterpart to the random doodle which ended up having a huge influence on the final product for The Descended. Though that's the high-quality version, there is another--Featured here is a repost from my flickr. It can also be found here, without the text.

-Comparison: An image I made to help compare the art from the quick game (Fight of the Elements) and the quick sketches. I put the results in a word document, which can be found here. (I highly recommend reading, because it was VERY early into the development of The Descended, so you can get SIGNIFICANT insight into my mind at the time of the comic's creation.) As you might be able to tell, the image I linked to was a repost from my flickr.
For the high-quality version, you can look here. The end results had a huge influence on the sprite art, which in turn had a huge influence on my current art style for The Descended.

-Original Drawn Elementalists: Drawn for the quick game Fight of the Elements. Featured here is a flickr repost. Unfortunately, I am having difficulty finding a high-quality version at this time, as it'd require the original, which is buried somewhere. UPDATE: Have now found the original version here!

-Initial Elementals: Featured here is a flickr repost of what my characters looked like after combining the features of both inspirations. You can find a high-quality version here.

-Initial Latens: Featured here is my flicker repost of The Latens as they were originally. You can find a high-quality version here.

-Initial Outcasts: Featured here is my flicker repost of The Outcasts as they were originally. You can find a high-quality version here.

-New Outcasts: Also Found here. More or less the modern version of The Outcasts, the group to have least changed with time.

-New Elementals: Also Found here, as a more primitive version. They've changed a little since these images, but this was nearing the final product.

-New Latens: Also Found here, in a more primitive form. They've also changed quite a bit, but you can see where their sprites came from.

-Meet the cast, using the old FaceMaker pics.
You can find an updated version here as well as here, but there's another even more updated one somewhere.

-Miyar's Staff: Here, you can see the weapon M's staff is based on. Miyar's Dragon Staff was envisioned as being a modified monk staff. At the point where the shaft meets the ring, there was supposed to be a single gem, being 'eaten' by a dragon, entwined around the shaft of the weapon with its tail reaching the bottom of the staff. Really cool idea, which I STILL lack the artistic talent to draw. :P
Still, though, the idea's since evolved. The gem's still there, the gems on the ring are still there, the pointed end is still there, the rings on the staff are sometimes still there, but it's all done slightly differently. I still call it a Dragon Staff in my notes, even though I've never actually drawn the dragon, because if I had the artistic skill to draw it, it'd have that dragon in it.

-Arrow's Bow: Here, you can see the weapon which inspired Sanik's backstory. I have a document which describes it in great detail; you can find it here. As with the Comparison page (in fact, this was made shortly after the comparison page), I highly recommend this page for reading, because it gives an insight into The Descended at its earliest stage.

-Aersin's Gunblade: This is Aersin's weapon, a gunblade inspired by a gun I made out of clay, which I later realized looked like it could also be a sword. Needless to say, the original is difficult to find (I have it somewhere), but this crude recreation of it helped give me an idea of what Sinaer's gunblade would be like for The Descended, much as Miyar's staff did for M.

-Argus Doodle: I did this one day when I was bored, in probably around ten minutes, without a reference to the normal (at the time) sprite art. In other words, entirely from memory. I know, it's a piece of junk, but for some reason, I'm rather nostalgic about it.

-Sarph Isolated: That's not a typo of Sarge; Sarph was Sarge's original character, from the game and the platformer cheap game which this image is from. He's come a long way from here, hasn't he?

-Sarge Models: Made in FaceMaker, I basically experimented with what could give me the best look for Sarge compared to his sprite art.

-The whole cast: Or rather, the whole cast as they were at the time of the image. They've since changed a great deal, but this image was meant to give a profile on all the members of the cast.

Banners and Avatars:

Over the years, I've created multiple banners and avatars for the sake of The Descended. Here are the main ones.

Official The Descended Banner

This is the official banner for The Descended, featured as my comic's banner, because it has a sense of humor appropriate for the comic and shows all of the characters that were main characters. (There are more now, of course, but these twelve used to be it.) Despite the art evolution I have since used which renders the sprite art obsolete, I still like this as my banner, because it still feels as if it belongs.

The Descended Ad Banner

This is kinda my replacement to the above. It doesn't show the characters, but this is the type of banner which you'd expect for a comic, the type which I'd use to advertise my comic--and in fact, that's exactly what I've begun using it for. It features the falling wings which are so symbollic of the series as a whole. It might not be as good as it could be, but for a banner representing my comic, I think that this is about as good as it can get.


There is another banner, currently a work-in-progress. It won't be used as the comic's official banner, but it will be used as my signature, to replace the banner I currently have, the banner I talked about above. It's going to be an animated banner, cycling through the slides. It's not finished yet, but I'll show what I have. Part One, the introduction. It serves much the same purpose as the text in the current banner. Part Two, The Outcasts, showing some of the more expressive art I have for each of them to best capture their characters. Part Three, The Elementals, serving much the same purpose, showing off what they look like and giving a good expression for them. The Final Part serves to wrap things up.

The Descended

The original avatar for my comic, which I used across all sites for the first three years of my comic. You might be wondering why this image remained for so long, despite the art evolution. One reason is laziness, of course; I couldn't be bothered to change it. A far better reason, however, is that the banner is meant to show off what the comic actually is. Yes, it gives the wrong impression about the artwork, but it captures the tone of the webcomic absolutely perfectly: you can tell it's a visual pun, since Argus is literally descending in the picture, falling from the sky. Add to the metaphor clearly showing that the title has meaning, there's the tone of Argus, showing how--despite the fact that this is a serious story-driven comic--there are lighter elements to the story, and that the overall take on the fantasy genre is not too serious. The final reason is that because this is actually a scene in the comic. (Two, actually.) Though the execution in the scene(s) is different from the avatar, I built this avatar knowing that the scenario would be used, sprite art and all. (Because--while the sprite art is no longer dominant--it's still part of the comic.)


However, ultimately, I decided that, yes, I needed a new one. It gives the impression my comic's still a sprite comic. So I decided eventually that, for 2013, I would give my comic a new avatar to symbolize its new life.

The Descended current avvy

...And this is what I came up with. Is it the best avatar ever, no, but I used it primarily because I felt it best gave me a compromise--it was still Argus falling, while showing better artwork. And, yes, it is still a scene from the comic. That said, with no context given, the avatar makes it look like Argus is talking to me, the artist, and blaming me for the suffering he's going through. Though my comic never breaches the fourth wall so blatantly (albeit highly straining it...), it still conveys that lighter tone that I was aiming for, while still being a dang-good image. In theory, anyway. And, of course, this image didn't take long to whip up. I just modified an already-existing picture of Argus to change his expression a little, and bingo, a different image from the original in a short amount of time, satisfying my laziness.

Other Stuff:

-Older cast appearances: This is pretty much straight-out-of-my-notebook, original prototype appearances for the cast members as they were back then. In contrast to the cast appearances page, which is among the newer sources, this is the oldest, most dated appearance page.

-Original Character Sheet: This is essentially a character counterpart to the original cast appearance page, and as such, is highly dated and no longer canonical. Despite how outdated it is, it still makes for some good reading, to see how far I've progressed from what I used to have.

-World Details: Combine this with the original character sheet and you come up with the first typed version of The Descended--in other words, the prototype. There is some older documents, the hand-written stuff (the prototype of the prototype, you could say), but the things contained in here are most of the things which I had in there, only slightly cleaned up. It's almost all outdated (and therefore no longer canonical), but it still contains a ton of valuable insight as to how the World of Soano formed.

-Source Material Plot: This was the plot (well, what I completed of it, anyway; I never finished) of Elemental Fighters, a Final Fantasy VII-inspired video game I was hoping to some day make. As such, I did my best to create a rich, fully enveloped world. The world was massive (not as big as Soano, but still impressive), the characters were diverse, the plot was nothing special but still deep, the combat system I developed seemed innovative, the menu interface was (to me) intuitive, the whole game was something I wanted to make awesome. I never got far, but I did get a lot into the Microsoft Word document I was writing this all in, and made a few basic images. This is relevant, because Elemental Fighters served as the base inspiration for The Elementals and The Latens. You can tell just by reading it that a lot of the story for them was recycled into the backstory of The Elementals and The Latens. There are obvious differences, of course, but you can see how the characters in here served to help create the characters for The Descended.

-Art Style Comparison: As described when I linked it above, this was made before The Descended even existed. It's an insight into how the original sprite art featured in The Descended came to be. Keep in mind that I made the characters before I made the comic, and at the time I made them I didn't even know I was going to use them in a comic. As such, it makes a great read, even though it's extremely dated.

-Character Inspiration Sheet: Though it's hard to tell for sure, this character inspiration sheet might outdate my original character inspiration page, me having simply forgotten I made this document all that time ago. It gives excellent insight into how the characters evolved into what they are, even if it's horribly out of date as of now.

-Kinas's Character Sheet: When the ComicFury RPG was in planning on chatzy, I asked chatzy which character I should be, from what webcomic. It ended up being The Descended, and Kinas is the character chance would have me be. (There's a smaller version as well.) At the time, I knew almost nothing about him. The RPG is what changed that, and he soon became the character I knew best of all. The RPG was originally hosted here (dead link), but can now be found here.

-My Shameless Advertising Thread: As with my blogs (especially the older ones), most of my early work on The Descended's reboot started here, so it's a good read. You can see how many small updates I've made and get a good look at some of the things I came up with that you might take for granted as being part of the setting but which weren't incorporated until far later than you'd expect. It's an excellent read for anyone who's interested in my work, and probably one of the most informative pages I have.

-TVTropes Page: Out of all the ComicFury comics with a TVTropes page, I hold the honor of having the longest, most fleshed-out one, with pretty much as many sub-pages as I can create by myself. The reason for that is that I'm basically the go-to guy on ComicFury as far as tropes go. My knowledge isn't quite encyclopedic (for instance, I know there's a trope related to the phrase "You Never Learn", but I can't figure out what it'd be, as I thought the phrase itself was the trope. Another one is "The Warrior Way". I've found similar tropes, but nothing quite matching what I think of; I thought 'The Warrior Way' was itself a trope, because it's different from the things I have found), but I know enough that if someone wants to ask, you probably won't find any single person better on ComicFury than me, owing to how much time I've wasted on TVTropes. So as you can imagine, I'm quite proud of my TVTropes page. (I consider my work on there to be equivalent to that of making your own wiki for a comic. The Wiki Rule and all that.) I've got a ton of info there already, with more to come, and more links to my comic. (I've got over 40 TVTropes articles in reserve, plus I'm going through the Index Index slowly for extra tropes.) It's filled with interesting info, and even in the edit history of pages you can find lots of good info. There are a lot of spoilers, of course, but none which I consider major enough to hide their existence.

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