Over my many years of browsing the internet, there have been several webcomics that I've loved reading along with. Many served as inspirations to me, and as such can be found on that page. However, others have not found the spotlight that I feel they should be (or should have been) given.

A good number of them have been on this site, as ComicFury is simply loaded with underappreciated comics. So this list will continue to grow with time, as I unearth hidden gems that the site contains, along with works (famous or not) which truly captivated me.



Better than the comic avatar

Zero Effort (fantasy), by Bandkanon. (Image taken from Band's signature.) I found it by browsing through the ComicFury TVTropes page, as the one on the bottom of the page. And while I haven't read all of the comic, I've read enough to say I was quite impressed--especially when I read the other pages, from the extras to the info, which has helped inspire my About page. As I can attest to, building your own fantasy world is extremely time-consuming and an incredible amount of effort. Everything I saw was impressive, from the site's background to the format to the art to the humor to the story...truly well-done, and enough to top my list. :)


You can't resist those eyes!

Wake the Sleepers (also fantasy), by the incredibly-talented Kristy. Her work is in a word, amazing, and more than enough to have earned a spot on my list. Her art is top-notch and really is on a professional grade, yet it's definitely unique to her. Better yet, she only improves with time, as her art has gotten noticeably higher in quality with time, and it's amazing to see. The comic has a good sense of humor, and Kristy is extremely active at responding to comments--and sometimes graces people with bonus images which only further make things that much more awesome. To top it all off, it's in a fantasy realm which Kristy quite clearly has thought out in incredible detail, and the amount of work she's put into making an amazing story for an amazing world does truly show. All of this combined and oh so much more makes Wake the Sleepers probably the best webcomic on ComicFury. If not the best webcomic ever.

She updates every Friday, and manages to do artwork as good as that banner suggests. I highly recommend checking her webcomic out; it has earned its spot as one of ComicFury's all-time most popular webcomics, and to put things bluntly, Kristy's a far better webcomic artist than I'll ever be. So if you're enjoying my work, there's no way you can't enjoy hers. It's already gotten plenty of attention...but it deserves a LOT more. ;)

NMTG Banner

Never Mind the Gap (Romance/Hard Sci-Fi/Slice-of-life), by the incredibly talented View. (WARNING: NMTG is NSFW.) View's probably one of the most skilled artists of all time. Not just art-wise, though that's impressive as well. View has an almost perfect mastery of human anatomy, a great style, and an excellent understanding of posing. Even view's weakspots--perspective and backgrounds--are still breathtakingly beautiful. But beyond that, view has mastered storytelling. NMTG has almost perfect pacing--not too fast, not too slow. Not only does this apply to the overall comic, it also applies to the pacing inside individual strips, as view perfectly transitions between panels. Beyond that, it's an incredibly detailed world, as the author's comments help lay out, and view's active commenting certainly makes the webcomic more approachable. Furthermore, the characters are rich and full. Yet there's even more: the storytelling aspect is perhaps the strongest point of all. It's more than just having a good plot, with good characters and a well-thought-out setting. It's the story which is told itself which is so heartwarming. As said by view, it's a story meant to be read twice, and it's such a good story that I recommend doing so.

The comic's been completed, yet it's good enough that the people saying that it should be a printed comic are spot-on. I highly recommend it for reading.

Oh, and while I'm at it, view's current work is Space Pulp (also Sci-Fi). (WARNING: Also labeled as NSFW.)



TOGM Banner

Alternative TOGM banner

The Other Grey Meat (Comedy/Slice-of-Unlife), AKA TOGM, by the amazing duo of Magravan and Skrael. If you're SOMEHOW aware of my comic yet not aware of TOGM, let me fill you in: The other Grey Meat is THE ComicFury webcomic, and has just now come to an end. (I'm quite sad about it, as it's one of the first comics I ever began reading, but it's had a good run.) There are not enough words to convey how important this comic is and how much I owe it. It's not just one of the most popular webcomics of all time. Trust me. It's. THE. CF. Comic. For pretty much all of its 300 comics, it's held this status. Nobody has more respect and admiration on this site than those two. To say the comic is legendary is a massive understatement. Magravan's comments hold enough weight that when linking to another comic, said comic's views will be at least double for that day. It has attracted more people to our little webcomic hosting site than any other webcomic, because it's the best we have. And as such, few active users of ComicFury have not at least read it once, because it's that. dang. good, and holds such respect that if someone on the forums said they hadn't read TOGM, people would be more shocked than if someone said they had.

The comic inspires everyone, myself included--Magravan's insistence on keeping a tight update schedule is what inspired me to have a schedule at all. It's the comic to beat, what everyone wishes to be. In every way possible, it's the beacon of the community we look up to. An awesome comic made by people who are even more awesome. Incredible art which only got better with time, an incredible and quite interesting setting, which is rather realistically thought out in significant detail, with solid characters and a captive plot, with tons of spot-on humor and delivery. What more is there to ask from a comic? Oh, yeah! Creator feedback, which they give plenty of. Screw whatever ComicFury's "Popular Overall" tab may say. No comic will EVER top TOGM, the ultimate inspirational webcomic for ComicFury and the best we have. Read it.


Angst banner

Angst is a bit of an unusual comic, but in the best way possible. Its author/artist, christian-a, is insanely talented at delivering an incredibly-personable experience. It's seriously good. Make sure to read the wall-of-text coming with each comic, too. Yes, I know. Reading! That's a bad thing, right?

Wrong. Every word has a deep, personal feeling to it, as the author's experiences in life shine through, and allow you to truly connect to the comic. Seriously, I cannot recommend this comic enough. The comics themselves are good (even when not funny), the author's notes deeply enhance the already-rich experience, and even if you ultimately decide it's not your cup of coffee, it's worth a brief read, anyway. But if you've enjoyed my comic, chances are high that this comic is also to your tastes--so please. Give it a chance. It's unique, and I'd highly encourage you to read it, comment on it, and support it.


Unichat (Sci-Fi/Slice-of-life), by Biophysicist. Who says that webcomics need art in order to be a good webcomic? Not anyone who's read Unichat; I can tell you that much. Unichat is probably the only webcomic you'll find that is entirely text-based which does it right, covering all the elements of a good comic other than "good drawings". Its humor is spot-on. Its characters are unique, well-thought-out, and easy to identify with. The timing and pacing of the comic is perfect. It has a richly planned-out setting, which draws you in and makes you wonder about all the details. More than that, it actually has a plot. Words cannot describe how good this comic is, other than the words inside the comic itself. A complex multi-layered plot, with characters acting fairly realistically, a setting which has incredible detail which leaves you curious as to the details but is not confusing to keep up with, all of which give it a sense of realism, combined with the solid pacing and beautifully-timed's every bit as much a good webcomic as any comic with art. In fact, I'd argue it's even better without art going along with it. Bio's one of the most skilled writers I've ever met, because he can tell such a rich story, a fully-enveloped experience, without the aid of drawing talent. That's why it's deserving of more respect than most webcomics, rather than less.



Demented (Fantasy/Sci-fi/LGBT/Horror/Humor), by Doomy. (WARNING: Contains strong language, incredible violence, and much sexual content.) Doomy's an incredibly talented webcomic artist. The sense of humor in her comics is great, her characters are interesting and fairly realistic, and a beautifully rich setting, perfectly executed despite its complexity. Add in an interesting plot and some dang-good art, and you've got a real winner of a webcomic. Even if this isn't your typical genre, you'll enjoy the webcomic for all of these reasons and so much more. I know I did, and I highly recommend you read it.

Remants Sig Banner

Remnants (action/dystopia/slight sci-fi), by mushroomisland. Though the opening is slightly clichéd, it's quite easy to get over that fact when viewing the comic. Though the comic's a little bit young and isn't very far along, I still found it quite easy to get in to reading it. The art's impressive, the flow is good, the dystopian setting is intriguing, the characters look interesting, and the plot's beginning to flow.

Data Chasers Banner

Data Chasers (Sci-Fi), by Centcomm. (WARNING: Labeled NSFW in every way.) There are thousands of ways to do CGI comics wrong. There are very few ways to do them right, and Centcomm is perhaps the best example of how. Though I am no expert on CGI comics, Centcomm quite clearly is, even having made a thread to help others do as well as Centcomm can. With an incredible update schedule, this comic is a very long read, but it's worth it. The imagery is easily some of the best you'll see, and the comic has an extremely cinematic feel to it. The angles are well-executed, the posing and dialog timing is good, the characters are well-built, the backgrounds and imagery are amazing...the whole comic is just well-executed, visually stunning, paced I said, it feels like a movie, and there's no denying it's a good comic. Beyond that, Centcomm is an amazing person, extremely helpful and in touch with both the community here on ComicFury and the readers, helping people along the way. An amazing comic made by an amazing person, and very definitely worth the read.

Centcomm also does Luna Star, a "sister comic" covering "events in the past" of Data Chasers. (WARNING: Same NSFW labels are tagged.) It's currently quite short in comparison, so might be easier for you to get in to. I would highly recommend it, even if you can't get into Data Chasers, because it's got all the same cinematic qualities executed well--good setting, good characterization, good direction.

Luna Star Banner


Mag-Isa Profile Banner

Mag-Isa (Fantasy/Science-Fiction/Religious), by kyupol. (WARNING: Is slightly NSFW.) I'm not a particularly religious person, but I am quite the spiritual guy, and so, I found it really easy to connect with this webcomic. Even if you're neither of these, do give the webcomic a chance; it's a fine example of how to write a religious comic without being overly preachy or pandering to a specific (Christian) audience. While the religious element in the comic is quite prominent, obviously, it is not done in an untasteful way. Instead, it connects on a deeper level and helps communicate with fundamental aspects of our nature. It touches upon many sensitive subjects, portraying the world in a somewhat-cynical way, yet at the same time, it has this sense of subtle optimism, that there is always hope. Its underlying theme is humanity itself, and how we can connect to it.

Yes, the webcomic has its flaws. It requires a little bit more than average suspension-of-disbelief, and it has some errors near its beginning that to some are quite jarring. However, I can promise you, the webcomic gets better with time in almost every way. The art improves drastically. The pacing gets better. The setting is solidified. The plot deepens, drawing you in further. The characters become more and more fleshed out, and you can tell just how realistic they are, how much of the author comes through...and I mean that in the best way possible, that it enriches the experience, gives it a highly personal feel to each and every single page. We've all had bad spots in life, which this webcomic perfectly touches upon, and it shows us what the struggle of life can be like. It features good action and has a good theme around it. So if you dismiss this webcomic because of its flaws or its genre, well...your loss. To sum it up, the webcomic is greater than the sum of its parts.


Dark Blossom Banner

The Dark Blossom (Fantasy/Adventure), by InExcelsis. It's just getting started, but I'd like to throw my support behind it, because what little I have seen I like. The style's kinda reminiscent of a Japanese game to me, so as such is quite mangaesque. (Not quite, though, as game art is different from manga art.) It's quite well-done and the designs look great. Despite its clear influence, I think it does look like it has a lot of the artist in its style, and that will likely continue to evolve as the comic goes along. The setting seems unique and certainly interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.


Light Bulbs banner

Don't let the relatively simplistic art fool you. systemcat is an incredible webcomic artist (with good art, too--check out my fanart page for just one reason why), and Light Bulbs delivers amazingly well. The comic is beautifully well thought out, with an interesting setting which blends quite successfully the magic of fantasy with the technology of sci-fi. The humor is good, and the setting is intriguing. It'll draw you in, and once the basics are laid out, you'll be coming back for more and more, to watch the world grow and grow endlessly. Due to time constraints (something I know all too well), the comic only updates once a week, but it's worth following. The art may not look like much (then again, neither is mine), but it's impressively executed all the same. Also, it's got a cute baby dragon. NEED I SAY MORE?


Child's Eyes Banner

Child's Eyes (Fantasy/Drama/Action/?Horror?), by RyoshiMicci, is a story which should be mostly up your alley if you enjoy my webcomic. It's had a fair number of hiatuses, but hey! You're reading my webcomic if you're reading this! I'm just as guilty, if not moreso, so you can tolerate them. They contribute to it being a bit of a shorter read, so there's really no excuse not to go check it out. A bit of a warning--the tone of the comic is kinda gloomy. Nothing bad has really happened (yet), but the atmosphere is not for everyone's tastes. If you can handle a little bit of sadness, though, then I'd highly recommend it. The art's amazing. The setting's definitely intriguing. The overall aesthetic of the comic is both smooth and sharp at the same time. And I know that it's not listed as a genre (and may partially be due to not being very far in the plot), but it kinda has a slight sense of mystery to it, too. The characters seem to all have deeply personal reasons for being where they are, and doing what they are. Overall, I'd say that it's managed to convey a sense of realism, and is definitely worth a look.

RyoshiMicci is also the artist of Nachtmährchen (Fantasy/Drama/?Horror?/?Surreal?).

Nachtmahrchen Banner.

No, the comic's not in German. But even if it were, you should still read it.

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